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45 reviews for Ephemera

  1. Vivian

    This reminds me of Cocoon?! Or some sort of embryo type. Or The Abyss. Hehe… It’s fabulous! I love the intricacy of the work. The tiny details for all the little lines. Almost like being on drugs. I can stare at this for hours! Thank you again for coming through with great work!

  2. Joss

    Hey, I’m usually not a fan of these so much, and the other two in this set don’t do much for me (that said they are your work, and in their own way, they are great!)

    But..that aside, this one…is just amazing. I’m using the Tri screen version, and I think it looks better than some of the 3D landscape images!

    Nice job, and keep up the good work.

    P.S. Make sure you do take some time to do these every now and then, they are certainly worth it!

  3. C Burke

    Wow, it’s great to see you go back to these. They’re some of my favorite stuff from you. Hope you’ll come back to them soon!

  4. ojonasar

    Kinda reminds me of some the Star Trek movies when you see the Enterprise flying through a nebula or mysterious region of space.

    Keep up the great work.

  5. Dan

    I would love more space images! I like when you do those. I can’t wait to see what you are stirring up! I’d love to see some starts, planets, the moon, maybe even a space station?!

  6. Mark

    You gotta do these abstracts more often!! Wow!

  7. Mark

    You gotta do these abstracts more often!! Wow!

  8. Agni451

    Very soothing colors.

    Have you tried Apophysis 3D? Check out http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=127736 and look to the “Apophysis 3D” download section for Apophysis206_3DHack.exe. It’s truly amazing what you can do with it!

  9. Pat

    You’ve talked about your works’ ratings periodically during your updates, especially regarding the abstracts. I’ve got to say the 1 – 10 rating system has always seemed weird to me. When I look at a picture, it’s more of a yes/no situation. Either I like it enough to stare at it for more than 30 seconds, or it doesn’t interest me and I move on.

    Also, it’s tough to rate any piece a 10 for a lot of people. “What if I like something better? Do I have to rate it an 11!?”

    Obviously you’ve found the system you’re using to be more effective. I just could never see myself rating anything in between a 1 and a 9.

    I guess I don’t think it makes much sense to mix numbers with art…. Oh and by the way, I’ve stared at this one for more than 30 seconds.

  10. Rob

    I love the color scheme!

    People tend to like everything oversatured these days, like a pop video look.

    More isn’t always better!

  11. Dave

    I have seen some really nice fractal images using Apophysis, but this is my favorite use of it – randomness 🙂 Keep up the good work, and do a few more of these from time to time !

  12. Mirage

    I’ve loved fractal art ever since my sister (the family math wiz) turned me onto them.

    All three pieces are equisite, in my opinion, but I think this one, “Ephemera”, the best. I think it’s a combination of the colors and the ‘texture’ of the piece.

    By all means, especially if you’re able to whip them out fairly quickly (compared to normal scenic renders), keep making these 🙂 (though I always look forward to your planet/space scapes as well).


  13. bart

    absolutely wonderful. this and Genesis are instant favourites.

    (here is my usual request for Tendrils*3)

  14. pokey

    I just got email at my work place so I can send the desktops to work, I now enjoy your work while I am spending my day at work! VERY EXCITING!!!

    Thank you and keep up the great work!

  15. Griffin

    I love it keep it up your abstracts are always my favorites

  16. Marley

    I just wonder what others might look like in this one. love it

  17. Gary

    I’m honored to make the first comment.

    This reminds me of some of the Star Trek movies where they come upon a nebula or something strange in space that they have never seen before… maybe adding a couple strings of red would brighten this up a little, but I might be wrong… I do like this… keep up the good work.

  18. Terry

    Hi Ryan,

    Too be honest I didn’t like the nuclear image but this is good. It has a lot of depth and interesting detail which is what I want from a desktop. The other good thing baout abstracts is how they let the user imagine what they are seeing. Keep up the good work,


  19. PPZT

    Nice contrast to the previous one, first complementary colours then a more harmonious colour pallet. Can’t wait to see how the pendulum swings next…

  20. Link33

    I like this a bit better than Resonance. I do think it’s a little cloudy like it’s in a fluid or dull or something. I would like to see the closer elements sharper maybe but overall I like it.

  21. Colin

    I like this one a lot. It has a more “natural” feel than any of the prior fractals, giving the impression that it could be something that was photographed in the physical world.

  22. Nate

    I was downloading a couple backgrounds to save for future use and was pleasantly surprised to see this background appear when I hit the back button.

    It looks to me like you took a paint brush, dipped it in molten gold and emeralds and painted a beautiful piece. Thank you for this surprise!

  23. Gabe

    Wow! I have to say, as far as quick renders go this is a welcome surprise!

    This also reminds me of what a Nebula might look like up close at some point.

