Nemo’s Garden


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I’ve always been fascinated by the variety and splendor of life under the seas. It’s like an alien world on our very own planet.
My exploration of “The Plant Factory” continues here. I used the software to model several different species of reef inhabitant. None of them were based on any specific creature. It’s all straight out of my head πŸ™‚
I may still update this one, or perhaps do a few different renders using the creatures I’ve crafted (and have yet to create). Perhaps a night version…

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72 reviews for Nemo’s Garden

  1. WeeSam [basicmember]

    Love a good underwater scene. I expected fish, but even without, it is perfect.

  2. Sarah [plusmember]

    This is one of my favourite DB wallpapers. πŸ™‚ It’s absolutely gorgeous and I can’t believe it’s only been on the site since 2016. It has a sort of timeless quality to it. Great job!

  3. Camille [nonmonthly]

    Great depth on this one. I have had people do double-takes, thinking it was an aquarium.

  4. docster [basicmember]

    Beautiful, Ryan. You simply nailed this one.

  5. Jill [lifer]

    All of your work is appreciated. Love the blues and greens….makes my monitors seem like aquariums when they’re on screen saver modes. Keep up the good work! πŸ™‚

  6. Rodewaryer [nonmonthly]

    The image is a great light effect in the dark however those little green (blue green?) specks all around the piece turn it to a 2D and hurt the depth. Maybe some bioluminescence subtly glowing in those dark spaces…

  7. PentecostalGeek [nonmonthly]

    This is currently my wallpaper in dual screen. I love the details and the colors. Personally, I would have liked a few more fish in the work. I would love for more underwater scenes!

  8. Apii [lifer]

    IMMACULATE! Keep it up!

  9. Bob Gunderson [nonmonthly]

    I think you’ve outdone yourself. I have loved all of your work for years but this journey underwater shows your talent in a whole new light. I hope that you continue to venture into this realm as your lighting and shading is at it’s apex with this piece. Beautiful work.

  10. Ash [lifer]

    I used to have a saltwater aquarium and I wish it looked like this. This is absolutely stunning!!

  11. Nick [lifer]

    Great image, Ryan. This looks awesome on my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone, too. It’s like carrying around a little aquarium!

  12. Kevin [lifer]

    Ryan, this one is amazing. Could you please do more underwater scenes? Maybe a sunken city/ruins?

  13. Psyclone [lifer]

    Oh man. It’s been so long since you’ve done an underwater scene. I would love to see a series of these… maybe some different underwater scenes in the near future? I love how busy it is. Keeps my mind working and really showcases your talent.

    How about an underwater Fluorescence? Jellyfish, anyone?

  14. Laura [lifer]


  15. RMT [lifer]

    We know more about the dark side of the Moon than we do what’s in the deepest reaches of the sea. I’ve been on glass bottom boat trips, this is more fascinating than those trips.

  16. Mark [sponsormember]

    Earlier comment of mine said that ‘Nemo’s Garden’ worked well by duplicating the single screen image across multiple monitors. Which it did! But wow, the triple monitor one takes it to another level. I love the blue glow coming from the cave in the multiscreen versions! I haven’t decided whether it’s ominous or welcoming yet, but it adds so much depth to the scene. Bravo, Ryan! This is certainly one of my all time favorites of yours.

  17. Geoff [plusmemberlifer]

    So I run Flux to help with my sleep – when it kicks on and turns my monitor back light down to 3500K, this image really looks amazing.

  18. Rodewaryer [nonmonthly]

    Those of us that love good CGI and underwater scenes can appreciate this one, home run!

  19. onedge1 [lifer]

    I really like the underwater scenes. This one I like the best. It keeps me looking for something I may have missed the last time I studied it .

  20. Joe K. [nonmonthly]

    I am constantly in awe when I see the underwater scenes! This one takes the cake though! Such attention to detail can’t be matched! Awesome job!

  21. Camille [nonmonthly]

    I love this one. It look just like an aquarium that is impossible in a tank. Great color. You can really feel the ocean.

