Red and Gold


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This image is a follow-up to Green and Gold. The tree is the same and because each branch is an individual Vue tree object I can color the leaves on one branch differently that the others. I had always been dissatisfied with the control Vue gives over the leaf coloration on a tree-by-tree basis and this is the best workaround that I’ve found thus far.

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139 reviews for Red and Gold

  1. Mark A. [liferplus]


    have you tried spanning the 2560×1200?

  2. Frooom [lifer]

    I bought a 2560×1080 monitor. NOOOOOOoooooOOOooooo!! Ah well, 2560×1024 it is! LOVE this background, one of my fav’s!

  3. batman144 [basicmember]

    Out of all the wallpapers on this site, this is probably my favorite. I like all the versions of this one, but the fall version is the best. Something about the vivid autumn leaves against the grey sky. Just awesome. Ryan, you should do a Night version, with the tree silhouetted against the moon and night sky.

  4. Charlie


  5. Tristan

    Tend to use this one most of November for the last three years, definitely a favorite, thanks for making it! Been thinking you could make this into a great Xmas background πŸ˜‰

  6. Colleen

    I love the space scenes and the abstracts, and a lot of other pictures on this site, but the photo realistic outdoor scenes just blow me away every time. The green one is nice but it just doesnt speak to me the way this red and gold does. I can just hear the wind in the trees and feel that first coolness of fall, when you are excited to get a break from the heat of summer and finally break out a favorite sweatshirt.

  7. psefton

    been ages since i used this one….still one of my favourites. You can almost hear the wind howling past.

  8. Coincident

    This one reminds me of Last Gold (2001):

    It doesn’t need to be all that realistic to be beautiful.

  9. deadvoices

    i love autumn.. the outdoors.. this is some of the finest imagery i have *ever* seen – it transports me to an entirely different world, one where i am completely content: enlightened, and in want of nothing save to continue bathing in the light and shadow of this palpable, beyond-passionate, almost primordial work. i daydream for this to become somehow tangible. a touch of surrealist prose and minimally sweeping with intensity, it reminds me of fantastic, subtly breathing landscapes in older, obscure film: “paperhouse” … this is truly an amazing trip on dual displays at 3840×1200. *Thank You*!!

  10. T7

    The iPhone4 resolution image is incomplete. πŸ™

  11. Eric-KM TA

    I like this autumn style, very comfortable.

  12. Alexandra

    I am with you, mforce76 – I renewed my lapsed subscription when I saw this image. The depth of the image, light, and color really caught my eye. Any chance of a winter version, Ryan?

  13. mforce76

    ..i had let my subscription run out for a few months; when i saw this tonight, i renewed. damn. this is amazing!

  14. Sly V.

    I must say your planetscapes are my favorite but you definately don’t lack in other areas. In most CGs depicting scenery trees are hard to creat realistically. Most artist, including your own Ryan usually does not catch my eye (Landscape that is). However this is trully amazing. Thanks very much for the spectacular work and keep them coming.

    Someone mentioned doing this in different seasons and I believe that would be a great idea. You’ve definately captured summer in Green and Gold.

  15. Rokhed

    ok Ryan…..what have you done here? This pic is gonna make us want perfection from you from now on! πŸ™‚ This is one of your most incredible images yet! THe tree is so crisp and perfectly coloured that it looks so real. The wheat fields also are a very nice touch. I am from Saskatchewan and this reminds me of an approaching T-storm in late September. Absolutely your best image yet! And for those of you that done have dual screens, you are missing out.

    I have this pic as my blackberry background and my desktop. Keep up the great work!


    member since 1998

  16. Ryan

    Thanks so much for adding a fall version of this image. I had imagined what it could look like with fall colors, and I must say (once again) you FAR surpassed anything I could have imagined. This has got to be one of my favorite pieces of work you have ever done.

    GREAT JOB! And thanks so much for your continued genius that somehow brightens up even the darkest of days for people.

  17. Eternal21

    You should seriously consider trying to sell this one to Microsoft to use as one of their default Wallpapers for new Windows 7…

  18. V–Z

    Autumn is my favorite time of the year, so this version of the tree is definitely my favorite. But the tree itself is a thing of wonder to me. As a long time Vue user (based in fact on your recommendation, Ryan =), I have struggled on many occasions to produce anything I would call even moderately realistic with Solid Growth. So a piece of work like this simply puts me in awe.

