Misty Mountains (Sunrise)


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I will probably also do a night version of this scene but I also wanted to do one with the mountain lit by the “break of day”. If anyone is interested, this one took twice as long to render due to the shadows on the clouds and the sunbeams.

“Far over the misty mountains cold
To dungeons deep and caverns old
We must away ere break of day
To seek the pale enchanted gold.”

~The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

I hope you enjoy the scene!

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12 reviews for Misty Mountains (Sunrise)

  1. sigmaman [lifer]

    A beautiful render that now graces my desktop. When I read the title though my thoughts turned to Led Zeppelin.

  2. Ryan

    The links that say “macOS” are files formatted specifically for Macs. The links to the left (the numbers) are usable on PCs 🙂

  3. Tammy [basicmember]

    Hello Ryan.

    I LOVE your work and have been a fan for years.

    What are the possibilities of getting multi-screen renders for pc?

    Many Thanks,


  4. Ozaawaagosh [plusmember]

    Simply Beautiful, this series of renders are my new fav’s of landscapes

  5. Lews Therin [basicmember]

    That be a 10 brah. That looks phenomenal!

  6. webworx [liferplus]

    This stunned me when I even saw the email. The multi-screen versions were even more impressive. I’m sure this will be a favorite for some time to come! I really can’t stop hiding my work in dead moments to look at it again on my desktop!

  7. Littlemom [liferplus]

    This is a perfect sunrise and the lighting and colors are simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing Ryan.

  8. Cat Scratch [nonmonthly]

    I can almost feel waking up to this in the morning.

  9. Nemo1024 [liferplus]

    The lighting is just perfect and so true to the mood of the poem!

  10. Gord [lifer]

    Looks great and cant wait for the night version. Wonder if it would need a campfire or two on the mountain.

  11. Susan [liferplus]

    I wasn’t as excited by the original Misty Mountains (despite being a massive Tolkien nerd). It’s a beautiful mountain, but it looked too similar to photographs of beautiful mountains.

    The sunrise really gives this image the wow for me.


  12. Mark A. [liferplus]

    it has been a while. so, now, it’s time to wipe the dust off my LOTR blu-rays and have another LOTR-athon!

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