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I had created this cupola structure and was rendering some views of it when I decided to move the camera inside. Still trying to decide if I like the arches between the viewer and the sky.

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169 reviews for Quartet

  1. avlo

    hello, did you ever to a tri-screen of the above sans arches (“outside”) as you mentioned above? would love to see it!

  2. LauraS

    Any chance of sending this one to DecalGirl? I’d love to have this on my new laptop!

  3. Jeff R.E.

    Another beautiful sunset. Oh, you do know what I like. This scene is a little piece of perfection!

  4. Mogsy

    finally got around to signing up for a full membership, came across a lot of your old wallpapers from 8-10 years ago. no longer a poor part-time retail assistant.

    nice job on keeping things going, really breath taking pictures, the wife is going to love having a look at all the new wallpaper, she still likes her Pyre backdrop.

    any chance of more water/ocean and dolphins…and perhaps some space/explosions (ships).

    oh you could build a brilliant PC, if you look at the AMD Phenom II X6’s, and stay away from the over-priced/power hungry Intel Xeons. I’m sure we can start chipping in to help, many Santa’s make light work!!!

  5. Ryan

    You are right Frank. Ultimate was the default setting in the online configurator I used and I didn’t bother to change it. I certainly don’t need Ultimate.

  6. Frank

    You can shave off some cash switching to Windows 7 Professionl (64 bit) rather than Ultimate. The trade-off between the two, for what you do, doesn’t warrant going full blown Ultimate.

  7. David M

    From the angle of the crescents of the moons/planets in the sky, it looks like the sun is small and very very close to the planet. Of course, there are red dwarfs where the goldilocks zone is extremely close (so close, planets have yearly orbits measured in days). Can you imagine seasons cycling over, say, 39 days (like the recently discovered Gliese 581-g)? And a planet phased lock, so the best place to live is the terminator zone, perpetual evening or dawn. What a weird world that would be. This is what I imagine Quartet to be – Gliese 581-g. What fascinating worlds await for us, and Bryan takes us on previews!

  8. Dave T

    More fun and much cheaper … plus, think of the learning experience for Ian!

  9. Dave T

    More fun and much cheaper … plus, think of the learning experience for Ian!

  10. David W

    *Grand Total: $19,145.00

    thats one serious system. dont forget to add a couple nvidia tesla’s! cant go wrong with those!

  11. robk64

    Ryan, have you looked at Mac Pro’s? I know the price is high for the maxed-out systems, but if you’re gonna dream…

  12. Walo

    I thought you were disappointed with the quadro cards, why the sudden change of mind? Anyway I think I can help you somewhat by doing again what we did earlier this the year. I will contact you by november after I renew my car’s annual registration.

  13. Ryan

    I would never spend that kind of money on a system, and yes I will most definitely be building my next system from scratch. I would like to give Maya a try, as I am afraid Lightwave’s development has not kept pace.Vue d’Esprit seems to perform better on Nvidia cards so I will probably stick with them for the time being.

  14. Tonicart

    That workstation looks a little over priced, but I don’t know what the going rate for Maya is… ($5k like autocad?) Those “liquid-cooled” CPUs are half-assed water cooling (Corsair H-70’s probably). Those combined with those 80mm fans in the rear of the case are going to be very loud… The case just looks too small/tight. Have you considered an ATI card (less power demand) with a more reasonable power supply (~Corsair AX1200)?

    Don’t think you want to deal with real water cooling, but some good air-cooled solutions should suffice and be quieter/safer. Do you have a separate backup solution or is that 500×2 RAID-0 going to be it (thinking it will be your scratch disk… if so, 640 WD blacks would perform better)? Any idea which SSD they are using exactly? Don’t want to get gyped on a lesser 160GB SSD…

    I say build this rendering monster yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ve been enjoying your work for the past decade, finally decided to get the lifetime membership. Totally worth it and hope it helps you to get your dream workstation sooner ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. betsey

    USB 3.0???? Boy am I technology-challenged!!!

