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39 reviews for Serenade

  1. Richard [lifer]

    A sunrise / sunset version would be very easy based on this template.
    That said, though: this is a wonderful creation to look at.
    Take care, Richard

  2. Richard [lifer]

    A sunrise / sunset version would be very easy based on this template.
    That said, though: this is a wonderful creation to look at.
    Take care, Richard

  3. qmong [lifer]

    This image is spectacular. LOVE the color contrast. Love the gloomy, dreamy mood. I’d have to agree with the person below who said it just hits home. This one just speaks to me every time I look at it. One of my all time favorite minimalist images.

    Thank you for doing what you do!

  4. tecbuddy1 [plusmember]

    love this one!

  5. Tim

    I mentioned this wallpaper in my other comment, so thought I would post here. I love this wallpaper and for some reason it brought back memories of the album cover for Crises by Mike Oldfield (you’ll see what I mean).

  6. deadvoices

    the colour here is spectacular. 10/10 perfection in the way i would define as “perfectly minimalist” … ’tis gorgeous~!

  7. Truett

    Ryan, I have this for my iPhone wallpaper and I love it cropped down like it is. Just a suggestion, but a future, modified version would be great! Hope all is well.

  8. Morphino

    Surely one of my favorites.The simplicity makes it very beautiful.That moon is fantastic.

  9. eyolisa5

    Immensely eoothing and refreshing, meditational

  10. NoVaGuard

    This one is spectacular. However, water doesn’t just come up to an object and stop, it wavers along and even in a still pond or pool you can see where it has risen up and then receded. I imagine that that effect is difficult to achieve and maybe it’s not worth trying to include. Otherwise again this piece is just beautiful.

  11. Ragnarok

    I love this piece… simply put. There is something very calming about it. The thing which gets to me is the fact the water almost seems to be moving! Many a time while I am scrolling my desktop I almost see a ripple-effect in the water. The contrast of these particular colors is masterful. My only minor quam is the lack of detail in the stars. I guess that adds to the simplicity though.

  12. Ed

    Have you ever thought about doing this one as a winterscape? I mean adding a bit of white to it and having the water show as ice.

  13. ST1

    When I first looked at this image, it just hit home. Don’t know why, I doubt if I’ve seen anything like it, but it did. It is always hard to choose favourites with so many beautiful pictures here, but this one seems to reach deep inside more than so many of the others. Living on the Atlantic Ocean, I suppose this is home to me.

  14. Jeff

    Ive looked at your desktops for a couple years and this is truly my favorite… the contrast of the moon and the elements is incredible.

  15. serg

    i like this the best…

    i have been at sea after a tropical storm, several years ago, in october, with the moon on the horizon just like this, this pic brings a lot of memories

  16. Tim

    I like this one. Just one problem, the man in the moon is facing the wrong way. You really should fix it.

  17. shannyk

    There’s something just…creepy…about this one. Maybe the water’s too still, or the way the horizon is, but it makes me think of being abandoned at sea. Gives you the impression that there’s nothing but water behind you for miles…eerie. Love the color of the moon.

  18. wootinks

    I love this pic, I like simple and uncomplicated a lot of the time. I wouldn’t however use it as it stands as a wallpaper. For wallpaper I like to have a very dark background so if you could do a darker version I would be over that moon!

    Currently have an earlier (and darker, so not likely I’ll change to the updated one) version of Crucible (dual monitor) on my PC at work, and Cobalt Daisy (widescreen) at home.

    Using your images at work has resulted in questions from people who I subsequently saw using your images as wallpaper, you are definitely getting a lot of fans!

    Thanks for all the hard work and the very reasonable subsciption fees…

  19. Dan

    I’ve just signed up to DB and (after hammering the server somewhat over the last half hour 😉 this is the image I have chosen as my backdrop.

    For me it evokes a serene other-worldly feeling, and seems to capture exactly how I imagined the watery worlds of ‘Pattern Jugglers’ would look from SF writer Alastair Reynolds books…

    Simply beautiful…

  20. Konstantin

    Still can’t remeber, where i’ve seen this. Maybe, it is a part of my dreams, or maybe not… Can’t guess. But it’s wonderful, Ryan.

  21. Ray

    I like the coloring of the moon…but other than that, this one is kind of plain and doesn’t do much for me.

  22. 918 girl

    This picture never fails to take me away

    on a boring work day. I can almost picture

    myself there. WOW! BEAUTIFUL!