    Congratulations, as well, on E-On’s Picture of the Day today. I had wondered for some time if you ever submitted to the “contest”. Glad to see your work on their front page =)

    Thanks as ever for the wonderful works!


  19. Hoffman

    Ryan – Love the green and gold and for some reason it never crossed my mind that a fall version would be developed. I’m absolutely stunned and gave my first ever 10 on this one. Keep up the wonderful work.

  20. JoAnn

    I love it. I have been imaging what a Fall version would look like since I downloaded Green and Gold. You have exceeded my imagination! Thank you!

  21. Yavor

    Simply incredible. Makes me dream. We are all dreamers are we not…

    Thank you Ryan!

  22. JK

    That was hardly a troll. An unpopular opinion but I think it isn’t anything like you make it out to be. People should be allowed to express their opinion without being called names.

    I, on the other hand, happen to like both versions of this rendering.

  23. Ryan

    All opinions are welcome. This is art and sometimes it is as simple as “I like it” or “I don’t like it”. I don’t think there needs to be reasons. That having been said: I prefer constructive criticism.

  24. wnmnkh

    Wow, I never imagine there would be a troll on this non-free website.

    Just curious what’s the point of spending some money to post like this?

  25. Ryan

    You can’t please everyone πŸ˜‰

  26. Eamonn

    Hi Ryan, I missed my renewal email and I missed a lot. This is exquisite. What an absolutely gorgeous Autumn rendering. One of your very best!!

  27. Eamonn

    I would love a separate version with some people flying kites. It just has a lot of movement.

  28. Randall

    Ryan, this is so beautiful! Thanks so much for your amazing work!

  29. annieyouok

    I absolutely hate this one, sorry!

  30. Benjamin

    Um, care to elaborate on that? Any particular features that don’t suit your taste? As you can see, the general consensus is that this piece is fantastic. Just curious, but what exactly don’t you like?

  31. Josh

    Great one Ryan. I’ve been a fan since 1997 and have followed your work alot, being a member on and off for 11 years. Believe it or not this actually my first comment on your site!!

    As an amateur artist (i.e. hobbyist) currently working on learning Vue this one really inspires me right now. You did an excellent job on that tree. The subsurface luminosity gives it a real pop in contrast with the bright direct illumination. Top it off with that gloomy atmosphere and you’ve created a masterpeice once again! Keep up the great work.

  32. hiljoh1

    This is unbelievable, it just makes you feel good inside, and evokes real emotion. great work

  33. Mike

    This is one of Ryan’s best works. The dark clouds contrast with the beautiful colors of Autumn seemingly somewhere in the plains of the Midwest. Amazing image and this is just one of the great many reasons I keep my subscription from year-to-year.

    Thanks Ryan, great work!

  34. Bullfrog

    I love this picture! really really great work!

  35. FLaCo

    As soon as I saw I fell in love with it!

  36. Dennis

    Amazing work Ryan!!

    I love the contrast of the bright autumn leaves against the gloomy background and the vibrant field in the foreground. Thank you sir for the excellent work.

    Put me down as wanting a winter version of this one too πŸ˜€

  37. Kyle Horst

    It would look cool in the left-hand wide screen file to put a thunderstorm off in the distance with some lightning!

  38. Jonathan

    Your work never ceases to amaze me and just when I think it can’t get any better, it does. To say this is stunning is a drastic understatement.

  39. Tim

    I love the atmosphere on this one has a nice brooding feel to it…

    Slight problem… wouldn’t leaves have fell to the ground already exposing some of the trunk…:D

    Does anyone know when I put Ryan’s wallpapers on why it is fuzzy around the edges like its lost its sharpness I cant seem to fix it and I want the best out of Ryan’s images.

  40. Manuel

    This is one of my favourites this year, truly nice job Ryan!

    Can’t wait for a Winter and Spring version of this motif. That would make for a great set of poster prints along a hallway.

  41. Michelle

    Wow indeed! I thought the “Green and Gold” was great, but this one totally blows me away. I’m glad I gave “Green and Gold” a 9 because I was able to give this one a much deserved 10.

  42. Lisa

    Hi Ryan,

    Great job. This has to be one of my ultimate favorites from you. I think this one will have to remain on my computer for quite awhile.

    Keep up the awesome job.

