In Full Bloom


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216 reviews for In Full Bloom

  1. Don Barber

    Love this picture. It’s very relaxing to look at. It’s been my desktop for quite awhile. The only thing missing is me, in my favorite chair curled up with a book.

  2. Vic

    I love this picture. The variety of colors is great, and the clarity is crisp. There is something inherently calming about the garden, and the different vegetation within it. Good work!

  3. Greg

    oh my word… thats so awesome…. and… you must be a patient man Ryan, that must have taken forever to render!

  4. Jennifer

    It’s beautiful. It makes me wish you had put some kind of bench so I could imagine sitting there enjoying it all.

  5. Pat Anders

    I never get tired of this. Everytime I change to another picture you’ve done, I have to reload this one after a few hours…think I’m obsessed by it. Would like some others similar. One problem, when I download it the bottom half is cut off…right up to the base of the tree?? suggestions? Thanks again, for the beautiful rendering..

  6. Thierry

    I was surprised not to find this one in the top ten list, it’s one of my absolute favorites. The colors are vivid, the color contrasts are sharp yet not aggressive. I find it a successful play with colors.

  7. Claus

    i love this one!

  8. Michelle

    This is strangely reminding me of the Alhambra in Spain. It was my favorite memory of Spain. What was your inspiration for this?


  9. DaveSp

    Breathtaking. Worthy of a King’s courtyard.

  10. MFB

    The triple screen version has the trees leaning at unreal angles toward the center making the image distracting and disturbing instead of relaxing and beautiful. Wish you could fix this. Seems to have happened in may triple screen renders where there is leaning toward the center. A shame for such a beautiful image to be so distorted as not to be enjoyable.

  11. SlyV.

    You are gaining quite some skill in creating plant life. This isn’t my favorite but it definitely deserves its due.

  12. R. Reed

    In order to fix the trees in the triple-screen, I used the perspective tool in the gimp and pulled the top corners until all of the trees were vertical. Ryan, why can’t you perform this action in order to make the trees look straight?

    That’s why I rated this a ‘2’; I could fix it myself with the limited gimp skills I have. With a sufficiently large render, This shouldn’t be a problem to fix in photoshop at all. Sure, there is cropping of the upper left and right sides, but I believe this would be an acceptable loss to get the trees to look correct.

  13. Pat

    I absolutely adore this picture (single screen). I’ve had stressful days, and just looking at the flowers/tree relaxes me. Thank you so much…wish you could put me in the rendering so I could smell the flowers.

    Thank you.

  14. Zen Masta

    all i can say is this is an amazing pic.. refreshing is the first word to come to mind. Pics like this remind me to why i enjoy having a membership here ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Jenanne

    I don’t get it — why is this peaceful garden not positive?

  16. Jenanne

    I was delighted about the news of the poster sale at Zazzle, and I bought two of your masterpieces for my office wall. I was disappointed, however, that my very favorite of yours, Lone Tree, was not available. But I’m going to love the two I did buy — thanks for offering them!

  17. Maryann

    Hi Ryan:

    Not my thing. I’m really hoping for positive stuff right now (in life, on the planet and in the universe), but, as usual, you’ve done something amazing. So tho I wouldn’t put it up on my own screen, I gave it a 9.



  18. Geoff

    Been looking for a good time to buy a poster from your collection, and this is definitely worth it! Thanks for passing this news on.

  19. mx2k

    i like this image quite much and would appreciate a night version, in moonshine or with some fires/candles added

  20. Darla


    I rarely post to your site because I just don’t care to have my thoughts splattered about. I’m posting to this one now because I think it’s important to let you know that you are the artist not your site’s bloggers or commentors. I found your original piece to be truly imaginative and far more interesting than the final one. I feel you should continue to produce the artwork that you like, that you feel, that moves you not us. Then we see Your ingenuity.

    Sincerely, Darla

  21. Laura

    Ryan, one of my favorite parts of having a DB membership is seeing how you change the images with feedback, or even just because you think something will look better. It doesn’t even matter if I like the original better or the adjusted version better. I just think the process – and your abilities – are amazing. Well done as always.

    -Laura (lanakila)

  22. TM

    I would also like to see at least a dual screen of the Pickle Jar Version.

  23. Jay5gen

    The distortion really made this image unusable,

    but then I remembered the old technique of salvaging your dual screen renders. As usual, if you were to have properly cropped your image with a central focus, instead of loading the focus on to one screen you would completely remove the distortion and produce a very well organized scene.

    I know we beg and beg you to understand that dualscreens should be treated as one wide angle visual experience, but I don’t know what else to do to convince you. I have a folder of more than a dozen of your dual screens that were horrible and unusable (such as any and all of your tree series lonetree, greenandgold, redandgold, and etc.) that once the triscreen was recropped they honestly have become some of my favorite and most used backgrounds. My recropped niflheim gets more positive comments then pry any image in the collection.

