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I’ve added some lightning for a bit of contrast.

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5 reviews for Twister

  1. cynctychik

    I like this, the lightening at the top is cool. This one would be awesome in a nightscape.

  2. Donna Keil

    This does resemble an oil painting, really artistic. I have seen funnel clouds dip out of the blackest/greenest cloud with blue sky in the distance. Knowing what happens during a tornado, one always expects more violence, debris, and foreboding skies. After what almost got us a week ago, it still kind of gives me the creeps.

  3. DJ Galvanization

    While I quite like the concept overall, the tornado itself seems… off. Having had the fortune/misfortune of actually being inside a tornado before, I can tell you that even during the day, the skies get scary dark when a tornado is going to spawn. Also, they are quite a bit more hazy and have TONS of debris being picked up and swirling around it. Perhaps you can do a “night” version or it could be theoretically daylight, but too dark due to the storm, with perhaps an electric pole short circuiting and being sucked up or something illuminating the tornado and the area around it.
    The sky itself, clouds and all, look good. The tornado is the only thing that seems off. It stands out from the rest of the clouds in an odd way. I hope this is one you re-work in the future because I absolutely love your work. Been a fan for over 20 years now.

  4. Terry Schmidt


  5. Nathan Zachary

    The lightning is cool, but the aspect that really separates this render from the Pickle Jar version is that it seems more in focus (especially the tornado itself).

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