Gotham Garden (Summer)


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A hazy summer day version of my new Gotham Garden, inspired by my
recent first visit to NYC. The spring (night) version can be found
. I plan on adding autumn and winter versions later this year. You can watch the series develop here.

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106 reviews for Gotham Garden (Summer)

  1. Dennis M.

    What? No panoramic mode?

  2. Darlene

    Your summer version is just as exciting and incredible as your other versions. I am a writer and seeing this really inspires me to write a companion story, if you will, to this picture. All of your pics really brings out the writer in me! Don’t stop..never stop. You are mega talented!!

  3. Ryan

    Unfortunately the barrel distortion is a side effect of modeling an accurate camera. It is barely noticeable when I render the single screen but is magnified when I widen the frame. The only way to get around it is to completely redesign the scene for the multiscreen aspect ratio. Most times this is easier said than done however.

  4. MB

    Any chance that the vertical distortion in multi-monitor renders can be fixed? I love your art, but can’t deal with the distortions on a three monitor system. You did one magnificent job with Highland Spring where there was no distortion at all, but with buildings it gets to be pretty pronounced on the outer edges ruining the realism and sense of mystery that lies at the center. If the distortion were to be fixed, this would be on my desktop in a heartbeat.

  5. Elden

    Curious why on almost all your wallpapers that contain vertical objects… these objects always lean to the center? Buildings, trees… always lean to the center. More noticeable on dual-screen versions. I think the leaning makes them look odd. Sorry to be critical, because I really like most of your work.

  6. SuWa

    But the figure of the man ruins it for me. It just doesn’t seem necessary.

  7. MR

    The barrel distortion on the multi-screen renders is pretty heinous. It ruins the image. Gonna keep this one on the laptop because it’s awesome in single-screen and go back to the night version, which for some reason is less distorted, for the desktop system.

  8. Randall

    I like this version better; I think it has more life and energy going for it.

  9. Ryan

    Thanks! Yes, I plan on showing all three versions on my download pages.

  10. Andy

    I like how you show what the Dual as well as the Triple screen look like. Will this be a continuing trend?

  11. JKNorth

    I definitely prefer the original version. I didn’t find it overly washed out as some did. I liked the texture of the buildings better: they had a weathered feel that matched the drama I felt from the original night version.

    There’s an atmosphere of ‘Metropolis’ to the pieces, of a city that is both foreign and familiar, that is missing in the new version. The original evoked more strongly the sense of “Gotham” or “New Caprica”.

  12. Chris

    I like elements of each. I think the original had better texture to the buildings, but the new one has better lighting, and I like the added touch of the plants to the building tops.

    Also, I think it’s kinda odd that the man hasn’t moved at all from Spring to Summer?

  13. Opie

    I like this better than the naight version, can we expect triple monitor versions? Or am i stuck with Phraxis forever? lol

  14. Max

    I could be wrong but it appears as though you can see how few polygons the golden dome has. I’m not sure if that was intended, meant to save render time, or just odd reflections. Otherwise it’s amazing as always.

  15. sigmaman

    Like this new one better. Not as stark as the original. Feels a bit warmer.

  16. Brian

    I think this might have been a case of too much polling. Yes the first one was a bit washed out, and there were a lot of comments about it. But I liked it, it conveyed a sense of blinding heat. This is how big city summers feel. I think both versions are equally good for different reasons. But the original is staying on my monitor for now.

  17. Chuck

    This new version is most definitely one of my new favorites. I like the night time version but there’s just something about seeing it in the day that brings a whole new life to the image. Both images are equally good but its always nice to see things in the light of day.

  18. Bran

    I really liked the first version and didn’t understand all the tweaks people wanted. Nevermind. 🙂 This new version is perfect. Adding the greenery to the buildings and the overall lighting change really made a difference!

  19. NikB

    One thing the new version made me notice was the blimp at the top! Hadn’t seen that in the original image.

    I quite like this one. It seems to me to be a little darker with more contrast. It reminds me of summer days here in Sydney, Australia, just before an afternoon thunderstorm hits. Perhaps this is what you tried to achieve, Ryan, given Chris’ comments below (11 August)?

    I think it’s a improved image over the original.

  20. betsey

    I know–I’m an idiot–but I’m spoiled!!!! Right after I made that comment I looked again–but I didn’t wanna admit it!!!! Actually I resize them down–and then stretch ’em–saves hard-drive space–but they make a fantastic slideshow!!!!

  21. Lucas

    I really like the night version of Gotham Garden, and this new take on the summer version brings it up to the same level for me. I like the improved building textures better in this one. I can’t wait to see the fall version … my favorite season by far and I’ve really enjoyed your fall images in the past.

