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I’ve wanted to update my jellyfish from
2000 for quite a while now but for some
reason never got around to it. Believe it or
not Googled “jelly fish” before I started this update to do a
little research and my old render showed up on the first page of

I was aiming for a bit more color this time around and to create
a better sense of depth. People are (rightly) fascinated by alien life from other worlds, but mind-boggling creatures do exist on our very own planet…

Let me know what you think of the update!

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41 reviews for Jelly

  1. Daemonyx [basicmember]

    I saw another comment about how you have too much negative space. While I respect George’s opinion, I have to disagree. The intricate detail you have created here requires a little breathing room I think. I believe the density of the jellyfish’s tendrils actually calls for a little bit of space to really give it that striking visual. Gorgeous piece, well designed!

  2. Christina

    I voted 8 on this originally thinking “meh nice jellyfish”, however every time it comes up in the rotation I find myself arrested by the image. It is very well done and deserves a 10. From now on I’m waiting to vote until after I’ve had to view it a couple times on my monitor (there is another that I rated highly but I’ve found it irritating the longer I look at it – till I finally pulled it out of the folder so I didn’t have to look at it anymore).

  3. Docpixl

    Excellent image. Like many creatures on our planet this one looks alien, as if it was dropped off by a passing starship that needed to unload some cargo and found our oceans to be a perfect place to leave it behind. Your ideas are wonderfully imaginative and creative. Thank you for sharing.

  4. dvoa76

    I’m relatively picky and know what I like.. it takes a good piece of work to affect me enough to choose it as a wallpaper let alone give it a ’10/10′. Or even leave a comment :-p … This is my current dual-screen at 3360×1050. Absolutely fabulous. Don’t see how it could be better. There’s an emotive response here, and as Billy D said, this one truly “resonates” with me as well! Well done!

  5. Billy D

    I absolutely love the color and how real it looks. I’m picky about what I like and don’t really know what I’ll like until I see it, but something about this just really resonates with me.

  6. Ross H.

    Your artwork continues to amaze me, Ryan. You have a subscriber for life!

  7. Walo

    It’s been a while, since I last visited. Wow lots of good new stuff around. I’m gonna enjoy myself for a while. For this image I only find 2 things off, the tentacles and that the single screen jellyfish is too lonely.

  8. Scarr

    Because its friggin awesome.

  9. George

    Very well done Ryan. I always appreciate the out-of-the-ordinary renders like this one. I like the subject a lot, but that said though I think people are too quick to give 10’s. There is a bit too much negative space in this to earn more than a 7 in my book but the jellyfish is awesome!

  10. Chris

    love the texture in the water, especially.

    did you see the video released about the fish with the transparent head that hunts underneath jellyfish? because that would make a pretty sweet addition to the multiscreen render …

  11. speedyj


  12. robk64

    While not 100% anatomically correct, it’s an awesome image. Very cool in every respect. Great job!

  13. Chris

    Awesome as usual… (I only rate images a 9 until you have a dual-screen of it, after all. :))

  14. docsensi

    Amazing! Blew me away!. The tones of blue, the luminescence, the dark water being gently pierced by the light form the moon and stars…

  15. Hoverwolf1

    If this were an Olympic performance:

    Technical performance: 10 of 10 (your usual)

    Artistry: 8 of 10

    First thing this made me think of was the album cover to Boston. Not sure what that says about me other than my age.

  16. Littlemom

    I know a lot of people love this render but it just doesn’t work for me the underside of the jellyfish looks like someones insides to me, that is just my opinion mind you but still downloaded it to go with my always growing DB collection 🙂

  17. celmendo

    Wanna give it a 10 but the tentacles are just off to me. Too thin and not enough contrast between the thicker ones. Some central thicker ones would help and give some opportunity for more color. Love it though, thanks

  18. Brandi U.

    @Doug B.: Thanks!

  19. Eric

    Love the composition, and colors.

