Shady Creek (Winter)

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Here’s the winter entry in my “Shady Creek” series, based on the forest and creek that runs behind my home. It’s my refuge from the electronic world and where I go when I need to “touch grass”. Winter is certainly not everyone’s favorite time of year but I feel like the sleeping forest has a stark beauty all its own.

Here are the SummerNight and Autumn versions. I hope you’ve enjoyed them. Perhaps I will try a spring version in a few months…

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5 reviews for Shady Creek (Winter)

  1. Zachary White

    This Winter version is my FAVORITE! I LOVE the seasonal transitions of this scene so much! the leaves still sticking up from leaves yet to fall really add a nice diversity to it all! the snowfall makes me feel like I’m right in the middle of the snowsquall!

  2. brandonrtt9

    I’ve only just found you recently and can 100% say your wallpapers are fantastic! Never give up and keep it going, I paid for plus subscription as your work deserves it! 🙂

  3. Werner Graf

    I like this a lot and agree with another reviewer that a night time version would be nice. Also, maybe one without the snow flakes, it would bring out the serenity even more.

  4. Corwin Amber

    Wonderful. Might be my version of this. I would actually love a nighttime snowy version more, but that is just because I like the dark/night ones the most.

  5. Cathy Warren
    [Lifetime Plus]

    This is absolutely stunning! It’s also so peaceful and serene. Autumn and Winter are my favorite seasons, so this one is right up my ally. Thanks Ryan!

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