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7 reviews for Springwood

  1. Charles McGovern

    When I meditate, I see this. Like in the end of Gladiator he sees the Elysian Fields. These are my version of those. Yes, I know it’s the woods.

  2. Liz

    I see an adventure in these woods! Walk with wonder absorbing the beauty around you and appreciate it to the fullest! What magick lies in these woods? Another great piece of work!

  3. Mark

    Spotted this one while browsing for a new backdrop. I love it! Shade of green are really nice.

  4. Geoff

    I sort of wish more of the ground, specifically the path, was visible. It sort of looks like a swamp this way. The look is cool, but it doesn’t go with the others as much, I don’t think.

  5. Jules Kain

    Both This And Summerwood Are Defenatly In My Top 10 It Looks so real how do you do it !

  6. Michael

    I love this wallpaper because it’s so peaceful and mysterious at the same time.

  7. Justin B.

    Of the four seasons, Springwood is definitely my favorite; love that the wallpaper is saturated in that shade of green, it’s the perfect lush color. One of your best day scenes, and it’s been overlooked lately.

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