Passing Through (Day)


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Where the “sunset version” came together quite quickly and and turned out very nicely, this day version (tbh) felt like a labor. I rendered two different versions and ended up combining them in Photoshop to what you see above. Honestly, I was about to post it in my Pickle Jar when Jessie saw it and said she liked it better than the first. She said I should post it in the gallery and Jessie is the boss 🙂

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Passing Through (Day) Dual

26 reviews for Passing Through (Day)

  1. Ryan

    The missing resolutions have been added. Apologies!!

  2. Timhogs [liferplus]

    Any chance of a 3840×1080 Dual Screen?

  3. Russ [patronmember]

    I’ll echo what others have said: “Beautiful”, “Looks like a real photo”! I also have a question the dual and triple screen resolutions. I’ve been dual monitor for a long time and have traditionally used the 3840×1024. In this version I see that resolution is under the triple screen option. It is not a problem, and actually I think I enjoy it better (get to see more of your creation), I was just curious if this was a one-time thing or your future triple screens will include this resolution? Keep up the awesome work!!

  4. Vega [plusmember]

    I love the original Passing Through because of the evocative lighting, but I was struck by the realism in this one. Most of your wallpapers, even the most realistic ones, have a digital quality to them. But this one looks like a bona-fide photograph. Maybe because it was a merge in Photoshop and has a softer appearance, but I have trouble telling it that this isn’t a photo! Your wife is right, I love this addition!

  5. Ozaawaagosh [plusmember]

    I really love both of these versions, the sunset and mid day, it reminds me of Thailand and all the rocky islands and bays, so peaceful and tropical. One of my favorite oceanic countries to visit

  6. Eyal [lifer]

  7. Nemo1024 [liferplus]

    What a stunning life-like view! If it weren’t for the palms, the image could have been that of Hardangerfjord in Norway. Really love the contemplative greenery and the whales!

  8. Joshua [liferplus]

    Absolutely the most realistic rendering I have seen. I would have swore this was a real picture. Surreal.

  9. Edwin [basicmember]

    Definitely now one of my favourites. right up there with Highland Spring.

  10. Joe [nonmonthly]

    Thank you for posting it; I prefer day versions as I need some bright and cheerful to keep me going at work. 🙂

    Dual-monitor renditions are my favorites, but I’m guessing from your comment that won’t be happening for this one. 😉

  11. Rodewaryer [lifer]

    I’ve seen some serious landscape CGI artists and they had a little edge on you over the years. I’m not seeing that edge now, this is just flawless. Way to go….

  12. D. C. Sessions [lifer]

    You’ve forced me to create a whole new desktop category for “Islands.” (For those who don’t know *nix, it’s possible to have multiple virtual desktops and each has its own wallpaper theme. Ryan’s only serious competition is the the astrophysics community. Yes, Ryan, your competition has multibillion dollar telescopes and an enormous full-time staff.)

  13. Matt [lifer]

    Truly, one of the best you have ever done. Sometimes art is work to get it just right, and you have nailed it better than the original sunset view! 10 of 10!

  14. Shao Lang [lifer]

    I must say, you should listen to your wife a little more. This is so fantastic. This does indeed look like a photograph that someone took on a vacation. This is a vacation that I would very much like to be on right this minute.

  15. MARKA. [liferplus]

    Ryan, I love this one!

  16. Chris Heins [liferplus]

    So where I want to be right now!

  17. Rhekyn [lifer]

    Right off the bat, I can tell you that a major improvement in the realistic nature of this render, versus the previous one. I can certainly understand reducing the workload by attempting to limit the color spectrum, but the end result tends to look less real. It may not seem like much, but the slight differences in the tree color do a lot. The additional mist in comparison to the sunset version adds a lot of depth. I would even say that you could carry that idea further in the background.

    Excellent piece Ryan! Always listen to your wife!

  18. cutterman [basicmember]

    so much unfeatured vegetation tires my eyes. Need a focal point.

  19. McD [liferplus]

    Ryan, I saw a thumbnail of this in my email and had my breath taken away. Amazing! Beautiful! Serene! I love the landscapes you do with deep, wide, tree-soaked valleys, with peculiarities like this! “Highlander” still takes the cake for me though 🙂

  20. RichA [plusmemberlifer]

    The variegation of the foreground foliage adds no small amount of realism to this. Fabulous.

  21. seadragonlady [liferplus]


  22. Kryslin [lifer]

    Wow. I agree with the review two or three posts down. I thought this was a photo from someone’s photo album. Can’t wait for the multi-screen version.

  23. Jeff Headley [lifer]

    Please add multi-screen so I can enjoy it all work-from-home day long. You are our magic tour guide, taking us to places so real we can’t imagine not being there.

  24. Littlemom [liferplus]

    I thought this was somebody’s snap shot photo it was so realistic. Great job Ryan!!!

  25. Littlemom [liferplus]

    I thought this was somebody’s snap shot photo it was so realistic. Great job Ryan!!!

  26. Doc [liferplus]

    Love it. It just looks so real !. (And now my desktop)

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