    I know I sound like a broken record, as I’m sure i’ve said this many times before. But once again the dual screen community got stuck with the leftovers. You made a great image, developed a peaceful and beautiful scene, in what I can only assume was days apon weeks of work… and then when it was all said and done… you tossed the dual screen guys some scraps loosely based off the original. Just once I’d like to see you take the initiative to design and image purely for dual screen use. Like any artist, you need to explore your media. Instead of starting at 4:3 try starting at 5:2, ignore the center frames between the monitors (its like the lines in your cars back window, you just dont see them, you look through them) and see what you come up with.

  24. ojonasar

    The distortion is really an issue with the rendering software (and with most 3D rendering software in general) – in the real world, when we take a ‘widescreen’ view of a scene, we turn our heads left and right to look directly at the portion of the scene we wish to look at. It’s much the same as those of us that have done panorama photos by taking a series of photos and then stitching them together on a computer.

    The proper answer would be for the rendering software to be updated such that it effectively rendered onto a curved (instead of flat) surface and the final image effectively being that curved surface (cylinder) flattened out. That way, each vertical line represents of the image represents a vertical slice through the scene directly in front of it and not off to its side (incresingly so the wider the image is.)

    This shouldn’t be a complicated change for the coders to make – perhaps they could be persuaded to make such a change. It would also allow for 360 degree panoramas to be made.

  25. Raj

    Cant take my eyes off it. Your best one yet. ]]

    Thank goodnesss I am your subscriber.

  26. Travis

    Hi Ryan,

    The dual looks great.

    Would you consider making a dual of the original version of this piece? I think this would look great with an extended garden having the “fantasy” feel to it.

  27. Agni451

    True, Vue doesn’t have an official DOF feature, but it does have blur + focus, which you have to fiddle around with but it achieves sort of the same effect. Not the best blurring quality though. Anyway, it came out really well the way you did it in Photoshop.

  28. Nicola K

    As usual, I love your work, but I feel the left side of the dual screen lets it down. The leaning trees look odd, and the foreground foliage looks too planar. I adore the tree, purple flowers and the hazy background though!

  29. Jay5gen

    Got to be honest,

    I expected this to be great in dual screen but it really isn’t. The camera angle is so distorted that my left monitor looks like its in a massive wind storm. The foliage on the left is flat and lifeless compared to the trees behind it, and the out of focus hill side beyond looks like i’m starring at a miniature train set.

    The single screen is a very well balanced scene that I like very much… but this dual screen is not worthy of being put up on the site.

  30. Gary

    I know this is a known issue with you Ryan, but the dual screen image is just…. unusable in my opinion… the leaning/tunnel effect of the trees on the left side of the screen are just TOO distorted to even look half way decent on my screen.

  31. Sinderg

    Ive gotta say i dont like the wide-screen.

    I dont quite get where the light is comming from. The flowers at the front seem a little too bright compaired to the tree, The green is kind of unrealistic at the bottom of the screen. I don’t know whether im just a night person, but i find the day scenes a unrealistic.

    No disrespect, i love your work and ive been a long time subscriber. hopefully some constructive criticism. ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Ryan

    The problem is magnified by the poplars I put near the front. I’m going to try another render without the front-most trees. The distortion will still be there but it shouldn’t be as noticeable without the tall “vertical” trees in the foreground.I’m going to render it on my backup machine this time because I have already started a new project on my main workstation.Thanks for the feedback everyone!

  33. Link33

    I’ve never been fortunate enough to have multiple monitors setup in panoramic view so my opinion is suspect: Can you just move the first person perspective to the right and render that view and then move to the left and render that? Stitch all of it together and have a really nice wide image? I get the whole leaning tree/building effect that wide angles give but it seems to me that essentially each segment should have it’s own first person perspective.

    Or perhaps move the viewer position back 50 feet, double the resolution of render and zoom back in?

    Just because I don’t have multiple monitors, I still enjoy viewing the double and triple scenes.


  34. Stephanie

    I can’t help but wonder something: why does the perspective in certain renders like this get so skewed at the ends, but not in others? Untouched, for example, looks perfect in the multi-screen versions.

  35. Jenanne

    I know the “In Full Bloom” render was record-breakingly long, but since you’re going to redo the render on your backup computer, would you be willing to do dual and triple screen versions of the picklejar image as well? The picklejar is by far my favorite of the two, and based on the ratings I’m not the only enthusiast (8.61 for the redo versus 8.32 for the original). You’d have my eternal gratitude for your kindness! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Either way, I’m delighted to hear that you’re working on a new image — I can’t wait!

  36. Chuck

    I think the renders went on an LSD binge because the dual screen version looks trippy…

  37. Brian

    I like the original single screen, but the leaning trees on the left hand side of the dual screen are a distraction.