    Now for the multi-screens 🙂 Maybe with a couple friends / jellies? Like two friends on the dual, a half dozen on the triple. Maybe a diver (or part of) to show size. Is this Jelly massive, or microscopic? At different times I see it both ways. How `bout you, Ryan?

    Great work, love how the tips of some tendrils have extra thickness – like stingers.


  20. Terry

    Nice work Ryan, Have you thought about doing a monchromatic version. Grey’ish background with the jelly as black showing off all the transparency? Reckon that would look pretty cool…

  21. Foz

    Very intricate, but seems a little… lonely.

    btw, your old one has been copied here:

  22. Will

    I can understand why some people don’t like the tentacles but I like this piece. It reminds me of the electric jellyfish from Legend of Zelda (now in HD).

  23. Rob C

    Single screen version is great, but dual screen is even better. Thanks again, Ryan!

  24. Bob C

    Artistically, this is a 9.5. I love the lighting, the colors, and the fact that the jelly is floating there by itself. The tendrils are great! Technically, there is, to me, something a little unsatisfying about the texture – with it being a tad “papery” rather than completely jelly-like. We put this one up right away…

  25. Tazz

    Beautiful, one of the best works of the year. Only change I would like to see is possibly a busier water background (bubbles…maybe even coral (but not to pull away from the main subject as it’s obviously your main vocalpoint)) and a more translucent body on the jellyfish.

  26. Nelson

    Sorry to destroy all the good ratings here, but for me this doesn’t work. Everything (especially the tentacles) is so harsh, too crisp, too jagged, not smooth enough. Why are the tentacles so strongly dashed?

    Well nevermind, I’ve got that perfect Sakura, that’s enough for the moment 🙂

  27. betsey

    finally figured out the “In Progress” link so I’ve been watching this one grow–love it–interesting to compare this with your long-ago original–see how YOU’ve grown!!!!

  28. FlareHeart

    WOW! I love the ocean and its inhabitants. This is absolutely gorgeous!

    Thanks for this one!

  29. Bill

    First words uttered upon seeing it: “Oooh, wow…”

  30. Doug B

    @ Brandi U: I think it’s the end of a tendril, I pulled it up in 4096 x 2560 and you can just see the faint line in the background

  31. Doug B.

    Outstanding, a little more background activity (off in the distance) could get it to a ’10’ as long as it isn’t overdone

  32. Chris

    I love this one alot. You don’t usually do too much with animals it seems like, usually just straight environments. My only criticism is that maybe the tentacles could be made a little more fluid and less jagged or zig-zag like. Otherwise one of your best so far this year.

  33. Greg in CA


  34. Dave

    This one looks really cool. I have always been fascinated by sea creatures. Especially big ones. Would you consider doing a render of some huge sea creature, some interpretation of the Leviathan maybe?

  35. Dave

    This one looks really cool. I have always been fascinated by sea creatures. Especially big ones. Would you consider doing a render of some huge sea creature, some interpretation of the Leviathan maybe?

  36. Brandi U.

    Love the colors!! Simple yet detailed piece. Wondering what is to the right of the jellyfish. A fish? Bubbles? Stands out in the 1920×1080, but I can’t tell what it is.

  37. Joe

    I like it. I joined the site because of the crisp, clean renders that you do, and this one adds nicely to the collection.

  38. Dan

    Awesome render Ryan!! Wow, colors, definition, tentacles, all looks great! I must say too, this Jellyfish looks mature, an older jelly who’s survived it all. 🙂

  39. Jenanne

    Terrific! I love the jelly’s colors and the way the tentacles seem to move with the water. The light radiating though the water adds depth and texture. Perhaps the two very light tentacles in the upper right corner should either be dark enough to see or removed, since now it looks like the tips are floating around unattached.

    Yes, your original jellyfish pulled up first thing when I googled. The original (sans your watermark) is being used by

  40. Dan

    THIS IS SO AWESOME!! Definitely a refreshing switch from you usual land/planetscapes.

  41. Ryan

    The dualscreen split file should be available for this file now.

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