Shady Creek (Night)

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Here’s a night version of “Shady Creek“.   The challenge with these is always to make them dark but not TOO dark.

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18 reviews for Shady Creek (Night)

  1. Zachary White

    the fireflies really accent this version! I love it! It’s like walking into a moon-lit summer night! =D

  2. James Smith

    Ryan, if it wasn’t for the water mark, alot of people would think I was an gifted photographer.
    Thank you for your continued great work. Simply amazing

  3. Jennifer Helgren
    [Lifetime Supporter, Lifetime]

    Wow, I love this one! My favorite this year. The fireflies are an extra nice touch.

  4. Markus Schillinger
    [Lifetime Supporter, Lifetime]

  5. Michael Pfeifer
    [Lifetime Plus]

    Absolutely beautiful! Can you do this scene in a winter configuration with ice on the water & snow on the ground & trees?

  6. Nick Bencsik
    [Patron, Lifetime Plus]

    It looks great on a desktop, but IMHO it equally looks great on my phone. I usually have darker backgrounds on my phone to make the icons and widgets easier to see so I think this is a winner!

  7. Joe Demmer

    DB Night forest scenes with fireflys are the best

  8. Nathan Zachary
    [Plus, Lifetime]

    I usually prefer darker / night scenes, but for this particular render, I like the day version better. Also, on the triple-screen (at least the 7680×1440), there is one spot between two trees on the right-hand side that is substantially brighter than the other portions of the scene.

  9. David Goldsborough

    Looks nice on my 36″ at 21:9 The lighting works even under the diffused morning light in the breakfast area where I work.

  10. Tatiana Taylor

  11. George Mayhew

    Hard to choose, really. But I love the night scenes, and I think you got the lighting spot on. It’s very serene and works well on my dual 27″ inch monitors.

  12. John Queern

    I was using the triple-screen day version as my background until you came up with this one. My computer area is also dark, and this makes a perfect background for that environment. Thanks! I especially like how the triple screen render has no distortion on the sides (as some do). It makes a perfect wraparound triple-screen display.

  13. terry

  14. Will McCoy

    This is 100% getting added into my background rotation for my machines. It’s beautiful.

  15. webworx
    [Lifetime Plus]

    Wow! Unbelievable! What a beautiful render!!

  16. Beth Edwards

    Its gorgeous!

  17. Cathy Warren
    [Lifetime Plus]

    This is amazing!!! I thought the day version was stunning, but you’ve now outdone yourself Ryan! Great job!!!

  18. Cindy Noble


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