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61 reviews for Resonance

  1. Brian

    Really liked the simple swirl look. Would love in a “blue” even better 🙂

  2. overshoot

    Reminds me of some Kelly Freas work from the 60s.

  3. Scott

    Hooray!!! Finally some new abstracts! I always enjoy your other genres, but the abstracts always captivate my imagination more.

  4. Serena

    Wow. Nice one. But it is kinda cloudy…

    Like the change of style, looks great.

  5. Drea

    Someone said: “Amazing! Looks like some of the images that come back from the hubble space telescope.”

    Maybe this is an image from the Hubble kaleidescope? 😛 I love all your work, even the abstracts, rock on!

  6. Rob

    Amazing! Looks like some of the images that come back from the hubble space telescope.

    I like the slightly faded color, again this gives it a telescope look

  7. AlexM

    This is a pretty nice wallpaper. I have it up at work now, but at home I recently got a new computer with Vista so I have become more interested in the animated work that you do. I realize that they take a lot of time and they can not be used by a lot of people, but I think that it’d be pretty cool if you made an animated wallpaper that was like this one swirling around slowly. I realize that this is not a 3D image, so I am not sure if you could even do that easily. I have a feeling that it would be pretty hard. Just putting that out there though. As always, keep up the good work.

  8. Dissonance

    I admit, I’ve not liked much of your abstract work in the past, but this one is really nice. I love the color scheme, goes well with KDE4.1 🙂

  9. BILL

    This work has a strange quality to it I can’t put a finger on. It almost seems out of focus or as if it is covered with a plastic film. I also would like to see it done with a black background. I think the colors would jump off the screen that way.

    I like your abstracts but am more of a fan of your other work. I can not tell you how many times I’ve had someone ask me “Did you take that picture?” Cheers Ryan.

  10. BILL

    Enuff said.

  11. Mark

    After having this on the desktop for a few hours now, I have to conclude that this is a very warm image, which makes a nice change from your other, slightly colder images. Beautiful.

  12. Gabe


    The point was not to behead critics or criticism at all, I know well that Ryan supports criticism. However when such criticism reaches levels in which the artist is seemingly hesitant to revisit areas and types of art because of said harsh criticism (see his comments), is an indication that people are not providing constructive criticism and are just generally complaining.

    I.E. Feedback doesn’t always need to be positive, but it also doesn’t have to “bash” either. If you’re going to critique, do it constructively and don’t outright near insult the artist, as I’ve seen done many times.

  13. wnmnkh

    Other than that, the pic looks fine.


  14. Colin

    I like this image very much. I gave it a 6/10 because I like to save the high ratings for really outstanding works such as “Lone Tree”. To my mind, a 6 should not be considered a poor rating.

  15. David

    Good stuff, its a nice break from the 3D ones. 🙂 Also great to have one out quite so quickly.

  16. SethEden

    This reminds me of an old favorite, “Aftermath”.

    Any chance we could get a triple screen remake of that classic?


  17. Phillip D

    I would sa I love the blue neon colors, I say adjust the red a bit using hue… maybe it is too maroon like color here….but that is just my idea….but other than that it looks awesome!!

  18. Bill

    I like the color choice on this one.. and the design as well. However, for some reason it looks blurry/cloudy to me. And no, its not just my monitor. =P

  19. Mike

    I’m not usually a fan of abstracts but I like this one. The colors and light are interesting. It does look kinda cloudy on my screen though, as if you were viewing a scene through some fog or something. Do you think you might post a version of this that was less foggy?

  20. Mike

    never mind. I just put it through the “instant fix” in my Adobe photo program and it turned out pretty cool and not too foggy now 🙂

  21. Mike

    I think I see what you’re trying to do, but here’s what strikes me. It seems too washed out, the colors are too pale, lacking a vibrant punch. Also, the color streaks remind me of a scratched CD. It’s like I know there’s something behind all the scratches, but it’s impossible to enjoy it because the screen is all scratched up. Interesting idea, but it feels unrefined, unfinished.

  22. j2spank

    It looks like lights shining through a fog, like at dance clubs. You can do a lot of stuff with lasers and fog, I think it looks neat!

  23. Nate

    I like the balance of colors… it reminds me of the universe… cool spots mixed in with hot spots too. Nice.

  24. Mike B

    The image looks good but the background should be darker, it would look much better with a black background.

  25. PPZT

    Nice details in the centre of the image, it really draws you in.

  26. Steve

    I have to agree… the background color should be darker. The image itself is excellent, but it gives me the same feeling I get when using a monitor that has the brightness set too high. Otherwise, I love these abstracts! Keep them coming!

