The Shaded Path (Autumn)


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23 reviews for The Shaded Path (Autumn)

  1. Shelly K.

    @Ryan. Okay, I see that.

  2. doug

    Nicely done — serene

  3. Kevin

    Not sure it has been mentioned before, but I would love to see a version of Shaded Path in the moonlight. Already, these “tree”-scapes are majestic, so I can only imagine a walk across this path in the moonlight would be incredible! Anyways, keep up the great work Ryan, you never cease to impress! I look forward to future versions of this piece.

  4. Ryan

    The column is there in the “widescreen” multiscreens. The thumbnails are based on 2 or 3 4:3 screens and are a bit narrower than how I frame them now.

  5. Shelly K.

    I don’t think you should have omitted the far right column from the multi-screen versions. My opinion. 🙂

  6. Marlowe

    Love it! A great follow up to the summer version.

  7. Jason

    Rich and beautiful; fantastic work! You’ve got a real knack for autumn scenes. I’ve gone back and downloaded your Autumn collection for use on my work laptop, and even your old Autumn images look great!

  8. Russ

    Was waiting for this one. Thanks Ryan!

  9. ZUL

    Dual screen. Thank you.

  10. Rankin

    I enjoy this piece. It’s vivid and colorful with the right amount of detail, shadowing, and lighting however I’m not sure what it is but it doesn’t mystify me like your older one’s used to. Maybe I’m just getting older but in the end its still a lovely piece.

  11. Nico

    Gave it an eight – not sure what it is but the red leaves on the rail are blurry but behind it the green and brown leaves are focused doesn’t visual seem right. otherwise nice – Thank You!

  12. Jenanne

    Wonderful! I loved the summer image, and this is even better. I hope this will be the next “four seasons” series.

    Is the 21:9 resolution (2560 x 1080) no longer available? I think the last image to have it was the original Shaded Path. If so, it’s not a big deal; the 3840×1080 can be cropped to that size.

  13. Hawk

    VERY nice!

    Keep up the good work.

  14. Ruth

    My new favorite autumn piece! Gorgeous!

  15. Deanna

    POW! …right to the desktop.

  16. Bill Watts

    I really like this one. The first one didn’t do much for me (sorry) but I immediately downloaded this one.

    Since 1080p Android phones are becoming more common (just got my LG G2 today) any chance you could add 2160×1920 wallpapers to the mobile section?

  17. ZUL

    The first one was great, this one’s even better. Any chance of a dual screen version?

  18. Kelton

    totally sweet… soon as I see the dual monitor setup

  19. Stewart

    … straight to the desktop.

  20. Littlemom

    Very pretty Great job!!!

  21. Littlemom

    Very pretty Great job!!!

  22. Alec

    This piece is quickly becoming one of my favorites, can’t wait for the winter version.

  23. Andie

    The Shaded Path (Summer I take it) was one of my favorites for a long time. I love the fact it looks like you are going to do a 4 seasons on this one. Thank you!

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