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I recently “re-discovered” a Plant Factory project I started, but abandoned, way back in 2016. My goal then was to use PF to create a jelly fish akin to the ones I have created in Lightwave. If I were starting this project from scratch today I would have used Blender but I stuck with VUE this time because it’s easier to edit Plant Factory models.

Multiscreen version is still finishing up on Shadowfax.

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11 reviews for Jelly

  1. Ozaawaagosh [plusmember]

    Love these both, so very serene and beautifully peaceful realistic

  2. BelleoftheBookcase [basicmember]

    I adore this!! The depth of view through the water so captures that ever increasing opacity behind the jelly.
    Would love a moonlight version as well, could have very other worldly vibes!

  3. Gene [lifer]

    Yeah, I’m sorta thinking like Mangoman here. It’s been a long time, but I HAVE had a couple of those things get caught on my leg while swimming (I live in extreme NW Gulf coast Florida). Not a great way to end a trip to the beach — and it WILL end the trip! Our beaches even have “Purple” flags (in addition to the usual Red/Yellow/Green ones). It’s purple flag for “hazardous marine life.” That means sharks, jellies or both. In any event, it also means, “stay the f— out of the water — it isn’t worth the risk!!!”

    All that said, congrats Ryan, you’ve made even one of these nasty beasts look pretty!

  4. Mangoman232 [liferplus]

    That was my first thought; that, and “Can you imagine what it’d be like to blindly swim into that gathering of tentacles?” Makes you shudder. Beautiful job again, Sir Bliss. Even though it’s under water, you knocked it outta the park. Beautiful, yet deadly.

  5. wildthotz [liferplus]

    This is SO beautiful! Your ocean scenes are my favorites for serene desktop slideshows, and this one a welcome addition. Though I’d hate to meet it out diving!

  6. refimedic [basicmember]

    Fantastic! I immediately put it as my wallpaper.

  7. webworx [liferplus]

    The single-screen render is fantastic, but the double-screen and triple screen views are breathtaking. Very nice!

  8. Telaria [basicmember]

    VERY nice render, Ryan! LOVE the colors and the sunlight streaming down from above. I couldn’t wait to set this as my desktop background!! Thanks yet again for an awesome image!!

  9. Brandi U [liferplus]

    Very soothing. Absolutely love what you do with Plant Factory.

  10. seadragonlady [liferplus]

    This was just what I needed on a cold and chilly grey day. I am fond of any of your ocean scenes either above or below the waves and this one is great.

  11. Susan [basicmember]

    But neither of them are my thing. I liked the sea floor, but didn’t like the jellyfish for some reason and that has a lot of detail in it

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