  16. Ryan

    I really need to render a dedication 2 screen version of this one. The crop from the triple screen leaves out too much.

  17. Cody

    Ryan, the Dualscreen 3200×1200 render is missing the moon on the left, perhaps just cropped out. I understand with so many image sizes they can’t all be perfect, but wanted to point this one out.

  18. Ryan

    The link should go to the correct file now. Thanks for the heads up Peter!

  19. Peter

    Ryan, the Dual screen 5120×1600 image is uploaded with wrong link. When you download it actually downloads 5120×1440 file.

    Can you fix this.?

  20. Phillip D

    This image has caused me to renew again I love it sooo much…beautiful more beautiful than actual nature itself good job!!

  21. Ryan

    The multiscreens are available!

  22. Ryan

    Here’s a photo I took of the “Quartet” multiscreen render (in-progress)

  23. zyster

    I think being inside the structure works famously. The whole image has such a captivating balance.

  24. darkuncle

    I love quartet4; reminds me of one of my favorites from the old days ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Tril

    Definitely not. As others have said, it’s not really the same concept at this point. I wouldn’t mind it having its own place in the gallery, but I still like the current default image better.

  26. Ken

    Love it. Can’t wait for a multi-screen render.

  27. Tazfan

    I love how the pillars in your first version are all unique, each showing different parts of the patterns in the stone work.

    For the dual/tri monitor renders, maybe zoom out a bit, showing what’s left of the structure the pillars are supporting, and showing some runes of pillars that have fallen.

  28. celmendo

    really prefer the gallery version. I never did like that balcony and it makes this a diff. concept all together.

  29. Walo

    This one is my favorite, but I agree this one and the sky only version should go under a different name since the concept is a different one.

    This render made me remember “Morning Glory”.

  30. Greg

    This is frankly my favorite version – you can see the full sky, you still have the water going on, but there is some extra sense of depth added by including the balcony as well. Although I agree with some of the other comments that it probably needs to be renamed if this is to be the final version.

  31. Atma

    It is true that sky and sea are looking great in that picture.

    But that balcony and the plants are fine too.

    I wonder what it would like at other times of day or night.

  32. GeneralB

    It’d be really handy to have the ‘front page’ version of the image on top of the Pickle Jar page. It’d be interesting to see quickly and easily what exactly changes between the main image and the PJ version(s).

  33. Brandi

    I don’t care for this one; the original concept and image feels ruined. And I agree the sky-only one is too simple for your gallery.

    BUT, if this one renders well in multi-screen sizes, I could see you moving it to the gallery for that reason alone. I’ve only got one monitor, so I’m set with the original version (which is what I liked). ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Reuben

    Although I’ve downloaded them all anyway I would like to see quartet 4 replace the gallery version, mainly because of the idea that it would make a much better multiscreen, than the columns (as you said yourself).

  35. Reuben

    Although I’ve downloaded them all anyway I would like to see quartet 4 replace the gallery version, mainly because of the idea that it would make a much better multiscreen, than the columns (as you said yourself).

  36. JD

    I just figured out the meaning of quartet – Doh!

  37. JD

    although in this configuration I can’t figure out why the name is quartet

  38. Marilyn

    Quartet 4 is nice, but I would rather the main one posted in the gallery remain as the gallery option. The arches add this wonderful sense of age and the unknown to the image.

  39. Chris B

    Didn’t see it go in lol I like it as a separate piece because it totally changes the mood/feel of the piece. It’s a nice relaxing piece, but I think I prefer the current gallery image. It seems more ancient & mysterious and makes my mind work rather than relax if that makes sense

  40. kellzilla

    The little railing completely changes the ‘feel’ of the image. I vastly prefer the columns.

  41. Scarr

    I like the columns best. The one you have posted in the gallery is the one I believe should stay there.

  42. Tworules

    is the winner for me.

  43. Trifid

    I really like Quartet4.

