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This render was inspired by an article I saw online imagining what our skies would look like with rings like Saturn.

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38 reviews for Ringshine

  1. Mario Carini [basicmember]

    Maybe this is how things actually look on Saturn. The rings provide light since the sun is so far away.

  2. Sp3cia1K [lifer]

    I love how this looks. If you do any other versions, can you do one that’s bright and deep pinks? I would love to grab it for my office, home and phone. This is one of my favorites so far!

  3. ebkv [basicmember]

    I too read said article and I’ve been digging your space renders for over 10 years. keep it up!

  4. AntonWolf [liferplus]

    This is an awesome example of how you can use the color palette to illustrate your skills.

  5. S [lifer]

    Ryan, is a multi monitor version of this in the works? Or will it remain single-screen only? Many Thanks!

  6. Jen

    This one needs dual screen versions now.

  7. Carysta

    Love it! Somehow missed it being posted, but it’s my new desktop 🙂

  8. Doc

    Really like this. Cool concept. It’s a nice sceane and one I’d love to be looking at from my balcony !. I don’t have multiple monitors yet, but as said in a previous comment, the rings would look pretty cool across 2 or 3 monitors. I too would be interested to see a blue version (!).

  9. K

    I’d love to see a pink version of this. I absolutely love your work but it’s hard to find one that has a more girlish theme. This is almost glittery, and it’s beautiful. A sunset type color scheme with pink would be amazing if you find time one day!

  10. James

    This is a great render and it seems ideal for dual screen. The ring arc stretching across screens would be beautiful. I like that your rings aren’t on the exact same plane and appear slightly disorganized from a distance, seems accurate.

  11. Elaine

    This is such a cool idea. I love your images that are not-quite earth.

  12. Liz

    I love planets and Saturnlike worlds and I also love aquatic animals.

    Best mix of the two ever 🙂

  13. Paul

    Where is the 5760 X 1080!!! 🙁 I like this.

  14. anna_writr

    I’d pay a lot to go and swim with those dolphins. 😀 Imagine the resort possibilities…

    And in the can’t please everybody category, how about a blue themed version?

  15. sigmaman

    When I first saw it I though the rings were out of perspective. For me the top ring looks more like a tube. Its making that ring look closer to the camera than the others.

  16. cmmnoble

    This is beautiful! I love the colors and the concept. I’m not bothered by the “sharp” appearance of the rings. In up close images of Saturn’s rings from spacecraft such as Cassini, some of the divisions between rings are incredibly sharp. So the ring appearance here seems realistic.

  17. ChaBuku

    I was so confused looking at this at first. I feel like with rings this bright the mountains could never be so dark so there’s a distinct cut off in the lighting which was messing with me for a minute until I figured out what was going on.

    The perspective of the rings doesn’t bother me I think that looks fine.

  18. Shay

    I hope a dual screen comes available! This is by far my favorite recent piece! Love the whales? in it also!

  19. Tom

    Add a little more to the background to the left ot the mountains. Also maybe add “something else’ in the water. Great color scheme!

  20. John

    The rings don’t appear to be on the same plane when I look at this. It is as though each ring is above the other as well as further away. More like a rainbow than rings in perspective. Also I think the mist and fog at the bottom clutters it up too much. I love your work but, respectfully, I think this one could do with more tweeking. Thanks

  21. Tricia

    I love the concept, but there’s something not quite right about the mountains – at least I think they are mountains!

  22. labanimal

    Hi Ryan

    Also only getting 1/3 of the 2560 x 1600 version

  23. M

    I enjoy the concept. I like the colors. I’ll echo another reviewer and agree that the edge of the rings are too sharp.

  24. Craig

    I have to disagree with the grainy part. IMHO the closer the rings are, I would tend to think you can pick out more detail in them, hence all the “grainy” stuff that makes them up. But I do have to agree with the perspective point of view. It does tend to draw the eye to the right side of the picture, instead of the overall view.

  25. Slackweed

    So much grain. Rings at this distance would appear very smooth, the details should blend together.

  26. Chase

    Having not lived on a planet with rings such as Saturn, I’ll refrain from making any assumptions on how they should appear. It’s all about the art of imagination!

  27. horcruxhp

    @Ryan I tried to download the 2560 x 1600 (16:10) version of this but I’m only getting about 1/3 of the image. I downloaded the lossless version and it works. Just thought you should know.

  28. Janis

    I agree with others that something is off where the rings meet and go behind the mountains. The edge doesn’t read exactly right. I like the colors and tone. The idea is a really good one though. It has great potential.

  29. KGC

    I love the overall look, but something about the very clear edges on some of the rings (particularly the top one) bothers me a bit. I vastly prefer the ones that fade out such as the wide yellow band in the center.

  30. Jenanne

    Very good render overall, but I do agree with oldsailor about the color choice. Blues or perhaps purples would make this piece a perfect 10.

  31. oldsailor

    Somehow, the overall color bothers me.

  32. Greywolf

    Absolutely one of your top ten best images.

  33. Hoverwolf1


  34. nar

    I was not going to be critical, but I do have to agree that the rings are off. The right side is larger than the left, which would indicated that the right side is closer. Yet IF the rings are in a stable orbit like they are on Saturn, and they would not last if they were not, then at any point on the planet, the apex of the arch would be either north or south, assuming they’re orbiting the geographic equator, and the sides would be of equal distance from your perspective.

  35. two

    Any chance of this wallpaper for dual screens?? picklejar?

  36. Angelique

    Very cool! I love the colors of the rings 😀 I can’t say I’ve ever seen another artist use this theme for scenery. Why are there whales though?

  37. Josh [nonmonthly]

    This is a unique picture that I like out of all your space wallpapers.

  38. Bryan [basicmember]

    This looks like a cross between the aurora borealis and a rainbow. I love it!!!

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