  22. Tim

    Looks great! BTW, the 1152×864 link does not work.

  23. Tyler

    Other than that the preview looks amazing! I agree that the original was already great, so obviously this is a cherry topping. I have a hunch that the autumn version will be my favorite, but we shall see!

    Thank you Mr. Bliss.

  24. drow

    add me to those who like the new version. better contrast, and the new building textures are snazzier.

  25. Ryan

    I saw nothing wrong with the older version, but i think the new one looks richer and more life-like all around.

  26. littlemom

    Nice upgrade!

  27. The Guru

    …saying that, yes, they were improvements. The added diversity in the concrete texture and colour really does make a lot of the buildings pop out a little more. The other gardens break it all up very nicely. Good work! Liked the old one, but this one’s better.

  28. anna_writr

    The new one is better. I like the rooftop gardens and that the buildings are different colors. The flowers are nice. There could be a few more, too.

  29. Walo

    Yeah I like this one better. The rooftop gardens add a nice touch. A question, what image res is the source for the 1366×768 res one? I’m thinking about making a new 1366×768 version for myself as the blimp is cropped on the default one.

  30. Lidia

    I agree that the new version is better; nice work!

  31. Ryan

    I am redoing the multiscreens for this one. You can find the old renders in the Pickle Jar.

  32. Shawn

    I like this one better.

  33. Cybinary

    Am I the only one having problems seeing the multiscreen images? I see Ryan’s comments about FTP problems but nothing about why there are no multiscreens. ?)

  34. Jenanne

    I’ve always loved your cityscapes and particularly your Gotham City scenes. I’m delighted you’re doing seasonals with this image — fantastic! I gave it a 10. Looking forward to the fall image.

    Yep, the 1152×864 link takes us to a page that says: “Oops! The page or file you are trying to access doesn’t seem to exist any more. Here’s a random pic from my gallery to cheer you up…”

  35. Scarr

    Much better mate. Even the lighting makes a huge difference.

  36. betsey

    I am not often part of the chorus but this IS better–BUT–the 4×3(1152×864) is not showing up!!!! Help!!!

  37. betsey

    I am not often part of the chorus but this IS better–BUT–the 4×3(1152×864) is not showing up!!!! Help!!!

  38. Mike

    I think the new one is better. The city has more depth and life to it with the terraces.

  39. byteful

    I agree with ya Dale. Well put and I couldn’t have said it better.

    And as per usual, a “WELL DONE” goes out to Ryan. I hope that you never get tired of hearing us tell you, how good U R at what you are doing.

    That being said, When can we expect the new version, in the multi-screen releases?



  40. Pat

    Definitely better. The buildings look like they are made out of real materials now. Still not sure about the foreground textures. They are really grungy. Also the path looks like it could use some more geometry. As it is, it looks like something out of a videogame.

    Still, this is becoming one of my favorites. Keep it up.


  41. Wraith

    Seems less rugged but also conveys a darker tone to me. I like both of em. :p

  42. Dave T

    The old didn’t make it to my desktop (I liked the Hexagon one too much), but this new one did.

  43. B0bb1ns

    I think the extra foliage on the buildings in the new version makes it my preferred one out of the two. I still think the guy looks too big though 😉

  44. Liggs


    The barrel distortion is pretty high in this one. Is that something that could be fixed by generating an even wider original image and then cropping it down? Why hasn’t the software company created a fix for this???

  45. dmackoy

    The new changes are great. I engoy the new textures and color surrounding the 2 large trees on the right and left, feels much more real. Also the City feels more alive and realistic with the update. Its nice to seem the buildings more clearly. Thanks for the updates.

  46. Scott

    This is a hard call – the image and the concept are awesome! I like the more gardens in the new version, and makes the city more vibrant… But, I like the texturing on the original buildings more – makes the city over all seem older, more stately.

    Just my 2 cents worth 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your vision with us as always!

  47. Dale

    I like the new version. Gives the cityscape more life. Nice!

  48. Spike

    It might be a setting I’ve got going on my computer, but the buildings on the left side are pretty seriously tilted for me… the right side looks just fine, though. Using 2560×1024, tiled.

  49. Dale

    I’ve downloaded the 3840×1080 now.

    BTW… I use FireFTP for all of my uploads. Simple to use and set up, runs in Firefox.

  50. Ryan

    Looks like I need a new FTP program. I’ve uploaded a correct Split Zip and the 3840 x 1080 file.

