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Still learning how to use Structure Synth. So many possibilities!!

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Wallpaper À La Carte

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5 reviews for Recursion

  1. Tardigradius [nonmonthly]

    I’ll be using some of the MultiScreen ones for single screens. I find this tripple screen render especially suited for that old Letterbox format.

    A real treat.


  2. Phil S.

    None of the downloads are for the preview picture, which looks the best imo. All of the 16:10’s that I downloaded are much more blurred, or out of focus, and the “cells” are much less defined and look a little washed out.

    Any chance we can get a version of the preview picture?

  3. Deanna

    Love to stare at this. Very pleasing to the eye. Feel like I’m looking deep down into the center of life’s DNA.

  4. ChrisB

    I love this image… it makes me think of the guts of a TARDIS.

  5. Bill

    Immediate reaction: “Oooh, wow..!”

    I really like this one! =D

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