  38. James

    I agree with brian, a distraction from the rest of the art. I think it would look better if I had both the right and left shown. But using just the center and the right, it’s quite anoying to see them leaning. Almost like i distorted the picture somehow…

  39. Justin B

    Your first version was, I thought, among the best you have done; but then you refinished it. You’ve outdone yourself with this one! Kudos!

  40. Agni451

    As you know, DOF can seriously affect render times. You might try the Photoshop plugin DOF Pro, which uses the regular image plus the depth map to add artificial DOF AFTER the image has been rendered. Saves a lot of time.

  41. Ryan

    Actually, Vue has no built in DOF. I saved out a z-depth map and added the blue in Photoshop.

  42. Jean Storm

    “In Full Bloom” immediately sent me on the Tuscan vacation I cannot afford. Sooo lovely. Thank you.

  43. Ryan

    I’d thought about sticking a couple of my statues from “Temple of the Leaf” in there, but decided against it in the end.

  44. onalake

    This is my favorite one you have done! I love it. Maybe because it came out as everything around here is blooming. It’s now my current wallpaper and will be for some time!

  45. Will


    As always, great job. And I truly appreciate the fact that you take into account what your fans say about your work.

    I have to say that I do like this one better than the first one. The low light was really nice added a nice feel to the picture, but the columns just distracted me. This one hits it much better. I love the DOF, and the stormy clouds above the hills.

    Great stuff.

  46. EH

    Having been a follower since 1997 and finally a member a little over a year ago, this has got to be my most favorite ever! Thank you for giving me a piece of tranquility at home.

  47. Ali M. K.

    Hello Ryan,

    I hope you get better each day. I haven’t been able to chime in since December because I’m in the Turkish military. I’ll be discharged in 5 days, and continue to enjoy your artwork.

    Take good care,


  48. Patrick

    I like what you’ve done to the background, it helps make the tree more of a focal point. (It was already but now it is more so.) The contrast of colours is very appealing too. This captures the freshness of Spring but retains that sense of fantasy that was in the first version.

    If there was to be a night-time version of this, would it be possible to have lanterns hanging in the tree?

  49. Larry

    They are both great, but the fantasy feel of the original was cool.

  50. Pitypot

    I like it, but, where is the nudity?

  51. Delila

    I truly love them both! Maybe this would be a good candidate for the four-seasons series like Summer Wood, Autum Wood etc.

    The new In Full Bloom just shouts summer, like the ivy (or kudzu) has overtaken all of the weird leaning structures. You could make it more springlike by adding a layer of rain. Then of course the orginal one felt like fall to me.

    Finally you could do a winter one with a bright blue sky and everything else dark and dead…

  52. Joe Lane

    Ryan this is your most impressive picture yet. The depth of this image is so impressive. Your wallpapers just get better and better. I am very happy with my membership.

  53. Dan

    I’m torn. The old one was rather like a romantic painting while the new one is more realistic. They’re both good but I’m not at all sure which I like best.

  54. JBrooks

    Just wanted to say your artwork is AMAZING! Every couple weeks or so I change my desktop background and I get so excited when you post new ones…. keep up the good work!

  55. byteful

    Without a doubt, You are a true artist!!!

    You read our comments and responded as a true artist should….

    My Congrats to your latest rendering.

    PLEASE!!!! Keep up the great work.

  56. Pawan

    I love this one!

  57. Jenanne

    Eb sez: “I know this probably isn’t the place to say this, but I think your next wallpaper should be something rainy. You haven’t done too many of those i don’t think.”

    I would also love to see a rainy render if you get a chance. I can’t think of one, although I’m probably missing a few somewhere. Even “Rainy Season,” “Thunderhead” and “Stormfront” have no rain. A spring downpour would be terrific. While we’re on the topic, I’d love to see another Gotham render. I adore your cityscapes. Gotham in the rain? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  58. Tamara

    Ryan, your work is always astonishingly beautiful. In this case I prefer the previous version, which looks to me much more realistic than this later one. This one has some sharp (unnatural) edges… the last one made me feel like I was in the garden, and there were hidden secrets barely visible. This one is more artificial.

    Blessed be! (from a lifetime member)

  59. Travis

    Hey Ryan,

    I love that you take your subscriber’s feedback into account, but this new render has lost the magic that once existed.

    From the “time of day” indicated by the lighting, to the colors in the image to the new uninspiring background, this image doesn’t work as well. It went from a fantasy garden, one might see in the middle of an emperor’s monolithic citadel (like that described in Frank Herbert’s Dune), to a rich European Aristocrat’s personal garden. You even lost the great Depth of Field effect that once existed in the more enclosed garden…the centerpiece of this image is not justified as well against infinity…

    If you are going to put one image in the pickle jar, put this new version there and bring back the original!

    Just my two cents. It’s still a beautiful render and I can’t wait for your next project!


