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21 reviews for Something Blue

  1. Paul [liferplus]

    Hi Ryan,

    Any chance of getting “Something blue” updated to current resolutions? This has been a favorite for a while now.


  2. NeiL

    WideScreen Res ?

    Hi Ryan

    Any chance of getting “Something blue” in a WideScreen Resolution.

    Would love to have Variation(s) too 🙂


  3. NeiL

    Hi Ryan

    Any chance of getting “Something blue” in a 16:10 Resolution.


  4. JoeVN

    Hello Ryan, I’m a holder of a one year membership at DB and was wondering if I would be allowed to use ‘Something Blue’ to make a custom laptop skin for personal use? Sorry for posting here but I wasn’t sure if that qualifies as a project and would rather request permission than not be sure. Thank you in advance! -Joe

  5. Ryan

    NP Joe. Have you seen this?

  6. JoeVN

    Just found what I was looking for in the copyright info section. 🙂

  7. NeiL

    Hi Ryan

    I’ve tried that but will look forward to the correct iPhone4 version when you release it.

    Please also do release this in a Wide-Screen 1680×1050 render



  8. Ryan

    I need to add iPhone4 versions of all my work. Until I do I recommend you try the 1280×1024 version and adjust it to fit using “pinch/zoom” on your phone. Hope this helps. It works for any image in m gallery really, you aren’t limited to the 640×960 crops I post.

  9. NeiL

    Hi Ryan

    Can you please release an iPhone4 version.

    That would be really really appreciated !

    Hope you read and respond as there are similar requests & no reply 🙁


  10. NeiL

    Hi Ryan

    Can you please release an iPhone4 version.

    That would be really really appreciated !

    Hope you read and respond as there are similar requests below & no reply 🙁


  11. Joe

    Ryan this first went onto my desktop back in ’03 when it was a freebie in my first visit to DB. And even amongst all your other gorgeous abstracts this is probably still the one I love the most. Amazing work!

  12. Adam

    Possibly one of the best looking pieces that hasnt been brought up to current resolutions. Very vibrant, and soothing color. Pickle Jar versions could look incredible.

  13. Steve

    Ryan, with this being on the top 10 abstracts list, it’d be nice to see it in your full suite of resolutions. Any chance we could see updated renders?

  14. John G

    Hi, Ryan,

    I’ve been using your great work since 1998. I enjoy being a member of this great stuff. I love the intense colors as seen through digital monitors. Hope you are doing well and keep up the superb work!

  15. Jenanne

    This is a lovely image. I’d also love to see some higher resolutions.

  16. Brannon

    Any chance we’ll see this in 2560 x 1600? 🙂

  17. NeiL

    Hi Ryan

    “Something Blue” is my all time favourite DB image …Could you please do a 1680×1050 render of this & an iphone sized one too ?!

    And Please do more abstracts !!

    Many Thanks !!!


  18. shane

    i want this is 1900X1200

  19. Sam

    There’s something very electric about this blue thing. I’d like to see ones of these things in real life (if not, then I’ll make one exist)

  20. Jen

    I have had this as my background forever. Even when I switch to something else for a bit, I always go back to Something Blue.

  21. Justin B.

    Keep making these great neon-glow abstracts, and I’ll keep renewing my membership:)

    Others may whine about your abstracts, but they’re the main reason I’m here. This is one of your three best abstracts, definitely. How can someone not think the world of this creative and perfectly executed wallpaper?

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