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9 reviews for Issuance

  1. Christopher Jackson

    3840×2160 please!

  2. Unclegumby [lifer]

    This would look really nice in the widescreen format…

  3. Molly W

    I couldn’t believe this was from back in 2002! This would be awesome to re-make.

  4. Tekrican

    I like it as well, the multi-screen that is; at higher resolutions. However also think rendering it as ‘particle’ accelerations, nutrinos passing through planetary bodies would be OUTSTANDING! (My $.02)

  5. TheMaxPowe

    I would love a rework. After a decade of software improvements and Bucephalus. I would think it might be an interesting contrast. Godรขย€ย™s Peace to your family.


  6. Jared

    This is my favorite, and one of the biggest reasons I subscribe to db… Would love this in 1680×1050!

  7. Unclegumby

    1680 x 1050 Pretty please… ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Greg

    I also would love it in a 16:10 ratio dimention please!

  9. Raj

    Can I have it in 2560×1600 resolution?

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