    —Lisa : )

  43. Gary

    Imagine the same tree without any leaves… and then a very wet snow storm comes by and drops about a foot or two of snow… a lot of that snow sticks to the branches and trunks… could be a very nice image… just a thought.

    Love this image… it’s really nice to have this on one screen and the Green and Gold on the other.

  44. Chris

    Just when I thought a master piece couldn’t get any better……you blow me away with the amazing colors…..I was stuck staring at this one for about half an hour……..I wish I could rate higher than a 10 for this one.

  45. Amanda B

    This is the most awesome fall tree I have ever seen – the colors are so vivid, and yet it looks completely natural. This one is going on my desktop immediately – thanks Ryan!

  46. Jeanna


    This has to be one of my favorites. I grew up in Dallas, and after 24 years of Texas Autumns I have always wished for reds and golds like this in my trees. I moved to the Northeast this summer, and I have been looking forward to the fall the second I got here. Autumn is my favorite time of year.

    I am in love with this background, and it makes me extremely happy and wistful to see the leaves change here. Simply put – this tree is amazing, and this is the image of the autumn that I have always wanted! Thanks for making my computer and me happy, and as always keep up the wonderful work!

  47. David T.

    Absolutely stunning. Do you have plans to use the model for a winter scene?

  48. Mike

    Wow! I really like how the tree turned out in this version, it’s very beautiful and realistic and very much reminds me of Autumn where I live πŸ™‚

  49. psefton

    Dammit! I can’t decide which version to put on the desktop now!

    Fantastic work, you are gifted. Keep it up.

  50. jboomer72

    This got me thinking, how hard would it be to create a “fall” version of the “untouched” image? That would be pretty cool to see.

  51. Patrick

    I gave Green and Gold 10. I like this better but I can’t find 11!

    Obviously, as annoyances go this is a pleasure.

    Thank you.

  52. Scott L.

    I rarely comment on your art, Ryan; I don’t often even read the comments — I just enjoy the beauty of your work. This one deserves a great “thank you” and a hearty “well done!”

    I think, honestly, that when I renew my membership next year that this image will have been the one to convince me to move to a Lifetime Membership.

    One thing to note — I saw two other mentions of this in the other comments, and had to ask as well: did we end up in a different part of the same field that had the tree from “Green and Gold” in it? I’m quite certain that I spotted the other tree shrouded in fog in the distance, to the right of the “Red and Gold” tree’s splendor.

  53. ppisarek

    Sometimes its not the highlights that separate a good image from an outstanding one. Whether by good luck and happenstance or by design, you have captured that brooding quality of an autum storm at dusk. The greys that are slanted to blue and the last rays that only pick out the tips of clouds and the top branches of the tree.

    Really fantastic Ryan. Thanks

  54. John A

    Really. Wow.

  55. LauraS

    I am so glad I have a duel monitor setup at work, because now I have both Green & Gold and Red & Gold on displays. πŸ™‚ It was hard to take down Lord of the Forest though…

    Add my vote to creating versions of the other two seasons. πŸ™‚

  56. Kody

    has to be your greatest work with the autumn setting, love the color and love the mood set within. I would absolutely rather be there under that tree than stuck here in houston after this storm, but anyway keep up the good work. and i totally agree with the four seasons idea.

  57. Nathan

    Great work as usual Ryan. These two pieces look great. Now do a winter one πŸ™‚

  58. Brandon

    well, I usually dont post comments on pictures, but these last 2 images, I couldnt help myself. They are both just great! I would actually think it would be really cool to see it in a springtime and a winter version as well, but thats not my place to say. I enjoy your work and probably will until the day I die. πŸ˜€ Thank you for giving us wonderful works of art which will probably live on forever on the internet.


  59. WudChuK

    love it! just hope there will be a dual monitor render soon! thanks!

  60. BILL

    Stunning work Ryan. The earlier poster was right on. You’re work will be around long after you and I are gone. Your earlier work has a dated look to it now ( I still enjoy them very much)but I don’t see how advances in technology could improve on your more recent work.

  61. Andar

    This tree reminds me of the movie the Shawshank Redemption. This is what I envisioned the tree to look like that he searches for in the end, better than the movie!

  62. Andar

    Had to post again sorry, after looking at this more, its really an impressionism masterpiece, on the level with the great masters of impressionism. Its as if it was painted with brushstrokes.

    You have outdone yourself with this one Ryan, and have entered a new level of artistry and mastery. Your a master painter, I would love to have this framed on my wall!