  51. Paul

    As byteful noticed, the split dualscreen version is the same on both sides (two right sides, I believe). The file Labanimal mentioned works fine for me, but the 4800×1200 (triple 4:3) image seems to be corrupt – all I get is a narrow strip at the top. Great image! Hope this is an easy fix (just a re-upload?).

  52. Dale

    You used to produce a 3840×1080 version of dualscreen – did you stop doing that with this wallpaper?

  53. byteful

    is it me or is the split (dualscreen) version, the same on the left as the right??

    Or have I just lost my mind, as usual 😉

  54. Labanimal

    the 5760 x 1080 (triple 16:9) image seems damaged, tried downloading with chrome and firefox! – same result.

  55. Tim


    Great addition. Love this one. I’ve always really enjoyed your original Gotham Garden. It is the one I keep on my desktop. This one will definitely go in the rotation!

  56. Mangoman

    This one is definitely kickass!! Whoa!! If I had to live in a city, I’d wanna live here. Thank you again for laying your talent out there for all of us to appreciate and enjoy. You’re the best!

  57. Randy

    Thanks, Ryan, for a classic! I look forward to the upcoming “seasons” and I hope one of them is a night or twilight view.

  58. Dan

    I like this next version in your series! No complaints, and looking forward to the next seasonal versions! Great work as usual Ryan.

  59. Anastasia

    I would like to see one little dab of color. One little red flower in the green bushes, or a little, partly red bird in tree.

  60. Randall

    Once again, this is great work, Ryan. Kinda reminds me of the city in the film Metropolis…

  61. Walo

    I never knew that the perspective was from 20 stories up. I thought the park was raised just a little bit from ground level. About the zeppelin, it is cropped in the 1366×768 version, that’s why I couldn’t notice it.

  62. Dennis M.

    It’s a great view… The only minor thing I would change is instead of the same guy talking on his cell phone in the same position, maybe a young couple, holding hands, one pointing at the zepplin.

  63. Thomas


    This is a wonderful update to one of my favorite walls. Can you do a nighttime pickle jar of it.

    Please, please, please keep the cityscapes coming. 🙂

  64. dmackoy

    Just an FYI, this shows up under the top rated night scenery. I know the last one released was at night but it may want to be re-categorized. Just didnt seem to fit in.

  65. AndrewM

    I find the mystery of the city, absent of the flotsam of people and vehicles fascinating. It’s like a monument, but to what is up to the imagination!

  66. BenC

    Hi Ryan,

    Just out of curiosity, is the garden ‘actually’ 20 stories up or have you just made the scene to look like that? For example in highland spring you said you originally had the camera at the bottom of the valley and then moved it, have you modelled (albeit crudely) 20 models below what we can see? Or, in terms of software, is the picture at ‘ground level’ and you’ve just designed it to give the appearance of 20 stories up? Hope that makes sense :S

  67. kellzilla

    The night time version was the original remake:

  68. Randy

    Was with your picture of the father and son fishing.

  69. Ben

    Ah, now I get it based on Ryan’s comment! The perspective with the guy makes perfect sense if he’s standing at the edge of the garden at the top of a building, and the city is over there. I thought he was at ground level ever since the first one.

  70. Ryan

    It isn’t easy to tell from this angle, but the garden is about 20 stories up. You can’t see the street level. I did try to add some life with the Zeppelin however.

  71. Rob

    I think what is missing is people and traffic. During the day in a city this size, there should be all kinds of people all around. Just doesn’t seem to have enough bustle.

  72. Nate F


  73. horizstar

    Awesome! Any chance for a version without the haze? (Pretty please? 🙂

    Or maybe you’re already planning some sunshine in the Autumn or Winter versions …

  74. littlemom

    This is very nice I like it alot.

  75. Walo

    I like how the city is rendered, but it doesn’t feel alive. It feels just like a template rather than a real city. In the night version the lights in the windows gave it an authentic feel but this time it feels empty.

  76. Pat

    Man, I like this one so much better than the first one. Looks like early 1900s with some cartoon-ish technology thrown into the art direction. I guess this is what a futuristic urban city would have looked like if someone planned it 100 years ago.

    The textures could definitely use some work. Particularly the brick texture on a lot of the buildings and the foreground metals.

    Still, you’ve done a great job. I always love it when a totally different wallpaper is added to the gallery.


  77. Courtney J

    I wonder if that man in the picture is Bruce Wayne? 😛

  78. Lidia

    Nice, I like it much better than the Spring version. I like that it’s hazy, too; I never like it when it’s too sunny.

