Solace (Happy Father’s Day!)


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I created this image as an ode to the time I spent fishing with my son Ian after he broke his arm in the spring of 2010. We had just taken the training wheels off of his bike 4 weeks prior and he thought he had acquired enough skill to pull off some radical skid maneuvers. Unfortunately pavement can be a harsh instructor.

We transitioned to fishing and had a very mellow spring. I’ll never forget it. I rendered this image using Vue d’Esprit. It’s one of my first large scenes to use Vue’s built-in DOF blur.

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144 reviews for Solace (Happy Father’s Day!)

  1. Rick (Horseman) [basicmember]

    Tis the season for renewal, birth, grey and white colours changing to vibrant rainbows of colour, new scents and sounds. However, this creation of ‘Solace’ new light brings to mind the immediate creeping darkness grasping at the heart of humanity. The war of good vs evil, light vs dark is taking its toll as humanity struggles to make sense of the chaos the war creates.

    Ryan’s ‘Solace’ creation for this writer is about cleansing, hope and clarity that no matter the conflicts we hear and experience today, there is hope for humanity. All we need to do is look up to the stars, look inside our souls, and open our minds. Ask ourselves as we accept the hand of our fellow human being, the warmth and voices of the animal kingdoms, can we make a difference.

    Imagine humanity overpowered evil, darkness, could we as the human race and all that is good about our Mother’s creations reunite, form a stronger bond, and together irradicate evil, a disease with no soul. | Eagle from the North 2018

  2. Skullbones [basicmember]

    It has a very calming effect, peaceful.

  3. Jenanne

    Any possibility of the 2800×1800 and 2048×2048 resolutions for this one, Ryan? Your spring collection will be going up on my computer and devices soon. Thanks a bunch!

  4. Bruce

    Fishing can be a Zen like experience ( no really) and this captures that connectedness to all things.

    love it.

  5. Bruce

    Fishing can be a Zen like experience ( no really) and this captures that connectedness to all things.

    love it.

  6. Jeff R.E.

    This takes me back to when I used to fish with my Dad. Thanks, Ryan!

  7. TG

    Great! Would love to see a Mothers Day one with a mother/son walking in a field or hiking……

  8. Jake

    I don’t understand why some have a problem with the people. Looking at the pickle jar version, I get a sense of something missing. Having the people present just feels right for this image. I enjoy how the image depicts and potrays a father and son sitting out behind the house at the family pond on a warm, serene, summer evening enjoying the time they are spending together with no worries. Thank you for bringing back pleasent memories.

  9. littlemom

    I love the updated verison of this render it’s a lot easier to see the people. Thanks Ryan for your beautiful renders. Hope the surgery went well.

  10. wim

    nice wallpaper but can you make it a litle bit brighter plz

  11. D

    Without the people please.

  12. Adam

    This scene reminds me of the times I went fishing with my grandfather before he passed. Of course our fishing spots weren’t as stunning as this, but I can definately appreciate memories this brings. Another awesome render.

  13. PastorB

    This truly portrays the peace of spending time with a child enjoying life. I would like to see more along these lines if you feel so inspired.

  14. Rene

    But it seems like an improvement can be made, cant put my finger on it, maybe too dark and the backdrop can be a little more visible??

  15. Sam

    Whoops, I just realised that you’ve already done one with no people.

    Forget about the last comment then.

  16. Sam

    I really love this wallpaper, but I can’t help but think that it might be better without the people fishing.

    I mean, I know it’s the whole point, and it works in its own way, but can you maybe please perhaps make a version with no people in it?

    I just have a feeling it’d work better.

  17. Jenanne

    I’m hoping for Picklejar multiscreens, too — when you’re up to it, of course.

  18. Jenanne

    Wow, Ryan, you’ve had more than your share of surgery lately — I hope this is the end of it. And still you’ve produced magnificent art in between your bouts of illness, hospital stays, and recuperations. Solace is wonderful, as is usual for your work. All my best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  19. Shiv

    Wow, Solace is amazing!

  20. tom

    thanks πŸ™‚

  21. Ryan

    Yes, I think Vue renders the blur differently when you widen the aspect ratio. The settings are the same however.

  22. Jon H

    Ryan, I noticed that the background is much more in focus in the dual and triple screen versions. Did you purposely make it less blurry?