  44. Max

    Honestly “Quartet 4” doesn’t even have what makes the Quartet set, “Quartet”. I just looked at “Quartet 1” again and noticed something I’d missed before. It’s more apparent in “Quartet Sky”. There’s a mountain range that creeps up on the edges of the picture.

    Would it be too hard to leave the structure as the focus entirely on one screen (the left or right for dual and the center for tri)? The mountains would be beautiful and be successful in drawing your eye to the focus. “Niflheim” and “Reverie” are brought to mind when I think of this method. In both of these, the focus is one one screen while the much less busy sides supply a still very impressive and simple beauty to the piece as a whole.

  45. Geep

    I do like #4 and it is going to go on my bg. However, like Wraith said, it looks very close to Cloud Terrace(which is one of my favourites). My personal feeling is to leave the original Quartet in the gallery and leave #4 in the pickle jar. ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Wraith

    I like 4 better. Although it seems a bit too similar to Cloud Terrace from 2008.

  47. Xetal

    Any of the Quartet quartet would look great in your gallery, but the name of the piece should surely influence the final choice unless a new title occurs to you.

    In the end it’s your gallery, much as I appreciate the democratic gesture…

  48. Ryan

    I agree with you that there needs to be something in the foreground to give the image depth and life. While quartet3 shows more of th sky, quartet1 is just more unique and interesting, it makes me wonder more.

  49. icepyro

    I feel like the sky is the focal point, but only in constraint of the quartet of pillars. Quartet4 is better than Quartetsky if only for the extra constraint. I still like Quartet1 the best, but admittedly it’s because I have an LED monitor so the shadows aren’t too oppressive (filling in the sides also makes quartet2 too oppressive and the worst of the 4). At work where I don’t have such a nice monitor, I do like quartet4 better, but it’s close.

  50. Laura

    I do like the railing, but still like QuartetSky better.

  51. Laura

    I do like the railing, but still like QuartetSky better.

  52. RSA

    I still say hands down that “Quartet Sky-Only” looks amazing and was REALLY looking forward to the triple monitor render of it.

    This was going to be the one that finally replaced 2008’s “At World’s Edge (Winter)….yes, you do great work, but so far I keep finding myself judging everything new against it, and have been happy with At World’s Edge for over a year now. Now granted I was also very happy with 2005’s “The Overseer” and had been using that one for years, and before that it was 2001’s “Tropical Moon of Thetis”, but that was back when I was had just gotten into using multiple monitors…and had one wall paper on booth screens…so I guess I’m just stating that even thought I don’t change my wallpapers as often as you make new renderings it’s more because I get stuck loving one that you’d done for a while; it’s nothing personal against your art, which is always amazing.

  53. Liggs

    I like it! Looking forward to the multi-screen!

  54. Firefly

    I sincerely hope you’re going to be making a dual screen for this. The colors are phenomenal and you picked a great perspective.

  55. Angelique

    This one is breathtaking! I love the colors of the sky in the piece ๐Ÿ˜€

  56. Yanthor

    I love the fact that the camera is inside the arches, looking past them. It gives this a different feel than some of your other pieces and variety is nice. Plus, since the arches are almost completely silhouetted, it is fun to try to make out the runes and vines on them.

    With the gorgeous sunset and the dark arches, I noticed something else about this. More than most of your work, if you make your monitor brighter or dimmer, the sun appears to get brighter and dimmer. An awesome affect! ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. Ryan

    I have one more version of this in the works! The multiscreen will follow.

  58. Max

    He said this on the 13th, “I’m busy working out the multiscreen for this one now.” I’ve been waiting impatiently ever since then.

  59. David

    Will there be a dualscreen version of this one? AMAZING!!!

  60. tcr521

    You have the same birthday as my mother and she is 87! Happy Belated Birthday!

  61. goldencat

    The image feels top heavy and oppressing to me, with the heavy triangular shapes at the top outweighing the foundation line of the image. On my netbook, the columns have a flat effect, whereas the light effects have good depth. If you were going for the contrast between freedom and being trapped, you have that, but for me the foreground is too dominating and regularly positioned to feel comfortable.

