Once Upon a Time


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14 reviews for Once Upon a Time

  1. Kate [nonmonthly]

    can’t download this picture; i click on the picture and the page stays the same and doesn’t turn to a downloadable image.

  2. Maria [lifer]

    Just wonderful! Can you make it in other variations maybe? =) Winter, autumn or night? =)

  3. Mike [lifer]

    This is one of my favorites. Have you ever considered an updated version? Everything you do now looks so much more realistic. It would be amazing.

  4. Carysta

    How have I never seen this one before? The random button is my friend today, it is bringing me to all kinds of lovely things I had never seen, but this – this one is beautiful 🙂

  5. Bill

    Ryan i agree with all comments here, it is amazing. I also agree with the suggestion of a newer version of “Once upon a time”. Keep up the good work!

  6. Richard H.

    One of my favourites from all the pictures here. I just wish there were a few more variants of it, as there are with some of the other pictures. I like the pickle-jar alternate that looks like it has fresh morning light (a bit brighter and more colourful than the ‘official’ version), and wish that were available in 1920×1200. But I’d also like to see some other variations: one with snow would be lovely, for example.

  7. suab

    Hello Ryan,

    I have been following this site since cca. 1999 (it seems like 100 years ago now:) Only recently, I have purchased my lifetime membership, and I knew my first comment should be on this picture…

    This one has been my favorite since the day I first saw it. I wish you would consider making a remake of it. That would be awesome!!!

    But, don’t get me wrong, I totally admire all of your work:)

  8. Mike

    I was searching the internet for fantasy wallpapers when I found this:


    Someone made an animated wallpaper from “Once Upon a Time”.

  9. Char

    This is wonderful it reminds me of an imagining of every fairy tale I’ve heard.


  10. fatboy

    This image is fantastic, besides bring to mind some fantastic castles I’ve seen in Europe I start thinking of swords, unicorns, dragons, and Camelot…

    This is one of my favorite images.

    I would love to see an updated version of this. The options are endless… adding a unicorn, dragon, maybe just a couple of deers, or even adding some lightning.

  11. Ryan B.

    This is my all time favorite wallpaper. I’ve followed you since High School back in the 90’s, and now I’m getting married. Time flies!! My fiance recently bought me this picture as a matte print. I now have it framed in my bedroom… it acts as a constant escape for my imagination. What a work of art! Thanks for all the years of your hard work!

  12. Anne

    Oh man, this is my absolute favourite background. It draws you in.. and the setting is so serene and fanciful.

  13. Andy T.

    Holy cow, Batman. This brought out in me the wonder of Disney and Neu Schwanstein Castle in Bavaria. It’s a perfect fantasy for those of us who like the knights of old and chivalry unchallenged. Where is the damsel in distress, the dragon and St. George? I even have the twilght one I liked this so much. I’m way surprised there aren’t more comments. I’m sure there is a boat below this hill in the foregroound and I can make my way to the castle in it, if I choose to do so. There are so many possibles in this scene, it will always hold its charm.

  14. Bob

    I loved this image and I used it as my background for a very long time. It was the right blend of whimsy and beauty. I wanted to walk into the picture and see the grounds and gaze upon the castle gates. The varients are also amoung my personal favorites and got heavy rotation until I resubscribed.

    There was this incredible sense of detail in all parts of the image that particularily appealed to me.

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