  23. Wraith

    The dual screen version looks even better than the single screen version =D

  24. Vladimir

    Hi Ryan,

    This is a great piece of work! I was wondering if you’ll be posting a picklejar multiscreen version (ie with no people)? Thanks!

  25. Sigmaman

    Have to admit to been emotionally manipulated by this one. I too have a young son(3 and a bit years) and can connect to the intamacy in this render. Beautiful Ryan.

  26. Brent

    You just made me flashback to fishing with my dad and granddad. The render is almost dreamlike and is just beautiful. I have your backgrounds on my work computer in the office and people coming by love this one.

  27. Ian

    This is absolutely fantastic. The lighting and serenity of the scene mesh well with the simplistic motif of a father and son fishing. This is a delicate but masterfully well-balanced charter of peace.

  28. Spike

    This is absolutely gorgeous – the rich color to the light and the secluded feel really make this another of your masterpieces. I appreciate that you include the PickleJar version without figures, as I prefer to experience your idyllic vistas alone – the presence of other figures disrupts that illusion for me. But again, amazing!

  29. Paranurse


    My compliments to you on your latest work. I’ve never understood why people desire to ‘vacation’ in places like New York or Vegas and they end up being busier than they would normally be in their usual lives. This piece reflects what true vacation is to me too.

  30. Michelle

    Some people seem to be overlooking the pickle jar version that Ryan made that doesn’t have the people.

  31. Armadillo

    This is beautiful. Awesome work.

    I really like the shallow dof.

  32. rubbercake

    This is by far, one of your most amazing pieces. Thank you for sharing that story too πŸ™‚

  33. T7

    Can’t wait until this beauty spans my two 1080p screens πŸ™‚

  34. Jonathan L

    The Picklejar version doesn’t have people in it. πŸ™‚

  35. David

    and i have to say my first impression has been: WOW!

    altought, for me, it would be even better without the people in it.

    don´t get me wrong, its a really good picture and i believe they´re in there for a reason but as i said, it would be nice to have one version w/o people in it.

  36. Luc J

    Looks so peacefull and inspiring. I really enjoy your new piece. The persons in the frame don’t bother me, it feels whole like that. The light is fantastic.

  37. hurtzDonut

    Reminds me of fishing with my dad.

  38. Eric

    Beautiful, amazing detail! Looks incredible on my 46″ monitor.

  39. Jeff

    I gotta say, at first glance, I wasn’t impressed. However, I then viewed the version for my screen (1680×1050) and literally paused (the preview doesn’t give it justice).

    Having just gotten married two months ago, this one hit me pretty hard.

    I remember when you did Newborn and at the time I didn’t really understand its meaning. Who am I kidding? I still don’t and I know that day will come. However, this one makes you think just looking at it.

    Absolutely impressive.

  40. Ryan

    Thanks for all the great comments! Big thanks to my grandfather Earl Kaufman for taking me fishing when I was a kid. Great memories.@Ice: I could see doing an autumn version of this, but don’t think a winter one would work. @labanimal: I used the same foreground tree model in “Untouched”@Phillip: Thank you. The figures are indeed from Poser. I was looking at your gallery and I wondering how you made the waterfall. That’s impressive!

  41. John N.

    Now I find the pickle jar version! It’s Terrific! Thanks!

  42. John N.

    This is amazing! But I do hope you have a pickle jar version WITHOUT the people in it though. The landscape alone is beautiful itself without the people silhouettes in the way. Once I see the pickle version without the people, this will be my new desktop!

  43. HedgeMage

    All of your art is beautiful…This was heartwarming even before I heard the story behind it. Keep being a great dad. πŸ™‚

  44. Ice

    Good stuff as always.

  45. Fugley4651

    This has to be the most incredible piece of art I’ve seen you do since I joined. All I can say is it’s stunning!

  46. Michelle

    I think the people definitely add to the scene and make it more interesting than if it was just another very pretty outdoors scene. I love the story behind this one too. πŸ™‚

  47. labanimal

    Brilliant image! Those rays!!! Love IT!

    Ryan, I’m surprised nobody else mentioned it, but it looks very similar to “Untouched” any links there?


  48. Justin

    Now this is one that I am really excited about… Hands down your best work over the past few… Can’t wait for the Dual Screen version!