  60. littlemom


    I just became a lifetime memeber, because I have always loved Digital Blasphemy wallpapers. I like both of these wallpapers and encourage you to keep up the good work. No one does wallpapers any better than you. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  61. HNIC

    The render is great. I like the orginal but this I love.

    P.S. I look forward to a winter scene.

  62. John

    Thanks for changing the background- this is much more realistic.

  63. dejerdejer

    Both versions of this picture are great!

    This current version will set on the desktop for a long time. (or at least till the new mastery comes out)


    There is nobody better at making digital art than you Ryan. Trust me I’ve been looking forever for something that even compares to your work. So far I’m 0 for the century!

  64. Max

    I prefer the one that is now in the pickle jar. The towers/terraces in the back is just more appealing to me than the green walls in the 2nd render.

    Keep up the great work. I have been a lifetime member for years and have never had a regret about it.



  65. A. Bovine

    I like this one as it has a much more open feel and lighter air to it. However it almost feels like there is too much open space (but that is obviously a subjective stance as my icons are on the right being a lowly Mac user).

    I honestly prefer the first render with the terraces as they given an interesting juxtaposition to the straight lines of the foreground in the garden. If you could host both renders that would be awesome just like your night/day renders.

    Thanks so much and keep up the great work!

    – A. Bovine

  66. Eb

    I know this probably isn’t the place to say this, but I think your next wallpaper should be something rainy. You haven’t done to many of those i don’t think

  67. J.Sievers

    Even though I am a lifetime member, I decided to provide Ryan with an additional donation. For years I have enjoyed absolutely stunning works of art and the latest works are no exception.

    Ryan, thank you for your hard work and please, put the resources to good use!

  68. Rob

    You nailed it with this revision!

  69. Hannah

    Ooh, I like this version even better. I liked the coziness of the last version, but the columns seemed subtley wrong. The space on this one is interesting, I like what you’ve done with the terracing.

  70. Sean W

    How do you do this Ryan? I thought the previous version of this was great, and then you go and post this. It’s GREAT!!! I rated the last one a 9; this one is a 10, no doubt. Nice job, Ryan; you’ve outdone yourself yet again! ๐Ÿ™‚

  71. Armadillo

    The tree is much better now.

    Good work.

  72. cecileva

    I see why the second version was made, the tree stands out better and it’s more realistic in the sense of lighting and such, but as other members have said, I also prefer the first version, as it had a “dusky” feeling to it. What I’d love to see is this version in a near dusk lighting. Thanks Ryan, good job.

  73. Walo

    Both versions are good to me.

  74. Robert

    I liked both versions, Ryan.


  75. Trogon

    Your reworking of “In Full Bloom” is still a beautiful piece. But I do have to say I still love the original version …

  76. mischa

    the original had more of a 3D animation slide feel to it, whereas this version feels too ‘safe’…. still beautiful though, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. RoninStorm

    Yep, much happier with this version. In a way, I miss the trees that were forming the back border to the garden but that’s just me being fanciful rather than a real criticism. Great work, Ryan. Thanks!

  78. sigmaman

    Well done mate. Personally prefer this one. It doesn’t mess with my head so much. I liked the style of the background and the buildings in the old one .Just couldn’t handle the odd angles.

  79. jmpond

    The perfect springtime image… I love it!

  80. TM

    The original version was creative and interesting. This one is just a picture of a tree. Still nice work, but lacks the imagination of the first one.

  81. Ockyin

    Both are beautiful, but the original one, with its fantasy elements, would be my choice.

    Thanks for all your lovely works.

  82. Eric

    I tend to the fantastical, but the brightness of the second also calls to me. With most of your work there always seems to be a decisive enhancement that sets it apart from the other piece.

    This time, I find myself in two different places in space-time, and arriving at the nexus of both. I donย’t know if this is what you were going for, but itย’s where I ended up.

    Ryan – Again Bravo!

  83. Hawk

    Yes, this is much better; definitely an improvement.

    Keep up the good work, Ryan!

  84. Randy

    Looks like my backyard. I wish.

    Beautiful, Ryan.

  85. Dave L

    The original has the feel of looking at a 3D image through a Viewmaster or some sort of stero optic viewer… The second one, although still nice does not have that feel…

  86. Pete

    Ryan, this is absolutely breathtaking. This looks so photorealistic that my students keep asking me where this was taken whenever they see my desktop. I love the depth of field on this image, even more so than the last one. I liked the cool little oddly-angled towers on the last one, but the terraced hillside behind this tree also looks just beautiful. Please keep up the phenomenal artistry. You, sir, are a master.

  87. William

    The background in the first version was just a little weird for my liking, with the unusually-shaped barrels and such. This second version makes much more sense. The DOF is just right, and the lighting and colors give a nice, peaceful feel to everything. I like the sharp highly-detailed foreground – it’s close to being photorealistic!

  88. Thaeral

    I like the DoF in this one, but I miss the interspersing of the odd brown towers/terraces in the previous version. The brown broke up what would otherwise be a wall of green (as it mostly is in this version). And it was just neat, like a Chagall painting or something.

