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As a Midwesterner I’ve always been fascinated by storms and especially tornados. At one point when I was a kid I wanted to become a meteorologist so I could study the weather. I created the funnel here using Houdini and rendered the scene in VUE.

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7 reviews for Twister

  1. Doug Bowman

    I have to say this one just doesn’t quite express the real atmospheric effects that would be related to a tornado> Having experienced three “near misses” here in Tornado Alley over the years, this isn’t doing it for me.

  2. Louise Flintoff

    I really love this because it almost looks like an oil painting, particularly the sky and twister. Not being at all familiar with tornados, I don’t know about the realistic nature, or lack thereof, of other reviews, I’m just in love with the almost impressionistic painting-like quality you have managed here.

  3. Clare Padfield

    Apart from the twister, the sky looks… peaceful. But I think it’s the lack of movement in the trees that’s bothering me most. Shouldn’t they be being torn out of the ground by the wind? Oddly, I feel like this scene is lacking violence and movement.

  4. Sally Watts

    I like it but I think the other comments are likely the reason something about it doesn’t feel right. I am lucky to never have seen an actual tornado so I don’t feel I can comment in anymore depth.

  5. Anthony Johnson

    I agree with @JenniferJonsson. I like it. Though, the sky and debris funnel do need more darkness and depth with more detail. The funnel needs more debris too. You can kind of see a face in the clouds to the left of the funnel. But, again, I do like it.

  6. Jennifer Jonsson

    I love it, but the sky needs to be a lot darker and angrier! The sky always looks scary when there’s a tornado.

  7. Cathy Warren

    I love all your nature and scenic renders but this one just isn’t sitting quite right with me. The sky is to muted or dark in some way and the tornado doesn’t feel or look quite right either. I do however look forward to seeing the other renders you have of this one. As always I will of course still add this one to my collection. Thanks Ryan for all the hard work in making these renders for the world to see.

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