  63. Mirage

    Just had to post again to thank you for the dual screen version, it looks wonderful.

    Also, count me among those that would love to see the other two seasons represented with this tree!

    Thanks again!


  64. Getwired

    Ryan, I love this version. Fall / Winter are my favorite seasons, so this image is fantastic IMO. Anyway, I’d suggest two small improvements. 1) maybe thin out the leaves (this is fall, right?) and, 2) show some leaves blowing off in small swirls to the left…

    I do love it the way it is, but it’d be even better with those two small tweaks.

    Good stuff, man!

  65. Matt

    … high five. Seriously.

    PS: Also a double poster.

    PPS: 4 seasons!!!

  66. Howler8

    I would love a winter version. Please, Ryan, do that. I would give it a twelve.

  67. Manhawke

    Nicely done on the two versions of this artwork. I have 2 screens at work and keep one version on each one. People have complimented me on my photography … then I break the bad news … “No, it’s not me, it’s him! —>” These are now my favorites and will adorn my monitors at home as well. I wish such a place existed.

  68. celmendo

    The dual widescreen is the best of all the renders for me. The clouds are perfect. The color banding that was in the other colored dual widescreen is minimized. The whole thing came together right. THANK YOU!

  69. Ben

    Hi Ryan and fans!

    I have always enjoyed your work Ryan, and maybe you have spoiled me, but I’m starting to see some of your posts that I think are cool, but not worth the effort of downloading, resizing, and setting as my background. Red and Gold was one of those posts. Looking at it on the web site, I felt it was too dark and ‘cold’ for my tastes. However, I downloaded the dual widescreen for my home computer and brought it up on my twin LCDs. This picture is a Wow picture. In full scale, it pops off of the monitor and is simply amazing. It is just dark enough to work as a background that doesn’t hide the desktop icons, but is bright enough to dominate my computer desk.

    Very well done sir!

  70. Peter

    This is absolutely awesome. I just love it.

  71. Phillip D

    Looks like great global radiosity rendered on this one…superior colors …man this looks prettier than actual fall trees! A+

  72. Mark

    This is phenomenal, just like the first one! Who ever knew such beauty could be captured in a single tree? The great bit about your work Ryan, is your ability to inject more then just technical skill into your works, something which other people’s images (while technically brilliant) lack. Really stunning. Thank you.

    While I’m writing a review, completing the 4 seasons could be really cool! If it doesn’t take much to change things around why don’t you? I’m not busting for a new image, this one will surely stay on my desktop for a very long time.


  73. Ben

    I would buy and frame four seasons of this scene without hesitation. Your work here blows my mind!

  74. Tamara

    Adding my voice to the chorus… this is a fantastically lovely image! A print of four seasons will sell. I am happy to be one of your sponsors!

  75. Anne

    wow just when i thought you couldn’t get any better. I would definitely buy a four seasons poster.

  76. Scott

    I strongly concur with the sentiments. I wouldn’t want to imply I could tell you what to create… but if you happened to choose to make the other seasons as well, I wouldn’t complain.

  77. David W

    you never cease to amaze me, Ryan.

    another beautiful masterpiece

  78. Ted B

    Quite literally breathtaking.

    Be proud of this one. Be very proud.

  79. Collossus

    I love this one, I live in Oak Ride TN and fall around here looks just like this, excellent!

  80. junyoure

    hopefully there’s some dualscreens of this one comming….puts me in the mood for campfires and ghost stories.


  81. Walter

    Just plain amazing…. I feel guilty being a life long subscriber, I should be paying more for the beauty and brightness you constantly put in my days..

  82. darkfoxprm

    I definitely like this version much better than the original Green and Gold. Green and Gold was pastoral, while this is very vibrant. I love autumn colors πŸ˜€

  83. Eric


    How do you keep up such an incredible level of excellence? The sunlight touching the top of “Green and Gold”, to me, depicting sunrise / sunset was wonderful. Now with the sunlight touching both top and the left side showing another time of year / season, and direction of the sun was nothing short of genius. For me, I felt the passage of time in these two masterpieces.

    So, I’ll concur with the others … Please continue (if the muse finds you) with Winter (some snow, a hint of flakes) and Spring.

    Bravo is no longer good enough.



  84. SalannB


    I always try to check in to see what’s new…

    Geez Louise, is THIS ever gorgeous! I immediately made it my wallpaper.