    I like this one too, but I’d like more of a blend of the two.

  89. Hunter

    It may just be my eyes, but plants seem to come out rather blurry. Not just in this piece, but in nearly every other image with plants in aswell.

    Please don’t tell me I need to change my glasses AGAIN!

  90. Adrian

    I like it much better without the weird round towers in the background. The symmetry of the first one seemed really odd to me, and was distracting.

  91. Chris

    Ryan, I don’t know how you do it, but this far and away one of the best pieces you’ve ever done. The landscape is amazing: the needles, leaves, branches, pots, tiling, background foliage … you’ve out-done yourself on this one.

    Thanks for all your amazing work.

  92. exit

    I liked the initial version better. Fix the angles/perspectives with the towers I’d dnld it.

  93. Jenanne

    I do like the new version, but I prefer the original. I love the “weird towers” in the background; I like a touch of surrealism. This version is lovely, but realism isn’t as important to me as it is to some members. I do hope you’ll consider doing dual and triple screen versions of the original. (I’m willing to BEG!)

  94. Rob H.

    The new background looks much better. And the brighter colors definitely makes the scene pop. I always enjoy discovering the new worlds you bring to us.

  95. Mike W

    This new one looks nice but the picklejar version is definitely the cooler looking picture.

  96. Skyshroud

    Is there any chance of a redo on the pickle jar version? I like the darker version better as a bright picture on your desktop just does not look right in a dark room.

  97. Kenny J

    This is beautiful Ryan. I was just going to leave it at the subject line which was my first impression.

  98. Lidia

    Well, I certainly like the second version much better; the colors are much, much better and the background looks right now. Though I was kind of hoping you’d fix the weird towers in the background and leave them in…

  99. cm cameron

    The original IS more interesting.

  100. Chipster

    I’ve been a member for… oh hell, 6 years now. I originally signed up with a one year and then went lifetime. I’ve had virtually every new graphic as my background as they’ve been released and I keep trying to find ways to justify to my boss the third monitor knowing in the back of my mind it’s because i want to see more of these. I’ve never NOT liked a graphic but like anyone, there are some that i just am like, ehhh.. it’s good but not for me. That’s art right? Enter “In Full Bloom”; the first one that i just stared at and went, wow. I work in computers doing enterprise administration and development and the scale is pretty good but I can’t fathom the work that went into this. I’m sure that to someone who does it a lot, it might not seem like that but this one is my favorite. I’ve never felt the need to make a comment about a graphic until now. Anyway.. very well done. I can’t wait to see dual and tri screen versions.

  101. Michael


  102. Bryan Nolan

    I love the image it has a real feeling of splender of walking through the private gardens of a large estate. Between the two versions I liked the out of focus look and feel of the original better than the new version. I believe the original keeps your attention on the tree and the main walkway better than the new version. I like to coloring and the changes to the deep background in the new version better than the original. The ivy covered walls in the background fit better than the structural walls of the original. Now I just can’t manage to pick a version to use.

  103. David M.

    I (re)discovered something when I upgraded my PC’s monitor to a HD widescreeen and my graphics card to a GTS 250: Ryan’s digital art.

    I mean, his work was great before. But with the new monitor and graphics card upgrade – Oh. My. God. Brilliant. It was as if I was rediscovering his art work. I run Panorama 32, a desktop wallpaper rotator, and many times, when I have just booted up, instead of getting right to work I just sit and stare in awe at the image Panorama has presented to me. I am seeing subtleties and details that I did not see before. The planetscapes are often my favorites and they are even more so now. D*mn, dude, you are good.

    I wish now I could go back and recast some votes – a few images I thought just were not quite my cup of tea, I am rethinking that now that I can see them more in their fullness.

    As for the “In Full Bloom” image – it is like classic art. D*mn good. As I said above, I usually prefer the planetscapes, but this one rocks too.

    So folks, help out the economy, while doing yourself a favor – upgrade your monitors to HD widescreen, and then download the HD widescreen version of Ryan’s work. You will be blown away.


    David M. Merchant

  104. Bill

    I’ve always appreciated the fact you read these comments and actually use them as you see fit to better your art. I myself rarely comment on any changes I think you need to make but will defend anyones right to do so. Afterall they paid the money and therefore support you and allow you to continue producing your art. I hope your health has improved and look forward to many more years of your unique art. I’ve had a hard time giving “Island Time” a rest from my desktop. (I can’t tell you how many people have ask me, “Where did you take that Picture?”) But “In Full Bloom” is there now.” Cheers Ryan.

  105. Bill

    In my job I have access and use many PCs in multible places. Everytime I get ahold of a new one in a new place I leave them with a present from Ryan on their desktop. Haiku has always been the one I leave for them. Not sure but I think I’ve drumed up a lot of business for you that way Ryan.