    5 out of 5 stars, with one star for surprise timeliness rendering. 😉

    I hope we can see some more of this type of work in the future!

  24. b0bb1ns

    I like it a lot but I think I’d prefer it if it didn’t look quite so hazy – it feels a bit washed out on a laptop lcd screen. Otherwise great stuff and good to see some abstracts popping up again.

  25. Myles7701

    I love the “fractal” type images, but the gold doesn’t work for me. Would love to see a blue and green image…

    Other than that, NICE!!!

  26. Jakeline

    I have always really liked your abstracts more than your 3-d work, and this is no exception. As someone else said, it’s really nice because it lets each viewer decide what they are looking at. (As for myself, it looks like what I’d imagine a piece of marble or opal would look like through a microscope.) What I really like about this is the overall golden glow. Really nice job!

  27. Mike

    Fantastic. Peaceful, yet exciting. Add some deep black for spacey-type contrast and as others have noted, the gold is welcome but the haze is distracting. I look forward to watching these fractal types evolve.

  28. Stephen

    I love these designs but I wish there were more purple versions, the palette in Starbirth was a good start. Very nice work, I’m so glad I found this site.

  29. Phillip D

    It looks so great..I tried it as wallpaper which I normally dont post abstracts on my screen, it looks great, I suggest a small postwork, increase the contrast of the image to make it less hazy-looking…which it also shoud appear a little brighter…

    What a surprise to see two new images on your site in one week…which I usually go to your site once weekly during the times my images are rendering.

    Interesting to see how these abstract will look in ‘animated’ version as colors fade in and out…kinda like dispersion image you had ??

  30. Robert

    I think it’d be neat if you took some of these fractal effects and used them as nebulae in your space images.

    (or did you do that already and I didn’t notice….)

  31. Rob

    It looks like an extreme close-up of the surface of a bowling ball. I like this piece, thought not my favorite, and I like your abstracts as well as your 3-D landscapes. Your artwork has made my desktop look awesome.

  32. Ted

    Very nice. Maybe this is one that you could do in several different color schemes. I like this one but a red/purple/blue would look cool too.

    Personally, I think it would be a mistake to focus on just the most popular types of images. A very narrow focus may make a segment of your fans very happy for a period of time, but I think you’d burn out and so would they. Keep changing it up. Keep exploring. I’ve found it very interesting to watch your work evolve over the years.

  33. Todd

    I’d like to see another image like this, but with a moon or planet in the background. It would be like sitting inside a gas cloud.

  34. Collossus

    I Like this one but I am really anticipating the next space scene. i think this would work well as some form of nebula effect.

  35. Tom

    I think this, as well as Resonance, makes a fantastic wallpaper. The photo realistic pieces are brilliant in terms of artistic qualities, but I find some of them a bit distracting as desktop wallpapers. These abstracts however are perfect!

    Looking forward to mixture of both varieties in the future!

    Keep up the great work…

  36. Benson

    Absolutely up for some space.

    Both these abstracts are quite nice, but… I’m just not as fond of the swirly things. They’re both nice enough to earn a brief wallpaper period, though. (Between the two, I think I like resonance just a touch better.)

  37. Patrick

    I like this one much more then the last one. I have to agree with Benson with the Space idea ^_^ but keep up the abstracts to 🙂

  38. David M

    I’ve tinkered with Apophysis and don’t get anything like this. You have an artistic gift. Anyway, I’ll keep practicing and learning and coming to DB for inspiration. While I’m not a fan of most abstracts, your abstracts almost convert me to an abstract fan, and this particular one is very captivating for some reason (though I agree with the “purple folk” – would love to see something like this with purples in it).

    Anyway, I am very very much looking forward to the space journeys coming up!

  39. wnmnkh

    Hmmm, this is much less muddy than the last one, with good fashion as well.


  40. John A

    This is much better than the last one. It looks a lot like Aurulence from 2005.

    I like this much more than the last one. The colour contrasts are more subtle, and the brighter points stand out nicely.

    BTW please note I my criticism of the last image was constructive as I could make it 🙂

  41. PeterS

    Best in a month of two of pictures. Great job!

    Remember the key to abstract is that it’s abstract, there’s no need to think of resembling anything. 😉

    This is the first desktop in awhile where I’ve just gone and said, “that has to be on my desktop” Thanks!

    Looking forward to 3d, planetscapes are my favorite of the genre.

  42. Sly V.

    I especially like the color theme, I’m also glad to here that your next one will be a 3d planetscape, those are my favorites.

  43. Sly V.

    I think the haziness makes the picture. It adds to it in my opinion.

  44. Nate F

    I like it this time.

  45. Daniel

    Keep up the great work. I love it.

    Maybe next in a silver/blue or silver/red version? Instead of gold/green.

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