  23. Al

    I can’t tell you the number of nights I sat on the break walls in Okinawa watching the moon come up over Kadena Air Base… This image stirs *so* many memories for me it isn’t funny. Memories of quiet solitude, and many more of nights with Anna at the waters’ edge.. sigh.. to be that young again… 😉

  24. Nina

    I agree with the earlier post about the subtlety being the strongest aspect of this picture. I urge those that complain that there aren’t any details to check out the starry night sky, the distant rocky horizon, and the halo around the moon as a few points of interest. The thumbnail of this one does it no justice. Thank you for another masterpiece, Ryan.

  25. Kathumpa

    I think the simplicity of this scene adds the beauty. I wouldn’t change a thing.

  26. Illy

    I think folks are missing something if they complain about the “plainness” of this piece. Not only the aforementioned Asian influence of simplicity, but the details folks felt were missing, they still need to do one thing. … Something I do when I don’t really connect to a piece of Ryan’s right away …

    Turn off the lights.

    Just try it. We, so many of us, use these as an escape in brightly lit offices, and you’d be surprised how many of them you’ll enjoy even more with the lights off.

  27. Cameron

    This is definitely one of my all-time favorites from the last 5 or so years. It has graced my desktop for a few weeks now.

  28. Gino

    There’s an Asian quality about this image that I really love–the use of “empty” space and relatively simple shapes creates the serenity but also a depth beyond the image itself.

    Space / shape / balance : the image draws me in and satisfies my eye-mind. Thank you.

  29. Simon

    For me there is too much blank space and not enough happening. It just doesn’t look as detailed as the other renders here. I guess it was intended this way, but as a result it just doesn’t have the same depth. Some of the other renders I can look at for ages and notice new detail each time, but it doesn’t take long to see everything in this one.

  30. Francesco

    I personally think, that this image, is one of the best you ever made. So fascinating! Contiune that way!

  31. Bob

    This image lacks a depth of detail that I typically enjoy in your renderings. All that gray space. Also the artifacts around the moon are a little jarring.

    There is an eerie quality to it, but your typical craftsmanship doesn’t show.

  32. Timo Virkkala

    To me, this looks just like a photograph taken off the coast of Finland. Reminds me of my time in the Finnish navy (or coastal artillery, actully), where we would sometimes just sit on the rocks at night, admiring the view..

    I really love the serenity and simplicity of this one, unlike the previous poster.

  33. Jennifer

    I’ve had co-workers as me where I took this picture, and they can’t believe it’s a rendered drawining. The reflection of the moon is perfect, and the open space really draws your eye to the moon and it’s reflection.

  34. James Stewart

    I have to say that I absolutely love this one. The only thing I’m having a problem with is explaining why. Maybe it’s the contrasting colors. Maybe it’s the simplicity of it. It’s subtle and yet it’s absolutely mesmerizing. This has become one of my favorites, if not the favorite.

  35. Andrew

    This is one of my all-time favorite works of yours. Its simple, yet interesting, which makes for the perfect computer wallpaper. This was on my desktop for weeks.

  36. macmage

    I love this one. I am not sure what button this one hits for me but I love it. Sometimes I judge a picture not so much by it’s artistic value but how will it works as a computer wallpaper. There are some of your pictures I like artistically but the colors and other features don’t make it a great desktop wallpaper. This is not only a great picture but it is a fantastic computer wallpaper – and this is what I use your artwork for.

    Keep up the great work.

  37. Kozak!

    I love this picture. Simple and serene, very calming. I agree that it doesn’t necessarily look as if it took as much skill as some of the other images, but it’s that simplicity that makes the image so perfect.


  38. JamesGrote

    I love the almost freakish glowing nature of what appears to be the moon. At first glance, this image reminded me of Monet’s sunrise painting, which has a bright orange sun cutting through the hazy gray sky.

    Totally different painting, but similar effect.

    It took me a second to realize I’m looking at the moon, not the sun. Then again, it could be a brown dwarf star in a distant galaxy.

    Explore this glowing moon idea more please!

  39. Danny

    I am assuming that constructive criticism is also accepted here as a comment, so I must say I don’t get this one.

    Considering the skills presented in the other 600 images, this one looks unfinished to me. I do not recall seeing such a big empty space in any of the other ones, there are always stars, clouds, fog or lights to create an effect.

    I understand its artistic intentions, of being simple and serene, but, personally, I think fog or clouds could do wonders here, as well as some distant foggy objects (e.g. boat)

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