  106. RoninStorm

    Everything up to the tall, narrow trees in the back of the garden I really appreciate. I find it colourful, inviting and even like the soft blur for the back trees. However, behind those trees, into the backdrop itself, I would cut everything off and put something else instead.

    For me, the towers seem to warp and sit in a single 2D plane as though a backdrop to a theatre performance rather than a 3D environment. Besides, they feel too dark and somehow oppressive with that dark rust brown sky. I find I don’t want to keep this one on my backdrop because the warping, especially in the top right, feels too extreme.

    I would much prefer this one if it backdropped onto trees, or even a clear blue sky with just a few white clouds, as if I were standing in a mountaintop garden looking at a tree but then letting my focus expand outward to the landscape beyond.

  107. pemmet

    Whatever it’s called, I really love the way that the effect forces focus on the image and while it removes detail from the background, it almost feels more captivating as a result. My brain seems to agree that with the focus of the image, that other stuff SHOULD be slightly out of focus!

    I’ll nerd-out for just a sec, and say that it reminds me lots of a particular video game with very high-end jungle graphics. The effect worked brilliantly in the game. This image reminds me that just as the focus/blur effect worked to bring realism to the jungle, I’m betting it’ll be a real sweet tool for future nature scenes!

    Keep up the amazing work! ๐Ÿ™‚

  108. Lgraves

    Iǘe only been a member for one year and of all the pictures Iǘe seen this by far is the worst one. It could be just me. I think the picture is beautiful but not for a wallpaper. Itś a little too busy. I would think for spring or summer, there would be softer colors. I think there is too much green. Just my opinion, thank you for allow me the priviledge of expressing my opinion. Overall, you do excellent work.

  109. bruceam


    This image is phenomenal. You have produced marvelous images before, but this one is as close to ย“Photo Realisticย” as I have seen. If you keep improving, you are going to have to purchase a mainframe just to keep the render times reasonably low. Keep up the great work.


  110. revane

    I really like the foreground of this image. As soon as you get a dual-screen render this is becoming my background.

    However, I agree with RoninStorm. When I first saw this image the architecture behind the trees in the background seemed to just sit on a 2D plane and appear all warped out of shape. It took me a while to realize that the tops of the towers were not circular but cut down on one side to be oval (so the tower tops were not straight even though the towers were standing upright). It’s interesting architecturally but it does have a weird affect on the eye. Maybe if the decorations around the towers were not parallel to the top but parallel to the ground?

    Oh, and the depth of field effect is great:) It really adds to the realism of the scene.

  111. CH

    The background is very confusing. The foreground suggests I’m looking at the scene from a level plane. However, the upper-left and, especially, the upper-right areas of the image suggest some other, bizarre aerial angle. The same is true of the pillar in the background at the very left of the image midway down and the section just under the main tree’s right branch. Finally, some pillars, side-by-side, seem to be slanted to the left and others the right, towards the viewer and others away; this seemingly haphazard arrangement adds to the confusion of perspective.

    As for depth of field, you’re getting there, but the experiment got in the way of a good image. Everything in the foreground is crisp. I’d understand it more if a few feet were just slightly out of focus and, after the pink-leafed tree, the background gradually became more out of focus until it reached a maximum. As it is, the background only seems to have two layers of focus, arguably three. This is what seems to produce that 2D effect others have mentioned.

    As for things I like, the arrangement of the garden’s planters is well done, the floor pattern is excellent and seems to curve with perspective, the planters’ trim shows attention to detail, and the choice of flower colors from reds and yellows to lavenders to light green bushes around the tall green trees work well.

    Only because I value your work will I be this critical. You’ve done masterful work, but I don’t remember seeing an image this odd.

    p.s. The name field was one character too short to use my first name, so I had to use my initials.

  112. LauraS

    I like it… it makes me think of the Land of Oz.

  113. Julie G

    Well, this is a departure from the “norm” for DB!

    To me, it has a theatrical feel – a beautiful courtyard garden with a painting/mural behind the tree. The more I look at it the more I’m intrigued by it. Emotionally, I’m neutral about it. I find it interesting that while I can pick out the foreground garden because the plants seem to be in such sharp focus compared to the background, which my eye tells me is a painted mural, the leaves on the tree seem to merge from “foreground” to “background,” almost as if there is a transition between “reality” and “painting,” and the tree is right on the border between the two.

    As a student of physics (hobby, as I’m already working my day/night job!), I find this mesmerizing.

    Thanks for such fascinating images! Wow!


  114. Tim

    This reminds me very much of the scenes set on Naboo from Star Wars The Phantom Menace…. If someone else has mentioned already apologies for repeating but you got a lot of comments here!!

    Anyway’s i love it, very spring like… now if it will only kick start spring in England!

  115. Empressgot

    I Really love the picture! it’s spring here in Texas..but never as lovey as that image! Fantasy Garden!