  22. Hoverwolf1 [lifer]

    I always think of two things when you do underwater scenes: 1) Where are the dolphins? and 2) “So long, and thanks for all the fish…”

  23. Dunsmizzy [liferplus]

    I’ve been a fan since I was introduced in 2000! Love the imagination! I’m glad you brought the Ocean back into this one. Bravo!

  24. celmendo [nonmonthly]

    This is def. one of your best. Very nearly photo realistic. Well done and thank you.

  25. eddygrl00 [basicmember]

    I love it! The colors are so vibrant and I really feel like I’m there. This is certainly one of my favorites.

  26. George [nonmonthly]

    This is awesome! I would love to have it in two screen!!

  27. Kerry [nonmonthly]

    Beautiful work! The level of fine detail is astounding. Well done!

  28. Eric [lifer]

    I’m so loving this. I have been waiting for another one of your underwater scenes. The other ones you have are great but I think this one is my favorite. Can’t wait for the multi screen renders.

  29. cmmnoble [nonmonthly]

    It’s like a window under the sea. Simply beautiful. πŸ™‚

  30. Ben B. [lifer]

    This is one of those renders I find myself just staring at it for lengths of time.

  31. Pete T. [nonmonthly]

    While there are many of your works that I absolutely love, this has got to be the greatest of all time (well, to date =D)…absolutely amazing! Thank you!

  32. Greg [nonmonthly]

    I used to have a 4 foot fishtank in my room but about 10 years ago I had to choose between it or a pc. Now with this I have a 4k fishtank without the need for water changes, suicidal fish jumping out of tank or even needing to feed them πŸ™‚

  33. Todd [lifer]

    This is truly amazing and the first render that I would not have been able to tell wasn’t a nature shot. I expect this one to be all over the web soon as an example of “nature’s beauty”.

  34. 3.14 [lifer]

    You have outdone yourself!

  35. Chris [donormemberlifer]

    Ryan, you have really outdone yourself this time. I cannot wait to see multi-screen versions of this. You are, hands down, an absolute genius. The colors are incredible. It has the perfect under-water feel to it.

    Congratulations. I think you’ve made the perfect wallpaper!

  36. Chris [donormemberlifer]

    Ryan, you have really outdone yourself this time. I cannot wait to see multi-screen versions of this. You are, hands down, an absolute genius. The colors are incredible. It has the perfect under-water feel to it.

    Congratulations. I think you’ve made the perfect wallpaper!

  37. Peterson [basicmember]

    Can’t wait for the dual screens. I am also fascinated by the sea and its seemingly alien lifeforms.

  38. Ryan

    Something must have gotten fouled up with my script that processes all of my different image sizes. I usually post the 21:9 when I’ve finished the multiscreen render but somehow that stopped happening a few weeks ago. Will investigate.I’ve added 3440 x 1440 versions of the most recent images. Sorry for the omission!

  39. Marlowe [plusmemberlifer]

    This render is so beautiful and vibrant. A new favorite for sure!

  40. Cohns [nonmonthly]

    I like this picture. But could you please make a 21:9 version. This would also apply for all your others pictures. Keep up the good work. Thanks

  41. craig [lifer]

    I’ve used plenty of water around island pictures before, but this is a new way, got it for my background now.

  42. Jenanne [liferplus]

    I wonder where that fish has gone?

    Seriously, great render, Ryan.

  43. Susan [nonmonthly]

    Love the way the light comes through the water and the colours are great.

  44. CBRRider1 [lifer]

    Definitely needs dual screen. This one is awesome, fish or no fish. Keep it up.

  45. Ryan B [lifer]

  46. Gord [lifer]

    looks great makes me wonder how cool would it be if it was moving 😎

  47. Richard [nonmonthly]

    That is just lovely….

    Fish would be cool though (Pickle jar?)… Do they need to be Earth fish?