  49. Walo

    I’ve seen the “PJ” version and it reassured me that the version with people is the one that feels natural to me. The PJ version looks “empty”.

  50. Alex R

    You do an amazing job with space. This closed and intimate setting contrasts so splendidly with the majestic openness in much of your work. Maybe it’s because this is a family-inspired work? And of course rays are amazing πŸ™‚

  51. Chris B

    I’m about to be a father here in 4 more months & personally I think the people in the picture really make the picture. It’s nice without them but better with them IMO.

  52. Mike

    I’ve seen other wallpapers on this site before with a “classic” look to them, but this one just takes it to a whole new level. Very impressive.

  53. David M.

    Ryan, I really like this one! I like fishing, so this one is really cool to me. I wish I was there!

  54. Andy

    New favourite wallpaper! Nice job Ryan!

  55. Gene Doty

    This is a wonderful picture. I like the inclusion of the figures; they strike me as like the figures in classic Chinese landscape, fishing or sitting under a tree or writing with a brush. Those figures are inconspicuous as these are, but in both cases, the human enriches the natural image.

  56. Phillip D

    amazing work…your sunrays is astonishing…by the way, are those figures you and your son or is it poser figures ( it looks photographic so it does not look like 3d model)…anyways, one of your best pieces…It is snowing a bit here (we had some unusual cool weather here) so having this wallpaper is nice on my screen thinking of warm sun on me.

  57. Eric

    Ryan, there are simply no words to express how much I appreciate this. As a longtime member, I thank you for this. It captures so many emotions into one piece of art.

  58. Thom

    Please? πŸ™‚

    This image is fantastic.

  59. Littlemom

    What a wonderful tribute to your son that is so awesome. The render itself is very beautiful, and I love the colors. I do think it could be a little brighter as it’s hard to see the dad and his son, but other than that it’s an amazing wallpaper.

  60. Brian

    As a fellow father of a 6 year old I’m giving this my first ever 10 rating. You caught the whole deal in one image. Thanks.

  61. Tom

    Ryan this has got to be my favorite of all time piece that you have done. I have been a big fan for years, and have been consistently impressed with the quality of your work. You have continually improved, and have recently turned out some amazing scenes. This reminds me of fishing on a Saturday morning with my father as a child. This one alone is worth the price of my membership. Thank you!

  62. Gary

    This is a great one for Father’s Day… Ever though about doing one for Mother’s Day???

  63. Ryan

    99.9% of the time I design my artwork first to be used as a wallpaper. This piece is an exception. This is a wallpaper site however and I am happy to provide a version that more people feel comfortable using.

  64. Becca

    But seriously, this one is all about those two figures in the middle. It reminded me of all the times my own father took me fishing when I was much, much younger and our father-daughter relationship much simpler. He’s since passed on…but if there’s a place where he and I might meet up again in the beyond, it would be right exactly here.

    I think it works wonderfully as-is. This, Ryan, is art.

  65. Chris

    Simply amazing. Nothing more to say.

    (I prefer the Pickle Jar version…)

  66. Jordan

    Amazing work, especially with the sun rays.

  67. Ryan

    You are correct that the Pickle Jar version doesn’t require DOF. It isn’t a trivial change however, since I used Vue d’Esprit’s built-in DOF for this scene it would require a whole new render. To create the Pickle Jar version I “hid” the people, rendered that section, and then Photoshopped the result. Besides, I built the background to be out of focus and would have to do quite a bit of cleanup work to make it look interesting if all the details were to be sharp. Hope this makes sense!

  68. Jonathan L

    Has become my new favourite background of yours, Ryan.

    It’s simply breathtaking.

    Thank you so much for such a beautiful image. πŸ™‚

  69. Lidia

    Just the story behind it makes this image extremely likable. What a heartwarming scene! It makes us feel great to know that we’re enabling a job that allows you to be a great dad. Keep it up!

  70. Jeremy

    You know Ryan, I have often done the same with my father as I was growing up….great memories for me. I have a 4yr old daughter now and I look forward to doing the same with her. You have a wonderful gift and blessing. I appreciate your perspective and look forward to seeing your talents and artistry continue to grow as well. God bless.

  71. B

    I meant ANY dad and son!!!

  72. betsey

    for one of the first times I gave both versions a 10!!! they both really got to me–but the one with you and Ian(or ant Dad and son) is special!!!!

