The Turning


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I modeled these trees using The Plant Factory as an exercise in varying the hue of the foliage on each individual model. After all, an Autumn tree is rarely all one color.

I’ve used various tricks to replicate that effect in the past but this is the first time I’ve been able to create single model with multiple different colored leaves. This should lead to ever more realistic Autumn landscapes in the future 🙂

I should have a few Pickle Jar versions to upload in the next few days but I will let this render stand alone for the time being. I hope you enjoy it!!

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27 reviews for The Turning

  1. tecbuddy1 [plusmember]

    I really like this one. Gives me a sense of calm.

  2. Heiko [basicmember]

    beautiful colorfull nature with some warm sunlight

  3. Holly [basicmember]

    stunning for fall.

  4. Holly [basicmember]

    stunning for fall.

  5. OpelCarl [nonmonthly]

    Very nice wallpaper – autumn is coming nearer…

  6. Dan [lifer]

    I love the fall colors

  7. Lisa [liferplus]

    Another epic submission of my favorite season! I’ll be downloading the iPhone 6S wallpaper as well as the desktop version. I love the colors in this!

  8. NikB [liferplus]

    Another beautiful image, Ryan.

    I can just imagine one of those leaves falling into the water and creating ‘Haiku’ !

  9. Matthew [lifer]

    This surely captures the “moment”. Love it!

  10. Zach [lifer]

    Love the vibrant colours on this one! Instantly made it my new wallpaper. 🙂

  11. Jenanne [liferplus]

    Always a big fan of your Autumn renders, Ryan, and this one will make a great addition to my seasonal collection. Great job!

  12. Angelique [lifer]

    I love it! The nature sceneries are usually the ones I like best of your artwork.

  13. Rodewaryer [nonmonthly]

    I dug, and of course being one who holds nothing back I could only find one thing that keeps drawing me away from complete enjoyment of this piece and that’s the 2D look of the trees in image center. That does not ruin it for me, I dug, and I dug for something to pick at and that’s it. This scene pulls at me, it is inviting, has great color and light and makes me want to go around the bend into the light. Excellent job Ryan.

  14. Rich A [liferplus]

    For me, this is a better follow-on to the 2003 Satori than the 2013 Satori. It evokes the same sort of feeling as that early piece.

  15. Susan [nonmonthly]

    Very realistic, still some summer warmth there and the colours and light is lovely

  16. Narg [lifer]

    One thing I love about DB is the magic that is created. I’m at awe with this rendition and it’s beauty, as it seems the magic that makes DB special is not gone at all.

  17. Matt Opdyke [liferplus]

    I find this a beautiful art piece that does a wonderful job of bringing in Autumn. Thank you!

  18. OpelCarl [nonmonthly]

    Another really stunning wallpaper, which shows us that the autumn is coming nearer.

  19. Mario Carini [basicmember]

    The turning to autumn will soon begin as another summer comes to a close. This exemplifies the change and it’s well done!

  20. jp [liferplus]

    I really love this one. Hope to see a tri-screen version of this one.

  21. Littlemom [liferplus]

    Now this is what I’ve been looking forward to seeing a beautiful autumn render. Thanks Ryan. I could see this one as a beautiful winter render also!

  22. d johnson [lifer]

    This looks more realistic which makes it that more enjoyable!

  23. Jackie R (lilylavender) [basicmember]

    This is just beautiful! I so much enjoy your works with trees in the landscapes! Thank you for sharing another wonderful masterpiece!

  24. zpwhite [basicmember]

    this is a really great image, you really captured the start of autumn here! quickly becoming on of my all time autumn favorites from DB. wondering if you plan to do a “peak foliage” variant and a late fall variant? I always enjoy those image sets!

  25. Gary Konior [liferplus]

    As usual, a beautiful seasonal rendering that reminds me of home. I’m originally from Buffalo, NY. Trees are beautiful there. Even crossing the Peace Bridge, you see Fort Erie’s beautiful trees. Different Canadian trees. Even more beautiful colorful foliage. Live in L.A. now for 43 yrs. Palm trees don’t change. This time of season never happens in L.A.

  26. Amanda [nonmonthly]

    Perfect timing for this here. Summer to Autumn, exactly right. Wow! Those twisted trees are just brilliant. Also a bit spooky, they look almost like figures in the depth of the picture! Just right for autumnal woods. Colours wonderful as always. Thank you for this one.

  27. Ozaawaagosh [nonmonthly]

    I simply love the beauty of your Landscape renders, so realistic and breathtakingly Beautiful. Great Job Ryan

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