  79. Angelique

    Have you ever posted a video of how you create your artwork? I’d be curious to see how such art is created from start to finish. I’ve seen a video on YouTube from an artist that works with PhotoShop (untooned Jessica Rabbit) and was fascinated with the process. Every time I see one of your new works, I always wonder how you go about creating them. It’d be cool if you could take a video of some of it if you have the time – thanks!

  80. Angelique

    Oh my God – this one is stunning! Beautiful work, Ryan 😀

  81. The Guru

    It does look good as a daylight image. A couple things that stood out to me were the gold dome which looks a little blocky, the lack of people and cars navigating the streets, since it is during the day, and some of the concrete on the buildings looks a little fake. That’s all I have at the moment but I will still say “Excellent work!”

  82. snave

    I’ll have to agree with Josh on this one. It’s a little washed out and pale. It’s still a good addition to my collection though.

  83. Wraith

    It’s so vibrant… like a perfect mix of urban and nature.

    Well done. 🙂

  84. Truett

    Hey Ryan I think you should know there is a fairly new app from iTunes called Retina Wallpapers HD – 640×960 Wallpaper and Background that has a TON of your wallpapers on it. Just thought I would let you know. I think it is from user uploads but it isn’t just free wallpapers you offer from what I can tell.

  85. Micro

    Great picture! This is much better than the night one.

  86. Spike

    I’ve always thought highly of your ‘Gotham’ images, but this one is your best to date – the smoothness of the buildings combined with the soft, pale light and haze in the atmosphere combine to form such a stoic serenity… just awesome!! 😀

  87. Chris

    I really like the Gotham Garden series. The old Gotham (2001) was a big favorite of mine, and these are a complete step up.

    I was wondering though, if its possible to do a rain storm scene? Something that will convey the big summer thunderstorms NY gets.

    I don’t know about the complexity of trying to render something like that, it may be pushing some technical limitations. Just a thought..

  88. B0bb1ns

    Great work – I think the scene is much more alive in this version and prefer it to the original.

    I think the guy looks a bit big in both versions though but I’m just being picky.

  89. Josh

    Love the wallpaper! Gotham Garden has always been one of my favorites, but a golden sunset version with more orange and red hues would be nice…this is a bit pale and bright.

  90. adoY

    It’s a very nice one, indeed! But are you planning a verion without the man? I don’t like people on my wallpapers! 🙂 Can’t wait for the other 2 seasons…

  91. adoY

    It’s a very nice one, indeed! But are you planning a verion without the man? I don’t like people on my wallpapers! 🙂 Can’t wait for the other 2 seasons…

  92. Brian

    I forgot you were thinking of making Gotham Garden a seasonal thing. What a pleasent surprise. Love the retro zeppelin. It appears your 1680 x 1050 render arrived right before I did. Just another example of the fine service here at digitalblasphemy. ;^)

  93. Ryan

    Oops! Had to post and then run out to a Doctor’s appointment. I will have the 1680 x 1050 file available shortly!

  94. macmage

    I too would like a 1680 x 1050 size 🙂

  95. macmage

    I too would like a 1680 x 1050 size 🙂

  96. dmackoy

    I really like the daytime version, can wait to put this up. Echoing Truett, it would be nice to get a 1680 x 1050 (16:10) version. Thanks in advance.

  97. John

    I love everything about this picture; especially the zeppelin in the upper right corner. Definitely one of your top five pictures ever!

  98. Geep

    I love the hazy look of this picture. It really does look like summer in the city. 🙂

  99. Crymson

    I loved Gotham Garden at night, the first one you did but was a little disappointed in the dual-screen render for it. The left side was very skewed as if viewed through a large fisheye lens. Is it possible for you to fix that perspective in the dual screen renders for this one? I just didn’t like how the left screen looked so slanted in the original. I do love the picture though! Keep it up!

  100. ChopBam

    Cool! Do you actually model and texture all those buildings, or is there some sort of preset that you use?

  101. Truett

    This is really a nicely done day scene. However, there is no 1680×1050 render which is what my laptop uses. Other than that very good.

  102. Cappydawg

    Very nice day scene.

  103. Nicholas

    If you could get the experience of having sex from a picture, this would be the one to do it from. AMAZING

  104. kellzilla

    If you read the original (well, the second) Gotham City description and comments, the guy is standing on a rooftop garden on a skyscraper, so there should be no people walking around the air or cars flying through space.

  105. kellzilla

    “Gotham Garden”, not city. 🙂 Can’t take the comic geek out of the girl. :p

  106. kellzilla

    Until he uploads the image, you can use the 1600×1200 size; you can either manually resize it in an image program, or you can set your desktop to resize it (usually “stretch” or something similar, instead of “tile” or “center” or whatever).

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