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6 reviews for Sheridan

  1. Pritesh

    For its time, its one of the best. I still put it up on my second monitor during the spring months. Please give us an update or more resolutions…..same with Estuary.

  2. Dan

    I’d also like to see this re-rendered…

  3. Jenanne

    Somehow, I overlooked this gem. It would be great to have some larger sizes, or maybe even a redo. It’s wonderful!

  4. Anne

    I completely missed this one! I thought I had seen them all. This is on par with your 2007-8 images. This deserves far more attention that it gets. What a gem.

  5. Kain

    this is absolutely one of your best images ever, I’ve never seen this image before i don’t normally go to the 1900’s section but this is amazing, its a crime this image is rated only 5,90, this truly deserves a new render,

    i rate this 100 out of 10 !

  6. Konstantin

    Ryan, i’m very interested in your early artwork, but you didn’t rendered it even at 1280×1024. A pity. Want to see at least 1280×1024. Some works are really great, for example, this one.

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