  62. Tril

    Absolutely love the current image. Don’t know what people see in QuartetSky…too simplistic for my tastes. The full picture has so much more depth and perspective.

  63. C-loke

    At first glance I wasn’t sure how I felt about this image. I was a little confused as to what the pillars were at first when I saw the thumbnail. Now that I see it in full size I must say that the 3rd one that is more of a silhouette is my favorite version. The sky is a little simple but I like the foliage and the way the pillars and openings look. The closed off sides makes a big difference to me also, makes the picture look more framed in like its a shot someone took the time to find, and captured that moment, with the sides open it looks, well, just to open. Overall I like this piece, its different from your others and shows the diversity you can create in your artwork and it gives the viewer a creative viewpoint. Keep’em coming Ryan and Happy Birthday man, hope you had a good one.

  64. XGuitrDude


  65. docpixl

    I haven’t commented for a long time. Don’t like it. Looks like the legs of some large, possibly mechanical, beast on the edge of an ocean waiting for sunrise. I always think they are sunrises. Just a sunrise type of guy.

  66. GeneralB

    … got enough moons in there? ๐Ÿ˜›

  67. Ryan

    I guess I covered up too much of the sky with the original design. Perhaps I can incorporate the sky into a new design that is sophisticated enough to fit in my gallery but also shows off more of the skyscape. “Quartetsky” is just too simple to fit in my gallery as it is.

  68. dejerdejer

    I think QuartetSky should be in the gallery…..It makes one amazing background…it is my fav. of the lot.

  69. John N.

    It is just simply beautiful. I think Quartet would look better if the arches were like arched window openings like from a Cathedral church or something of that nature that looked out into the scenery. Just my opinion.

  70. celmendo

    but happy birthday!

  71. Wilf

    Belated Happy Birthday!

    Just love QuartetSky. Any chance of multiscreen renders? Pretty please?

  72. SaltNPeppr

    …and it looks absolutely *awesome* on my widescreen monitor and on my laptop. (I use the same res for both and let windows fiddle with it for the laptop — I get some great views on the laptop that way.) Its *fantastic*.

    I have a whole new 10, Ryan. Even higher than Highland Spring, Enshrouded, Shanshu, Solace, and the series for Gotham Garden and Canopy Creek… ๐Ÿ˜€ I am one happy camper. Even my family are oohing and ahhing over QuartetSky.

    Really, I don’t think I can rate it high enough. ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. kellzilla

    It’s only apparent in the widescreen (16:9, 16:10) versions. Quartet1 has open space on the edges; quartet2 has walls instead of columns, closing in the edges.

  74. cyondios

    i can’t find any differences between the first and second renders

  75. kellzilla

    Ooh. You’re talking about the sky-only version (should probably mention that near the beginning, not at the very end where it’s easily skipped ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) – there is none listed, you are correct. The PJ stuff typically don’t get all the extra sizes rendered.

  76. kellzilla

    1024×600 is the fifth item listed on the right. It’s the first (Netbook) size listed. HTH!

  77. FlareHeart

    Hey there and Happy Birthday. I have noticed that there is not a rendering in the 1024 x 600 that my netbook uses. I have made do with another of the sizes for now, and would appreciate having the sky only version come in my netbook’s size.

  78. FlareHeart

    Hey there and Happy Birthday. I have noticed that there is not a rendering in the 1024 x 600 that my netbook uses. I have made do with another of the sizes for now, and would appreciate having the sky only version come in my netbook’s size.

  79. Gage

    Happy birthday super artist dude, and that sky only pic is Officially my favorite!

  80. Ryan

    Thanks for the birthday wishes guys. I had a great day! I’m busy working out the multiscreen for this one now.

  81. kim

    Happy belated Birthday! Just logged in today for the 1st time in about 6 months. Love your work!!

  82. Robin

    The sky only pic is beyond amazing.

  83. Happy

    Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. Best wishes always!!

  84. Karl

    I’ll echo the comment below that the pillars look flat. If some shadow could be added for the carvings, it might look better next to the other detail.