  48. Travis [lifer]

    I love this render. Seems like a nice update to your old Octopus’ Garden. Beautiful, healthy looking reef. That said, such a vibrant and lively reef should have lots more fish swimming around! Would love to see another version with other sea life added.

  49. Mario Carini [basicmember]

    Looks like my kind of place to set up a home. I’d enjoy the view. Well done!

  50. Carolyn [liferplus]

    This is beautiful! I love the colors in this. It’s so different than anything else I’ve seen. Now I just need a double screen version!

  51. Bob [lifer]

    This is great! Please tell me you are working on triple screen versions of this. (triple UHD first please)

  52. guym [lifer]

    I have had a very big reef tank in the past, nothing is more beautiful than mother nature at its best, and reef tanks show the wonderous beauty of the actual reef, much as your render does

  53. LeAnna [lifer]

    I found Nemo! I love how detailed this is.

  54. AstrumArchon [basicmember]

    Nice! Would love to see some dual screen versions of your most recent works.

  55. Mocuishle52 [lifer]

    Love the colors! I kind of saw the makings of an underwater city in the reflections at the top right.

  56. PyrateQueene [basicmember]

    Even better than Octopuses Garden!

  57. Richard H. [lifer]

    Love this one! Maybe the light rays could be a little more pronounced? ButҀ¦ superb.

  58. ObsidianRazor [nonmonthly]

    Excellent colors and lighting. Need to grab my scuba gear and go in for a close up!

  59. Karzist [liferplus]

    I like the details of the plants, and the colour and layout but I miss the razer sharpness of some of your other work.

    It made me wonder if you’ll do something similar but down on the dark ocean floor, with the only light from glowing fish and plants or shrimp or something!

  60. SupremeGeek [lifer]

    So this is the kind of stuff growing in your head.

    This looks awesome!

  61. James Smart [lifer]

    Absolutely stunning. A beautiful image.

  62. Jkphpretty [nonmonthly]

    This is fabulous! I particularly like the texture and dimension in the piece. Beautiful work.

  63. Tolerance Sucks [nonmonthly]

    I liked the colors, the underwater aspect, and the details. I can’t wait to put it on the 2560 by 1440 screen at work. The 1440 by 900 I used at home seems to look slightly blurred, but I figured that’s my at-home screen resolution for ya!

  64. Brian J. [lifer]

    Ryan, excellent detail. I liked ‘An Octopus’ Garden’, but I really like the added pops of color here, and the fact that it’s in shallower water (the reflection at the top background looks great!).

    And I echo what Chris wrote about the multi-monitor version…

  65. Chris [lifer]

    I have really missed your underwater creations. Love all the color. I am praying….I mean praying for a multi screen render of this.

  66. Mark [sponsormember]

    Your ‘An Octopus’s Garden’ has always been one of my favorites, and I used to marvel at the level of realism. Well, ‘Nemo’s Garden’ just took it to the next level. This is absolutely incredible. The detail is stunning, the lighting, the beautifully crafted sea life, everything. I’ll be excited to see a multi-monitor version, although this is one of those that works just fine duplicated. Nice work, Ryan!

  67. Littlemom [liferplus]

    Great job!!!

  68. betsey [lifer]

    running out of superlatives…

  69. betsey [lifer]

    running out of superlatives…

  70. René [nonmonthly]

    As CBRider1 says: This one needs definitely a dual screen. Keep on snorkeling :-). I love it.

  71. Mangoman [liferplus]

    Oh Em Gee, and it’s not the first time I’ve led with that….This one’s fantastically beautiful. I won’t say “absolutely”…everyone else is using that word, but oh my, the colors, the formations, the way everything flows together is very little short of perfect. As I mentioned before, Ryan, for you to share your talent with us is something I’m thankful for beyond belief. Those who don’t know about you are really missing what the very best is in these things. This one’s also a ten.

    “See ya later, Dood!” Even Squirt loves it.

  72. Morgan [basicmember]

    Awesome work, but I think it’s too detailed to make it a suitable backdrop.

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