    Thanks for your amazing gift!


  85. pops


    As ususal you’ve done a brilliant job.

  86. Justin

    ok so Fall starts today…and it’s my favorite season by far..this rendition strikes the perfect mood for me because it’s just all about Fall..THANKYOU!!

  87. Nate

    This is the perfect companion to Green and Gold, but for those cooler days of the season! I didn’t think you could improve GnG, but you did!

  88. Sheldon

    Looks great! Any chance we can get it in 2560 x 1024? Thanks for the autumnal perspective. Perfect timing too, on the autumnal equinox.

  89. Aaron

    Love it, just need the dual screen version please.

  90. Eric in MD

    You’ve outdone yourself, Ryan. Spectacular work!

  91. Wes

    Excellent! It just “feels” good. Makes me want soup and toast.

  92. Howler8

    I gave Green and Gold a seven and this one a ten. Enough said.

  93. Clint

    Your autumn wallpapers are the best. You have an incredible eye for color! Keep up the good work.

  94. Nate F

    I gave green and gold 10 and this one 7, enough said

  95. Nate F

    dont usually post twice but…

    i agree with the folks who have said that a four seasons poster would be rather excellent to purchse for the ol’ wall

  96. Daniel

    Very nice, Ryan. Thanks for posting a fall version. I like the cloud variations, too. One thing you might consider is showing fewer leaves, since if the leaves are already this bright, some should have fallen already. But overall, I love it.

  97. wnmnkh

    Just wow’d.

  98. Fizz

    I loved green and gold but this is even more beautiful!! it will be my wallpaper for a long time.

  99. daboo

    that’s really really good looking. love all the little touches

  100. Scot

    man do i love your newer fall pictures. Both Haiku’s were amazing, I just bought a Zazzle framed poster of indian summer and cant wait to get itΒ… now i definitely need this one πŸ™‚ I’m going to start running out of room on my walls lol

  101. Mark J.

    Can’t wait for the multi-screen version. I need a fall desktop.

  102. Patrick

    I have this one on my 2nd monitor and the 1st one on my 1st monitor. Makes a great looking back ground. Also I just received your calendar. I love it, and my mother is already thinking about getting one for herself as well lol. Keep up the great work!

  103. Tom

    I love the color variation on this one, it reminds me of autumns past…oh, the good times. Love the dark clouds, too, it looks like the last rays of beauty before an oncoming storm. The perfect moment captured in time…

    Did you hide the original tree in the background on the right? I see a tree hidden back in the fog, and I didn’t see one in the original…

  104. Benson

    This might actually be awesomer than the original; you definitely did right putting it in the gallery.

  105. Jenanne

    I love it! And just in time for fall — I was looking for great wallpaper for the season and now I found it. Thanks, Ryan!

  106. Kyle

    You just put me in the fall spirit Ryan. A++

  107. Tarkan2467

    This is perfect.

  108. primero


  109. Zealot

    Absolutely genius, but as your green and gold for my computer settings a little too dark. I love these two pictures. I hope you will make the whole circle round and try to make a winter and a spring version? That would be awesome.

  110. Doug

    Wow…the first was amazing and this manages to surpass it. You are right about the different colored leaves really making a difference here. Just stunning.

  111. Mike B

    I’m usually one for either snowy or space backgrounds, but I love Red and Gold! It really puts me in the fall mood (especially with the weather we’re having in Virginia). Great work!

  112. Mist Panther

    I think it would be really cool if you could make it so that the tree would change through all seasons. I know it would be a lot of work.

    The colors on this one is just the best!

  113. Chris

    Liked the first one, LOVE this one. Great job in capturing the feel of autumn. Thanks Ryan.

  114. Jason

    With the possible exception of “Hidden Forces,” this is my favorite image so far in 2008. The colors are FANTASTIC. I agree with an earlier comment, it would be really cool to have this for all 4 seasons like you’ve done in the past with some images.


  115. Steven

    I absolutely love it … nuf said!

  116. Eric D.

    Fantastic job on both this, and Green and Gold. Please, PLEASE make ones for winter and spring!

  117. Lewis


    Thank you for creating an autumn version of “Green and Gold”. For some reason, this image for me evokes the sense of serenity that comes with the cooler weather of autumn after the hot busy day of summer. I also get the feeling that this piece of artwork is what Maxfield Parrish would have created if he had computers in his day. Again thank you so much from creating something so beautiful and for bringing a happiness to others with your talent.

    p.s. I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and the maple tree in my front yard will probably look like this in about 2 – 3 weeks!