  85. Truett

    It may just me but I am digging the alternative looks for each wallpaper that has come out recently (i.e. Hexline, Quartet). I know it is a lot more of work but it is very cool. Happy Birthday!

  86. NJ

    Hope you had a great birthday – same day as my mum’s!

  87. icepyro

    I like the open sides of quartet1. It feels like the sides are filled in just to be filled in and it makes the scene a little claustrophobic (as in it makes me want to step forward so I can see more sky anyways). The clouds feel a little busy compared to quartet3, but more natural too. The foliage also feels more natural in 1.

    tl;dr – The sky and lighting is amazing and closing up it’s awesomeness in quartet 2 and 3 merely takes away from it.

  88. Walo

    / / / oh and also the sky version looks cool.

  89. Max_Power

    Happy Birthday. May you enjoy the day with family and friends. The Sky Only is great. I love the addition of high clouds.

  90. Kana

    Happy Birthday, Ryan! Awesome renders, as always. Each one is unique.

  91. Ryan

    I’m putting the calendar together now and I hope to have it ready sometime this coming week!

  92. Andy

    Happy B-Day Ryan!

  93. James

    The sky olny version is awesome. I hope there will be a multi-monitor edition of it.

    I was wondering if there is going to be a new calender coming out soon. I know they usually cover Oct. of the current year to Dec. of the next year.

  94. RobO

    I forgot: Can I get a version for my phone of Quartet sky only, please?

  95. RobO

    Happy Birthday!

    The Quartet Sky only pic is amazing. The scenery takes my breath away. The only thing small problem with it is the planets. IMO they disturb the scenery.

  96. Jenanne

    I like the open space at the sides, too. However, Quartet 1 and 3 are the same in that regard. Only at higher res can open sky be seen at the edges (1900 and above), so it only APPEARS that the main version is different. Look at Quartet 1 & 3 at 1600 and you’ll see what I mean. Quartet 2 is indeed filled in at the sides regardless of res. Variety — the spice of life. ๐Ÿ™‚

  97. littlemom

    Happy birthday Ryan, Hope you have a very blessed day. Good job on the new render, it’s very pretty.

  98. Wraith


  99. Chris B

    It’s the day before my son was supposed to be here… turns out he wanted to come 8 days early lol

    That is an amazing sunset. I think i’ll leave it up for a couple days before I go back to the first version ๐Ÿ™‚

  100. Grue

    Congrats on another orbit, Ryan!

  101. Jenanne

    Wow, birthday on 9/11 — that’s a birthday no one’s likely to forget. I hope you and your family have a wonderful day. I love Quartet, too, in all its various forms. Thank you!

  102. Gunner Joe

    I very much like the sky background. Since you’ve been doing so many pickle jars, how about one with the bow of a ship or small boat as your foreground to make it more like we’re on a journey… and someone pointing to the far off land… and a grizzly bear hidden on one of those distant hills to the side… and a mermaid, yeah! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Kidding aside, excellent work as usual Ryan! Seems like you’ve picked up the pace lately. I don’t get to enjoy your wallpapers for as long as I used to because another winner keeps popping up on this site.

  103. Marilyn

    This skyscape is wonderful! Thank you for sharing it with us, especially on this, your special day.

  104. betsey

    Happy Birthday Ryan!!!!

  105. betsey

    Happy Birthday Ryan!!!!

  106. Dan

    Wow, another great skyscape!! I love when you do these types of images so keep them coming in the future! I also like the other pickle jar versions! Also, Happy Birthday!

  107. Mark J.

    Relax and enjoy.

  108. Dale

    I’m almost speechless. That “sky only” version is awesomeness without question. I never noticed the subtle rainbow effect in the other pictures but this image really brings it out and now I can see it in the others.

    I still like the lack of clouds in #3 though. If I could lobby for additional images I’d like to see the foreground of the original with the background of #3 and of course a “sky only” version of #3.