  73. Jason

    This is a great work of art. I like the added vibrance – it really makes the whole piece stand out.

    As a photographer my only (and small) complaint is the out-of-focus background. This works great on the main version with people in it, in that it greater emphasizes them as the main subject standing out. However in the pickle jar version there is no single subject that deserves to stand out more in terms of focus, and so it becomes confusing to my eye. Perhaps you could make another pickle jar version if it it’s a trivial change?

    Anyway, that’s my perspective (no pun intended). Still this is really nice.

  74. Billy

    WOWWW..i really like this one, so peace

  75. Scarr

    And not just to ones eyes, but to one’s soul.

  76. Mark

    Ryan, your work keeps getting better & better. I hope your son mends well & quickly, but at least it lead to a wonderful work of art! And you guys got to spend some quality time, together, so something good came of it!

  77. Mark

    Ryan, your work keeps getting better & better. I hope your son mends well & quickly, but at least it lead to a wonderful work of art! And you guys got to spend some quality time, together, so something good came of it!

  78. Mark

    Ryan, your work keeps getting better & better. I hope your son mends well & quickly, but at least it lead to a wonderful work of art! And you guys got to spend some quality time, together, so something good came of it!

  79. Mark J.

    I have to say, Ryan, one of your best ever. Superb.

  80. Derek

    Ryan, I have to hand it to you. This is one of the most stunning pieces of art you’ve produced. You’ve captured the warmth and serenity of a peaceful escape. One that we all long for during our daily labors.


  81. Michelle

    What a lovely vignette! I often seen fathers and sons fishing when I walk at the park in the evening. There is such a sense of peace that hangs over the water, and I always smile when I hear “Dad, Dad! DAD I GOT ONE!” bounce over the pond and see the father scramble to get the net or the camera and usually both.

  82. Brandi U.

    I usually have a different wallpaper of yours on each computer I work on (three). This one is going on all three immediately. And I thought it’d take you awhile to outdo Highland Spring…

  83. Tim H

    I love everything about it. Reminds me of fishing with my grandfather as a boy. Well done ryan, you never cease to amaze me !

  84. Michelle

    Nightwynd, Ryan already said in the announcement that he’d post a pickle jar version with no people.

  85. Nightwynd

    Could you render another one that has no people in it? Its very poignant and lovely as it is, but I prefer just scenery.

  86. RCD

    Great work!

    You’ve been very open with us with your problems so I know your life hasn’t been a bed of roses. But, working at home, and the type of work you do, allows you to share so much more of your life with your children. If I could turn the clock back…Ryan, enjoy them to the fullest. They grow up way too fast.

  87. Greg in CA

    Of course it’s you and your son…silly me… πŸ˜‰

  88. Greg in CA

    I like it, and it’s my new desktop, but I definitely do fall more in the “no people” category.

  89. Nick

    I have never really been a fan of when you add people to your pictures, since it seems to mainly be done to show the size of the landscape. But this time is different. These two people add a lot to the picture and you can definitely see your son’s influence in it (the back story helped with that too).

    I can’t wait for the pickle jar version without the people. If I was going to get a print of this one and hang it on my wall I would definitely pick the one with the people, however for my computer desktop I’d prefer a version without people.

  90. asterismW

    LOVE the colors and the lighting effects.

  91. John

    Ryan Great job as always! The water looks so real. I think one of your best to date. My favs are still the scifi renders, but this is just fantastic.

  92. Chris

    This almost looks like it could be a water color for certain parts (especially the blurred area’s). I can tell this took a lot of time and effort. Congrats on a great job

  93. Travis

    Hi Ryan,

    You’ve stepped up your game with this image. It incites great memories of being with my Dad from my childhood, the colors are great and your character modeling has improved drastically.

    Great work! I love it.

  94. Bruce

    I agree with Alexandra — the image is great (as always), but I love the story behind it even more. You go, Dad!

  95. Bruce

    I agree with Alexandra — the image is great (as always), but I love the story behind it even more. You go, Dad!

  96. Alexandra

    I really love how your time spent with your son inspired your art. Makes this a very special piece.

  97. John

    AS always. I do feel like the blur is overdone on the top half of the picture though

  98. John

    AS always. I do feel like the blur is overdone on the top half of the picture though

  99. Ben

    I have 3 little boys and this picture takes me there. Love having it up at work already. You have outdone yourself once again – Thanks for the extra emotion in the piece, thats what makes it so full of meaning!