  118. Benjamin

    My all-time favorite autumn piece in the digital blasphemy gallery had always been Indian Summer (for autumn? πŸ˜‰ ). Now, Red and Gold rivals it for the superb rendition of colors, realism, and detail.

    I also wanted to mention that the clouds in this version look great! They have that soft feel that I so love when I go outside and look to the sky. This will remain my background for some time, I imagine. Thanks so much for your work.

    P.S. I would also love the other two seasons of fantastic view!

  119. brettzki

    im a lil speechless, normally that doesn’t happen much. the hi-def res, looks stunning. vary life-like

  120. Stewart

    … is it only me that can see a strange interference/moire/something pattern on the right of the tree in the widescreen images?

  121. Shaggy

    I never considered a fall render.

    It’s fantastic!

    I love how different color schemes to the same picture will bring out so many different details. The grainy field looks so much more apparent to me in this one.

    Nice work Ryan!

  122. Gabe

    Fanfreakintastic! The perfect early-autumn/late summer photo as the temperatures are startign to cool here in DC.

    10 out of 10.

    Ever consider painting? πŸ˜‰

    – Gabe

  123. Gary

    I really liked the Green and Gold, but this Red and Gold just blew me away as soon as I logged into the site… even on the thumbnail image… WOW!!!!

  124. Ali

    It’s brilliant, Ryan.

    But I have to say that the wheat ears don’t exactly look 3D if one looks carefully. The geometry and perspective don’t look natural, especially in the slanted ones on the lower left. Awesome wallpaper otherwise.

  125. Ian

    YES! πŸ™‚ Autumn has finally arrived on my desktop. What an incredible work of art! Thank you, Ryan!

  126. Mirage

    That… is…..gorgeous. I can’t believe how amazing the colors look in Red and Gold. This is definitely going on my desktop at both home and work. The changing of the leaves is my favorite thing about autumn and with tomorrow being the official first day of autumn, it’s very fitting.

    Thank you, and I look forward to the dual screen for my monitors at work πŸ™‚

  127. Rajkumar

    Your best render yet!

  128. wnmnkh

    and concluded that it is worth to have actual poster, hanging on the wall.

    Ryan, will you update this on Zazzle?

  129. Deanna

    Someone already took my “Holy Crap!” title. πŸ˜‰ This is so beautiful. I can’t think of any words that will do it justice.

    This is my favorite time of year and this Autumn tree is perfect. That is just all there is to it!

    Thank you, Ryan. Well done!!!

  130. SCM

    Wow, what can I say. This is beautiful. Outstanding.

  131. Peter

    I think you get the full enjoyment out of this one, since you can see the whole tree, not just a part of it. Works well.

  132. jsievers

    This is a much more interesting image than the original and love the color combinations. Would be really cool if you could create an image using the same techniques but use a much larger number of trees.

    Keep up the excellent work

  133. Dan

    This is a very beautiful thing…



  134. eman

    That’s beautiful!

  135. Anderson


    I normally prefer your space scenes and abstracts, but this is one of the best renders you’ve ever done.

    I second (third?) the request for Winter and Spring versions of this… fantastic… tree!

  136. Walo

    Just when I thought that the Green and Gold wallpaper was awesome, you made it even better. You never cease to impress me. Another excellent piece.

  137. abbyfh

    I didn’t think you could beat Haiku in terms of fall themes, but this is amazing! Thank you!!!!! You have a true artistic talent, and thank you for sharing it with us.

  138. Rich A

    I’ll second Eric D’s request for winter and spring versions. My standard screen saver is the built-in “Photos” screen saver, which simply cycles through your Winter-, Spring-, Summer-, and Autumnwood pieces of 2004/2005 with a slow crossfade. I’m constantly getting comments on it at my office, and would love to try it out with that majestic tree instead.

    Oh… nice work, by the way.

  139. NikB

    Talk about an improvement to an otherwise almost perfect image! And the added bonus of a sunset too! I personally love autumn, and find it a great time to indulge my hobby for photography. This is one image I wish I could take (still waiting to find this tree somewhere…)

    One thing though, and I’m in no way nitpicking, is that shouldn’t the flowers in the foreground have disappeared by autumn?

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