  116. Russ

    Ryan, I have a voyager cell phone and I finally found the right mobile resolutions for the external and internal wallpapers. I popped this one in on the external screen and I must say it is one of the best looking, detailed pics I have ever viewed on this phone.

    I gave it a 10 but you know what else would look nice? A Japanese Maple as the centerpiece. Just a little something for the picklejar and us Bonsai enthusiast.

    As always your artistic ability amazes!

    -Stickman guy

  117. Kenetics

    Astonishing. I was looking through this afternoon because this reminded me in some ways of an “Old Master” I once saw there. This is High-art folks. Digital taken to a new level of creativity with feeling and texture.

  118. Barbara

    In Full Bloom is absolutely breathtaking.

  119. Chris B

    I really like the new price on the lifetime memberships which I finally bit on… Now I don’t feel so bad mooching off of the free gallery for the past, oh 10 – 11 or so years lol.

    I also really like this image, the blurred background gives it a nice depth. It also looks like something you’d find in the leaf garden or somewhere along the cliffs of cloud terrace.

  120. Will

    I am confused by the background images. They look distorted (bizarre angles?). Anyway, I tend to agree with user CH below. Overall I really like the feel the image, I really like the DOF, and the colors are great. I am just not a fan of the columns in the background.

  121. Maryann

    Hi Ryan

    Was thrilled/delighted by this, except for the background, as others had said. THEN I read the comments on the pro side; they completely changed the way I see this image!!

    So for those commenters out there who think they write in a void; no way! It really did make me rethink the entire way I look at this. NOW I see what you are talking about, and I love it.

    BTW, Ryan, I know you live in IL (SP?), but I must say, (again) there is no one, nowhere, more desperate for spring than a Canadian.

    Take care,


  122. Ed

    This is a very beautiful scene Ryan. I like how the colors blend and compliment each other throughout the scene. I looked at the background, and to me, the background has a mural effect as if the owner of the garden set it up so that the mural and the living plants would blend together. I don’t know if that was the intent, but that is how I see it. Once again, this is a very nice scene.

  123. Woodstock

    Don’t know if you’ve changed this image based on the comments but I have to say that I like it quite a bit.

    I wish there were a bit more detail in the left hand middle and upper third divisions but otherwise I find the whole thing to be extremely restful. Specifically, the columns in the background don’t pose a visual problem at all. To me they merely suggest larger buildings that aren’t necessarily rectangular (and perhaps some interesting architecture+hill interaction).

  124. Roykirk

    I liked a lot of things about the version that’s now in the pickle jar, specifically, the castle structures in the background. The strange, Escher-like twists to them, however, were what stopped me from downloading it. That skewed perspective didn’t seem to match the foreground part of the image. I also liked the shadows and lighting on that version as well.

    While I like this version also, I miss those castle structures and the dark, more moody and almost enchanted lighting, although the receding hillside in the background of the new version, with its multiple levels, is beautiful.

    However, of the two, I like the one in the pickle jar better.

  125. Josh

    I would buy prints if this on is available!!!!

  126. Joel

    I believe this is one of the most stunning things I have seen in my life.

    Thank you for this masterpiece =)

  127. Ian

    Iย’m not sure if I am the only one, but I really liked the first version, and this one is not doing it so much for me. The brown and green in the background, along with the fog, gave it a dawn feel. Version two has too much green, and the gray clouds or fog at the top look just a little out of place. Itย’s a great piece of art, but the first version is stronger.

  128. Greg

    I liked the older version but was one of the people bothered by the odd background. This version fixes that. Thanks Ryan!

  129. Corin

    I love it. I didn’t see the first version until after I saw the second version and I prefer the second version. I love the colors and detail. The bright light does seem a little out of place with the mist and clouds in the background, but that doesn’t stop this picture from becoming one of my favorites!

  130. Micro78

    I think both pictures. This one is better overall, but the other background makes for a more interesting picture.

  131. Seth

    The new background seems more “real”, but I liked the feel of the older version better.

    But what I really loved about the first version was the color of the tree. There was just something about that coppery color that drew the eye.

  132. Dave

    This one is absolutely beautiful! I love how realistic and colorful it looks. I like the pickle jar version as well! Great job(as always :D)!!

  133. Dan S.

    Wow, I can safely say that I like both renders. But for the time being my desktop will remain the first render because the fantasy-like quality of the image elicits more emotion from me. The DOF and the contrast of the peachy-colored blossoms against the dark blurred greens of the first render give the work a dream-scape feel, which to me is a significant accomplishment. Great work on both pieces Ryan. Thank you.

  134. Ragnarรถk


    What you have achieved here is amazing! Others are complaining about the lack of focus on the background. That is exactly what is enchanting this piece. Oh well, you can’t please them all time. I bet you if you tweaked it everyone would love it. I will say that as is, it is totally sick dog. Stay up yo.