  27. Ryan S

    I like it for the most part. I think the red needs to come down though, and maybe increase the blue.

    Thanks for all the hard work.

  28. Zanfib

    I don’t think too many of your abstracts are worth harsh ratings, I personally welcome the change, and while abstracts are not quite as interesting as sole artistic images, they make great desktop backgrounds. Keep changing things up, you know what they say about variety and spice…

  29. Badbrainsg

    Abstract wallpapers aren’t my favorites, although I have a number of yours that cycle through. They make a good change from the representational images. “Resonance” is quite nice: the “scratches” suggest to me a vortex; the bright spots, both blue and red, suggest stars being gestated–or newly born. For me, the shade of the background is fine. It’s a brightly lit cosmic cradle.

  30. Jakeline

    I think this is lovely, but I could do with a more… harmonious color scheme. I guess I’d prefer complimentary colors instead of contrasting colors. I really like the design, though, and I hope to see more along these lines!

  31. Julie

    Abstract is strange. Either you hate it, or you love it. There seldom is a gray zone in there.

    I spent a good part of the morning yesterday reviewing some pretty amazing images from the Hubble telescope, and there are more than one of the center of far-away nebulae where stars are being formed as we look at them. This image bears a very strong resemblance to those images, with the “bent” light and the glowing images.

    From reading the comments, I think many people like blue on their desktops. It may be why blue is the predominant color for the default wallpaper (Windows) or desktop (Mac). But it is nice to have other colors, too, and I try to switch things around on my desktop.

    It’s good to see a fractal image again. I’ve missed having a new one every so often. They are rewarding – it’s amazing what a visual representation of a mathematic equation looks like!

  32. Ben

    I am really glad you are doing some abstracts. This one seems kind of hazy though. It would be much better if the background was closer to black so that we don’t get the ‘haze’ effect on it. It feels like dirty glass or something. Also, I’m not sure I dig the two contrasting colors right next to each other.

    Otherwise, this is great, keep it up!

  33. Josh

    I Love it but I am not willing to put it on my desktop yet because I like the previous one so much. I tend to like 3D stuff more but almost anything you do I love.

  34. Dave

    Good Job Ryan!!! I use Apophysis myself and have made some of my own backgrounds that I really like, but I keep coming back to your site as overall I like your work better 🙂 I guess that my advise to you concerning abstracts is to simply do something that YOU like. If we like or don’t like it, that is okay because you will have something else coming along shortly…


  35. Jackson

    Like the subect says, I am glad to see these works of art apear again. I woul happly use this wall paper at home or at work. However, like I commented on it, it is going to take one hell of a job to knock Pride (2008) off my screen. Or until I get tired of it =)

  36. Dan

    Hey Ryan,

    Love the new abstract work. Reminds me very much of the circular theme of the BBC One ads here in the UK!

    Loving the mixture of colours and the hazy effect too. Would love to see different colour variations of this piece (possibly some greens or any lighter colours would be ace!)

    Thanks! Keep up the fantastic work!

    P.S. Bring on more abstracts! :p

  37. Sean W

    This has to be my all-time favorite abstract! I’m not a great big fan of abstracts, although there have been plenty that have caught my eye, but there is a magical something about this piece that captures my attention. It looks very much like it could be a nebula spawning stars, yet it has just enough order to it that it looks controlled, or at least purposeful. Resonance is very moving to me personally; I love it!

  38. Nick

    Personally, i’ve always found you’re abstracts great – they may not be quite as interesting as the landscapes etc, but they’re always visually stunning.

    Keep up the good work!

  39. John A

    Bound to get slated for leaving a negative comment, but at least I am honest.

    I think it’s aweful. I hate the colours (particularly the strange purple on which it’s all set).

    By the way everything else you’ve done recently has been totally spectacular.

  40. Mangoman

    I think someone needs to learn how to spell, especially when including the word “awe”, or was it a clever double entendre? I doubt it. Nice job, Ryan. The colors are very relaxing, and the swirls give it a central continuity. It’s cool, and kinda nice to see something simple, especially knowing it gives you a break from the big stuff. Thanks. Mm232

  41. macmage

    I love it, I think it is really nice, makes a great desktop and is cool too 🙂

    I love the quick turn time, nice not to have to wait 3 weeks for something new. Don’t get me wrong it is always worth the wait but to get something great with out the wait – BONUS TIME !



  42. Chris

    great pic and a great break from the other scenes that you do 🙂 keep up the excellent work!