    As always, Ryan, your work is incredible! Keep it up!

    p.s. Happy Birthday! Have a good one.

  109. Richard H

    I like the version in the gallery. Less foliage is better for me at least.

  110. Lidia

    I would like to have the columns from version 2 with the sky and pool from version 3.

  111. jbhodges7

    I prefer the version with fewer clouds, because it makes it easier to notice the point of the image; the three planets visible through the archways. The one you are standing on makes the fourth of the quartet. (Which, incidentally, is never going to happen in real life. Somewhere in this vast universe there may be two earthlike life-bearing planets orbiting each other as a double-planet; very very unlikely but possible. But THREE? even FOUR? Never happen. Not in a million Universes. Not a gravitationally-stable arrangement.

  112. Lidia

    Enjoy your day!

  113. Dave T

    I like the sky in version 1, but I like the darker, less green-lit pool in version 3. Ultimately, I like them all.

  114. Kristin

    It’s interesting to see the different versions for this one. Personally I’m more partial to #3.

  115. celmendo

    I like the sky in #3 but prefer the foreground in #1 or the gallery version. I like the glow in the pool and seeing the texture of the pillars, open around the edges and less clouds. Interesting job. I like.

  116. Sean S.

    The fact that the sides are filled in makes it feel more like looking out rather than already out and looking around.

  117. Chris B

    I like the first one the best. It seems more open. #2 is kinda neat like you are sitting IN an ancient ruin, but I like the openness of #1, makes it seem bigger.

    #3 doesn’t do it for me, you loose almost all of the details in the pillars and I personally like the thin wispy cirrus clouds.

  118. Geep

    Although all the pickle jar versions are great, I still prefer the original one (I like the bits of pillar peaking thru the leaves).It just seems to flow perfectly from sky to pillar while the 2 and 3 either seem too closed off or too leafy.

    I do have to agree with Brandi however, about the pickle jar. Not to say your fans/members aren’t important, but I like seeing the pictures as you envisioned them and not as the members want to see them.

  119. ingo

    i wasn’t sure at first but i like the contrast created by the darker pillars

  120. Laura

    Of the pickle jar I really like #2 the best. #3 is pretty, but I think the simplified background doesn’t work as well with the pillars.

    Love to see the background only render when it’s done! ๐Ÿ˜€

  121. Michael

    I believe I will take what is behind door number 3… Yes yes that is my fav. Always excellent work.

    Does help to review prior to submission.

  122. Michael

    I believe I will what is behind door number 3… Yes yes that is my fav. Always excellent work.

  123. Dale

    Great job as usual, Ryan.

    I like the first one in the PJ with the lack of so many clouds. But I also like the foreground in the Gallery version – the open sides are nice. I also like the green glow in the pool in the Gallery version – it gives the scene some more mystery.

  124. Brandi

    I prefer the original version. All the Pickle Jar versions are nice, too, but your original vision is great as is.

    It seems to me you’ve done a lot of pickle jar versions of the recent wallpapers. I’m wondering if there’s a little too much listening to the fans going on. No one is going to love every wallpaper. I also think some of us miss the point/vision of the original wallpapers. This wallpaper is an example…a no-pillar version might look great, but the pillars splitting the sky is part of this picture. If you want to create a sky-only wallpaper for fans, great, but don’t feel the need to make all these changes because fans don’t see your original intention.

    Great job, as always.

  125. Lokie

    What I see is one persons view from a garden pool? Doesn’t look like it is level with the water/sunset, up in the air like Gotham garden. Love the combination of the foliage reflection and the transparency of the pools wall.

    The only thing that stands out to me, are the clouds. Too many? Too straight? Guess that’s why you do your versions for everyone. None the less I love this image just like everything else you have done.

  126. Ted

    I actually like the space at the edges of the image in the original. This image is definitely awesome! I am not as happy with the fewer clouds and dimmer pool in Quartet3.

  127. littlemom

    Very nice, I even love all the pickle jar versions. Great job Ryan. Your work is awesome.