  100. Crymson

    Ryan, great work here. My son who is 10 and I share moments like these (although to be honest I’ve never taken him fishing) so I can appreciate exactly what you are trying to say here. I think the image would lose a large amount of its “feeling” without the people. Stunning work, and it evoked a great emotional feeling from me. Thanks for doing this.

  101. Dale

    You have several wallpapers I really like and produce “wish I could be there” moments: canopy creek, cloud terrace, haiku, highland spring, indian summer, island time, morning mist, purple mountains, river valley (want a house there!), spring creek (here too!), untouched, worldsedge.

    This one goes right at the top of that list. Thanks for an excellent piece!

  102. Rajkumar

    Hi Ryan,

    I just noticed that my feed reader had an update from db.. I knew this was something special just from the thumbnail. It is absolutely stunning and hands down my favorite wallpaper from your collection. Thank you!

  103. Miguell026

    really nice and calm Ryan! awesome graphics!

    great work indeed!

  104. Chad

    Nothing more to say than “LOVE IT”!!!

  105. Chad

    Nothing more to say than “LOVE IT”!!!

  106. Walo

    This has now become my all time favorite db wallpaper together with “Reverie” . This is art, and those people add a warm feel to this masterpiece. I’ve never bought a poster from Zazzle before, but I’m definitively getting this one. And to Kevin, you took the words out of my mind man. If I could I would’ve asked Ryan for an autographed poster of this.

  107. Levis

    This is hands down the best wall paper you have created….I Love You

  108. Geep

    That is simply beautiful…I cannot think of anything that would make it better.

    Wow… Thats all my mind can think right now. Please don’t take out the people though. Without them it just wouldn’t look right. πŸ™‚

    I think this is going to stay on my desktop for quite a while.

  109. Todd

    I can’t even think of anything else to say. This is by far one of the best pictures you have done if not the best.

    I can’t even think of anything that I would ask to be different.

    This is a masterpiece!!!

  110. Alberich

    Wow. That testimonial made me tear up a bit. The piece that makes me feel like that, a little, is Reverie.

    As for this piece, I much prefer the people and the story they represent. I’ve got Toward Daylight on my screen right now, and the tiny kayaker at the bottom is what *makes* that piece; without the figure it’s just light and shadow. It’s the same here; while there’s a bit more going on than in Toward Daylight, the people make it far more interesting.

  111. Tony R

    That is seriously beautiful, one of your prettiest ever for me Ryan.

  112. Wraith

    Simply stunning. Excellent render.

  113. Andrew

    Another excellent picture Ryan. I love the effect of the blurry background coming through the morning sunlight.

  114. Atma

    Well, “gorgeous” is not enough to describe what I think, but it is close. 9/10 for this one, and a 10 when the render without the people arrives.

    Once again : thank you !

  115. Viper

    Ryan, you are getting way too good πŸ˜›

  116. Gemgirl

    I became a member because I love the “otherworldly” feeling of the majority of your artwork. Don’t get me wrong – I love them all, including the pieces that are Crisp and clear enough to look like a photo. However, I love the blurry, dream-like feel to this piece. It’s beautful and evokes wonderful childhood memories. Thank you!

  117. Christian

    The blur looks great on the small preview, but on 1920 x 1080 (16:9) it just makes the image appear stretched and distorted. πŸ™

  118. Christian

    Heart-warming story Ryan, and a beautiful render to follow. Don’t think I’ll bother with the pickejar version, the father-son sentiment is what this wallpaper is all about for me. πŸ™‚

    …so, this is where canopy creek ends up πŸ˜› Did you have Canopy Creek in mind when making this? The light direction and trees seem to compliment it quite well. πŸ™‚

  119. Hunter

    I wish there were more times of the year that you can fish – living in England really limits you to when you can go… you have to make time between the freezing winters and the rainy summers.

    I love this wallpaper, but as already commented by others, a version without the people would be welcome. People just look a bit too computer generated.

    The blur does seem a tad on the heavy side, even close up where we should be able to make out pixel-fine detail. But it’s not too much of a problem.

    Your Vue skills (or perhaps just your imagination) has noticably improved over the past couple of months. Don’t let it fade away!