  43. Nate F

    I do not like it.

  44. Tomas

    (Norwegian for BEAUTIFUL!)

  45. John A

    Yes well done Mangoman. Didn’t re-read before I posted.

  46. Ryan

    Not my favorite space one; I personally think it needs more black or less of that haze (but hey, I’m not the artist here)…but I love your space and am eager to see your next abstract – they are my favorite!

  47. Travis


    I disagree with the “harsh critics” you may experience. The abstracts and the space images you do are great–they are a nice break from the complex images you always make (that i love). However, the abstracts make incredible backgrounds for common spaces, mobile devices, and just plain enjoyment.

    My friends and I have spent countless hours enjoying your artwork. Keep up the great work, and I can’t wait to see your next images.

    I do agree with the guy below me, even though it IS NOT a space image and, in fact, an abstract: It could use a little more black. The red around the perimeter does flush it out a little…black would add a nice contrast. However, I thoroughly enjoy it.

    More blueish hued stuff!

  48. Gabe

    I would also disagree on the critics for your other fractals and abstracts, I think they’re great! If people don’t like them, then I’d like to see them do better! DB is not an art “service”, and critics of any of your work would do well to remember that we are simply paying for the privilege to access and use your work, and not buying “made to order” artwork.

    So if anyone doesn’t like any art you produce – tough, deal. I’m happy with what I’ve paid for, and everyone I’ve referred likes most, if not almost all of your work!

    I’m thrilled with this piece, and it speaks worlds to my science side. It reminds me of what may be occurring at microscopic levels, or how EM and physics works at the smallest scales.

    5 out of 5 stars on this one.

    – Gabe

  49. Valerarren

    I also agree that it looks somewhat washed out. Also I wonder what other color combinations (instead of red+blue) might look like.

  50. Marley

    This is visually pleasing to me, thanks for another great DB image 🙂

  51. Solaraeus

    Just wanted to make sure you know you have abstract/fractal fans out here. One of the things I really love about your art is the huge variety of stuff you have. If I have my desktop wallpapers too similar for too long I start to get really sick of it, so I think it’s great that you have abstracts AND 3d, because it gives me a chance to switch things up and keep it interesting. I really like how the pattern of circles on this one is just the right balance of strength vs. subtlety to not take over my desktop or clash with my icons but still stay interesting. I think this one turned out great, keep up the good work!

  52. Mark

    I actually think this one’s quite pretty.

    Nice work.

  53. Meri

    I like the hazy look – I think it make the whole thing look more real, However as with all the Fractal papers you create (as with ALL the papers you create) people will have their comments and views and they are all different

    Keep up the excellent work – fractals and all


  54. Jeff

    My first impression was of looking at the night sky through some really roughed up plexiglass.

    Having said that I dont think its too bad. Its slightly reminiscent of the work of Vicki Messenger who used to have a lot of stuff featured in your user gallery. She hasnt done anything new in ages. A shame. Still, keep up the good work. I would like to see other color variations of this image.

  55. Lidia

    Variety is always good. I am glad to see an abstract. I don’t think your abstract deserve such harsh ratings. I like them a lot. This one may not be my favorite abstract but it does make a nice wallpaper.

  56. Markus

    I really like your abstract art, and as such I was really looking forward to this one. I have to say, though, that Resonance was a disappointment. The colors and patterns are interesting, but the hazy look of the piece makes it unpleasant to look at…as if the screen has a thick layer of dust on it.

    Looking forward to future abstracts though.

  57. gooner

    I like this one, I do. It just doesn’t hold up well to some of your other work.

    Don’t get me wrong, my favourite image ever was Dispersion (closely followed by pride), so I like the abstract.

    I think the best abstracts are where you combine 3d elements into the picture as well.

  58. Steve

    This is one very slick wallpaper. I fall into the category of “not really an abstract fan”, but sometimes, I’ll be reminded that abstract images can be just as beautiful as something bound to the laws of physics.

    Keep up the great work!

  59. Tril

    This comments section is a place for us to share our honest opinion of each work, positive or negative. Criticism is welcome: Ryan has said so himself. What he does with our comments is up to him. So please knock off the finger waving at anyone who posts criticism. I (and I’m sure many othes) am getting fed up with it.

  60. Rem

    I have not been disapointed with any of your art to date – “Keep them coming” money well spent

  61. Melissa

    Love this one!! The colors are amazing!!

    Thank you for offering a variety of different kinds of artwork.

    Keep up the great work Ryan!!!

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