  128. littlemom

    Very nice, I even love all the pickle jar versions. Great job Ryan. Your work is awesome.

  129. Gemgirl

    The sunset is beautiful and I, too, am intrigued with the pool/reflections….

  130. Jeremy

    Nice image, but the pillars don’t do it for me… would be better without ’em…

  131. Dave T

    I like it just as-is; always love the pseudo-fantasy wallpapers. They’re so evocative.

  132. Wilf

    I think there is too much foliage on the columns. I think cleaner lines on the uprights would look better with some sparse ivy. Same for the wall at the bottom. and is that a pool in the foreground. Definitely nice, though

  133. Luc

    I am intrigued by the reflections in the pool. They seem to reflect the top of the pillars. But i feel looking at the picture, that they should reflect the lower parts of the pillar.

    I like it anyway.

  134. Rod

    I like the original (quartet1) the best. It has an open airy quality that the closed sides loses.

    I also agree with a statement below… a background-only version would be fantastic.

  135. Walo

    as some other guy said, this one feels like 2 images put together. The foreground looks artistic while the background looks realistic. It somewhat breaks the “flow” of the image. But still is a nice image overall.

  136. John

    I like the current version best. I prefer the sides being open.

  137. dank

    hey this is great.. not sure which one i like best. a question, though; where is the link to the pickle jar, for browsing not for this picset in general..? cant seem to find it on homepage or anywhere else…

  138. Chris

    The pickle jar versions are okay, but not near as much as the original. I don’t care much for the closed in sides, I like the opening, it makes it feel like four columns, not two columns and two walls. I also think the more foliage on the pillars in 3 detract a bit from the scene overall.

  139. Mars

    Am using “Extrasolar” wallpaper which is just great, usually if theres a better one I usually change it but hopefully next time.

  140. Stephen

    This is an amazing wallpaper. Wouldn’t mind seeing a pickle jar version without the pillars though, considering that this is by far your best sunset ever!

  141. William

    You’ve incorporated some really good monochromatic moods into your pieces, but the rainbow of color seen in this one is no less powerful. To me, what makes it work is the *fantastically* rendered sunset, which seems to me to be far more captivating (and rendered much more smoothly) than the one in “Extrasolar”. I don’t think the four pillars detract from the sunset at all; really, there are so many fantastic sunset works and photos out there that this piece needs something to “break up” the sunset.

    The pillars do seem to chop up the piece into perfectly oriented symmetrical blocks, though (which as I understand is something an artist usually tries to avoid). I might suggest that something be added around the left and right edges of the piece, to help keep the pillars from giving a sense of uncomfortable symmetry.

  142. Lidia

    Nice. No complaints about the pillars; I like them and would not remove them. I’m trying to figure out that pool at the bottom, though… is it a pool? It’s a bit confusing.

  143. Marco

    As always …great amazing job. Keep it Rayan

  144. Chris B

    I saw about highland summer on FB & was seeing if it was here yet. I really like this one, always a fan of ancient ruins/ancient looking places and sunsets so this works well for me.

    I do hope you’re doing a night version of this! Those those awesome planets glowing in a nice bright star scape, while the green glow from the pool? in the temple brings all the details of the pillars & plants into focus.

    *nudge nudge* lol awesome work as always.

  145. KRingg

    I’m usually pretty critical of your work, but I love this one. It has that wonderful “alien humanity” feel. Wildly creative and absolutely brilliant.

  146. Harry King

    As always very good but to me there seems a slight disjointedness between the foreground and the background, almost dare I say it like the foreground has been pasted onto a sunset scene (of which I would love a pickle jar solo version of). If I was forced to put my finger on what doesn’t sit right with me I would say the stonework on the pillars is rather flat and lacking in detail in the rendering (not the design), there is a disparity between the detail in the vine plants (particularly individual leaves) and the detail in the shadowing and topography with the carving, and the green plant life around the pool is rather overly vibrant and day glow-y. Also the foreground scene appears to be a bit bright for the location of the sun.

