Passing Through


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Learning how to use Gaea’s “Island” node here. You may not be able to tell that they’re islands, so please trust me ๐Ÿ™‚
This was another scene created on Bucephalus and it’s basically the limit of what that machine can comfortably create. That frustration lead me to finally purchase “Rochallor” yesterday.

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Passing Through Dual

23 reviews for Passing Through

  1. Ozaawaagosh [plusmember]

    I really love both of these versions, the sunset and mid day, it reminds me of Thailand and all the rocky islands and bays, so peaceful and tropical. One of my favorite oceanic countries to visit

  2. jimbo [basicmember]

    I like both versions of this picture – but this one is the better of the two. I like the way the whale and her calf have been placed, to lead the viewer’s attention into the picture.


  3. BobC [lifer]

    Still a big hit with me! The day version is getting many (deservedly) positive reviews. The sunset version will continue to reside on my desktop because I love the “golden hour” lighting which softens the overall light and deepens the greens. I would take my photo of the scene at this time of day (and maybe a few more even slightly later).

  4. Ryan

    Thanks for the feedback Heather! Regarding your phone wallpaper, I always download the 5K image and then use that so I can select which part of the image I want for my background. Hope this helps!

  5. Eric [liferplus]

    I used to think Highland Spring was my favorite over the years (been following since ~2000). This takes the cake. Absolutely stunning.

  6. Lenee [basicmember]

    Ive been following Ryan’s work since 2004. Tropical moon of Thetis started my interest and Ive watched ever since. All Ryan’s work is amazing. All 10 star ratings with stars that are made of the worlds most expensive diamonds!

  7. Zorz [basicmember]

    There are so many adjectives you could use to describe this render, but beautiful, gorgeous, fantastic, amazing, wonderful, and more would top my list. This is incredible!

  8. DJ [basicmember]

    YES please, and thank you kindly!

  9. RubberBrain [liferplus]

    Excellent render, Ryan! I love the sun glow in on the horizon. I’d bet that this one will score up with Highland (Summer) with being ripped off as a real photo….

  10. Rodewaryer [lifer]

    I have one of ‘those’ eyes…pretty critical I can be of things and I think this is brilliant work, and the haze….I say it gives it a realism that’s part of what makes it brilliant. Home run in my opinion.

  11. Weeznow [lifer]

    The rocks on the far right resemble what I saw in the series “36 Geological Masterpieces of the World”. The vertical layers were once layers of sandstone turned 90 degrees. Or the rocks could have been formed from 450 million year old lava, and they were revealed from erosion. This landscape could exist. I am glad you purchased your new machine. I gave this rendering a “10”.

  12. jmpond [liferplus]

    The lossless image is amazing! So detailed especially the texture and random variety of the foliage. At some time would you consider making a less hazy day higher contrast render like, midday version of this? That would really showcase the detailing.

  13. Moab [lifer]

    I love this – so peaceful. Would love for you to drop the boy in the canoe (from the piece “Dreaming,” I think). Would be perfect.

  14. Susan [basicmember]

    Very nice and restful

  15. OnyxPanthyr [basicmember]

    This is so beautiful! I wanna go visit!

  16. BobC [lifer]

    I love color and light, and what strikes me about this image is the beautiful, simultaneous transitions from light to shadow and from yellow to green.

  17. DK-Nebraska [liferplus]

    So beautiful. Kind of makes you wish you could paddle around there for a while. Especially these days!

  18. Littlemom [liferplus]

    Wow there aren’t enough words to express how beautiful this render is. You’ve hit it out of the park on this one, it’s just stunning!!!

  19. Annalisa [plusmember]

    I really love this scene, it’s so serene and relaxing…and God only knows we need tranquillity in these times! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I really like your landscapes, in my opinion you’re one of the best digital creators out there.

  20. Nathan Zachary [lifer]

    My goodness, this is a beautiful scene! Though it is a little grainy, I am anxiously awaiting the multis!

  21. Tyler [lifer]

    Ryan we all can’t wait to see what the new hardware can do. This is fantastic and could easily have been used as the macOS Catalina official background.

  22. Heather [lifer]

    I love any beach or water theme that you do. Itรขย€ย™s what Iรขย€ย™m most drawn to in life. The work you do for those themes always turns out amazing! Can you guide me and tell me which resolution to use for iPhone Pro Max? Thanks for your continued amazing works รฐยŸย˜ยŠ

  23. CYNCTYCHIK [basicmember]

    A very serene nature scene…that is one big fish though!!! AA++ ๐Ÿ™‚

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