  120. Chuck

    This is phenomenal! These are probably the most realistic looking people you’ve created. This will be my favorite piece for a while.

  121. Ryan

    I hope to a version without the people in the Pickle Jar soon. I knew that adding the people would limit its universal appeal (as a wallpaper) so I thank you for indulging me this one time.

  122. Matt K

    This picture is AWESOME! Nothing more to say.

  123. Jon H

    Someone commented on the blur in the scene. But I like it. It gives it a really misty, surreal feeling.

  124. AcidRaptur

    The people are a very good addition to this piece, but I would really like to see a version of this without them, personally I like your works with out people because I can create my own story for the piece.

  125. Jon H

    I really like this scene. It is very peaceful and the colors are nice. I have mixed feelings about the people in the scene. I already put it on my desktop, but I will probably download the pickle jar version once you have it, no offense πŸ™‚ But it’s cool that this scene is so personal for you.

  126. Andy

    There must be hundreds of spots just like this buried in my memories of growing up in rural East Texas. Thanks for the great work and sharing the story behind it!

  127. Brainerd

    How great of you to honor your son with your work.

  128. dujeon

    This is amazing, thank you for posting this, it seems your most personal art work you have done, its fantastic – it reminds me of me and my son. Thank you

  129. unclegumby

    I believe this is my favorite of all your works to date…

  130. Tyler

    My first impression was “this looks like an oil painting”. Of all of the DB art every created this would be the one I had printed and hung on my wall. As a recent father I can more than appreciate the sentiment and beauty of this. The colors are enchanting and the resolution is a clear testament to how far Ryan has come. Excellent work Mr. Bliss!

  131. Magnus

    I really like this peice, ive never really seen yu put people clopse up so I do like that. But the only thing is why is everything above ther 2 people siiting down so blurry ? you cant even really see the outline of the trees. Not surte if you meant to give it that effect but thats the only thing I dont like about it

  132. Pete

    This is definitely a picture I would buy a print of and put on my wall. Between the sunlight filtering through the trees and the father-son fishing experience, I love this! Thank you!

  133. Ryan

    We don’t see many people in your newer works, especially not as close up as these, I really like these two, they add a lot to the scene. Thanks Ryan.

  134. Logan

    My dad took me fishing at Fred’s Lake in Pinetop, Arizona. I must have been 3. I caught a trout so big it pulled me off my little red stool and right into the water!

  135. Sara

    Oh my word, Ryan, this is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you.

  136. Jim

    Very Claude Monet-ish πŸ™‚

  137. Frank

    Just looking at this takes my blood pressure down about 20 points. πŸ˜€

  138. Maureen

    Art is personal. Thank you for sharing what you do with us, and thanks for sharing a bit of your personal life with us, too.

  139. Kevin


    This is a bit hard to describe, and it may be a bit out of place in a comment section, but here goes..

    When I was younger, scenes like this (in art or in real life) would evoke an incredible sense of self-awareness. The air, the water, the light, they would all flood my senses and, right then, I would know for certain that I was a part of the world.

    As I grew older and became more integrated with the ‘adult world,’ I found that too often I would be lost in my own thoughts, failing notice the beauty of the outside world anymore. I found that such moments of awareness came less frequently, and would often have a facsimile-like feel to them. To borrow a phrase, I often feel like “butter scraped thin over too much bread.”

    Only every once in a while can something make these childhood feelings rush back to me, and this piece did the trick. I don’t care what any critic says; to me, the best art doesn’t have to make a point or send a message. All it has to do is make a worn-down-senses-dulled person like me feel something again.

    Thank you, Ryan, from the bottom of my heart.

  140. Zach

    this is amazing. I’ve been using Vue for the past two years and nothing I’ve created can even come close to this. You are the reason I started my digital artist career.

  141. Jason

    I’m with a few of the others here, the image is awesome – but I just don’t like the people in it. Just a personal preference, I rarely like people in my wallpapers. Perhaps a picklejar version? πŸ˜€

  142. Jonathan L

    Can you make an iPhone screen resolution for the Picklejar version? πŸ™‚

  143. hads

    I liked the single screen version but the multi-monitor ones are outstanding. Hope you’re feeling okay.

  144. Rochelle S

    Love the sun – it looks three-dimensional like sunbeams sometimes do.

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