    However I am, as always, grateful and impressed that whilst I sit and “complain” you are able to imagine and then produce such brilliant art.

  147. Wraith

    The foreground being in silouhette here works alot better than in Tears From Heaven. It separates the background and foreground into distinct regions which showcases the entire scene. Really well done, although the horizon MAY be a bit empty, I think everything here fits together nicely.

  148. Max

    OMG I instanly LOVE this one! This is, by far, my favorite piece by you in some time. DUAL SCREEN PLS! ๐Ÿ˜€

  149. Mike

    I love the ancient structure type, and the background sunset is amazing. Keep playing with foreground silhouettes…there’s awesome potential there!

  150. BenC

    Will there be a little caption to go with this like you’ve done with you other recent works?

  151. BenC

    Is the bottom a pool, I dont dislike it, i just dont get it.

  152. Ted

    The darker foreground works well since the view is towards the sun. “Silhouette-y” or not, it is a fairly natural light scheme. I like the green pool too, it gives color variety.

  153. Geep

    The view on this looks like your standing inside a ancient pavilion. Its really pretty and I like the oranges and reds in the sky.

    The only thing I’m confused about is the green at the very bottom of the picture. Is it a pool or something?

    Overall though, very very nice. Its going to replace Pharos as my bg. ๐Ÿ™‚

  154. Hunter

    Yes, this even beats Highland Spring! It’s just amazing. It’s sharp, there’s no cheap blur effect, the sky is perfect… etc.

    Keep it up Ryan!

  155. Robin

    Love your work, but this one…. It will probably never become on of my favorites. I prefer the more minimalistic view. Loose the foreground, or atleast the foliage…

  156. Joshin42

    Beautiful! Is this Vue and lightwave again? You really are a pro with those tools! Keep it up.

  157. Laura

    I don’t mind the silhouette foreground at all, but I would love to see a pickle jar of the background – that’s an amazing sunset.

  158. Chad

    Excellent! Can’t wait for the multi screen version of this one. Great work!

  159. Scarr

    More of this type of stuff would be realllllly sweet. Ancient temples and things… that’s what I like to see.

  160. David

    Really nice Wallpaper althought i think iร‚ยดd like it more without those pillars in the foreground.

    Maybe you rendered one version without them?

    Would be even more awesome ๐Ÿ˜‰

  161. Bill

    I liked this wallpaper when i first saw it but i didnt even notice the three other planets/moons in the sky until i looked closer.

    lifetime member here!

    Keep em comin!

  162. Terrence

    To be honest, I think the background could stand on its own and be one brilliant piece!

    The Pillars are quite intriguing! To me it looks like they’re in the way of the background, it detracts your attention away from them! More detail, more foliage, more lighting, and a less eye catching background!

    This could be two wallpapers!

  163. Brian

    I like this one enough to give some constructive criticism. The greenery doesn’t look natural. At first I thought the stone columns were trees. I would try some creeping vines with leaves to replace the climbing bushes. I’m thinking of a Roman vibe.

    Love the sky, clouds, moons and water.

  164. Chris

    This render is amazing, I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Extraordinary. Almost like What Dreams May Come, but if it took place in an alien world or something. As always, keep up the unparalleled work Ryan.

  165. Justin

    As always, a job well done. I love your sunsets and sky pieces. Looking forward to Highland Summer and a Halloween wallpaper! Almost time!

  166. Tyler

    Hey Ryan,

    Looks like I get to be No. 1 for once. This is absolutely stunning, and I thank you for sharing your beautiful gift w/ us.

    God bless

  167. Andy

    Oooo. Love the wide range of hues used in this one Ryan. Don’t mind the pillars, & the silhouetting effect is too strong. Amazing work as always!

  168. Ron Fisher

    Happy Birthday, Ryan

    After looking at the Quartet, I am mesmerized by the small details within the tendrils of the vines, and it gives a surreal look with the contrast between the warm and cool colors.

  169. kellzilla

    The “front page” version is quartet1 in the Pickle Jar.

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