  135. Pengman

    My personal preference is planetscapes, but this is a stunning beauty gladly added to my list of desktop wallpaper. Keep up the great work. You are an amazing talent.

  136. Trogon

    I love “In Full Bloom”! The background is interesting, but is still in the background (it does not detract from the subject). I also love the way you were able to have the background being out of focus, while the foreground is so sharp. Increadibly realistic …

  137. mischa

    i just wanted to say that I think is the most original and beauiful backgrounds i have ever seen! the way you have made the ‘subjects’ look like they’ve been rendered in 3D is astonishing! Thank you, thank you, thank you

  138. Ronnie

    Ryan… this is far and away your best work. Bravo!

    This will remain my background for a while. Can’t wait for the multis.

  139. KRingg

    Please please please keep the depth of field in your next render! The way the out-of-focus background draws the eye to the tree in the middle is wonderful… it’s really what makes this image something special.

  140. Ryan

    I will probably keep it, but will try to make it a little more subtle.

  141. TJL

    I think it looks great, the background makes focusing hard to me, but my eyes arent the greatest. It makes the tree stand out but makes it hard to see the picture as a whole if I try to step back as it were and see the whole thing.

    I think the structures look really sweet and are supposed to be all weird angled, not everything must be straight angles.

  142. G.

    Very nice, but I find the sky dreary.

  143. Patrick

    I like how the central tree catches the eye, generally this is one of those images I really like. Something that appears natural but with a hint of fantasy.

    However, the more I look at the background the more it looks like the whole thing is falling over, or is some strange hodge-podge. It doesn’t make sense to me.

    I like the sky and the colours, they remind me of a thunderstorm.

  144. Travis

    I agree, the depth of field is what makes this image. It draws the eye to the center and gives a more dreamy feel to the scene–more fantasy like.

    thoughts of a night version?

  145. Joel

    I actually think the DOF is perfect as is! =)

  146. Jenanne

    Oh yes, a night version would be terrific! Or perhaps a dawn version, with golden light streaming into the garden. My wish for the background (even though I love it as-is) is ruins covered with overgrown hanging vines contrasting the neat well-kept garden below. Whatever you do, Ryan, I’ve no doubt it will be great!

  147. Darrin

    Artwork is up to the artist. At first I thought that I didn’t like this one because of the blurry background and “warped” looking buildings.

    However, each time I look at it – I like it more because it is all so visually interesting.

    Who says that all the work on this site has to look “real”. This is digital artwork – and like any artist, this is Ryan’s vision.

    What if critics told P.Picasso that his abstracts didn’t look right and he quit creating them?

    Great work – I look very forward to a possible night version or a blue sky version.

    As always, I look forward to the next image.

  148. cm cameron

    Made my Lifetime membership today since I’d lost my wallpaper of your Haiku Leaf. I was actually crying about no longer having your gentle image on my computer screen. The tears are dried up now and looking at that tree In Full Bloom I’m sure it’s not a tree at all. A window or door perhaps to another world? I’m needing a little gentle imagery right now, and will be staying this side of the In Full Bloom/s.

    Your talent and computer savy is truly appreciated!

  149. Micro78

    Yes keep the DOF in the next render! Its just that the towers/ wall in the right corner look too cartoonish. The focus makes the tree and flowers look all the more colorful.

  150. John K.

    This picture really draws me in because the DOF really makes it pop out at you. I say leave it.

  151. Walo

    I’m not a lover of flowers, but this wallpaper really changed my perception. Also the background adds to the experience. The only odd thing is why do I keep repeating “Sakura” each time I look at the center tree, maybe I’m watching too many japanese anime.

  152. kipru

    I like anyone who tries new things, this feels very new for digital blasphemy and I’m all about it!

  153. Armadillo

    I really like the 3D feel. Good work.

    The tree could use more color.

  154. sigmaman

    Have to agree with some others,the fore ground is awesome,but the background is a bit “off”. Seems to change focus too fast and some of the buildings are at odd angles with the foreground. Love that tree though!!!

  155. Terry

    I’m with Kipru on this one, its certainly different but its always good to see fresh ideas over tried and tested ones. The background almost takes on a painted feel, like its not 3D at all but was done with a tablet. I gave it an 8, but for trying new things you get a 10.


  156. Noah

    I like this shot, but something was off about it for me and I just realized what it is.

    The focus is the tree in the middle of the page. The tree is also about halfway back (in depth) of the whole shot.

    While the trees in the far BG are blurred, as would be expected, the flowers in the foreground are as clear as can be, and for ME… distract from the focus of the picture itself.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I love the colors none the less ๐Ÿ™‚

  157. Labanimal

    Looks good on the foreground, but does lack light and a certain amount of Blue!

    As for the background, the blur is great as everybody says, but the way the rockface tilts or spirals downwards, just doesn’t work for me!

    The image feels closed in, and not expansive as your other images.

    I would hold out voting on this one as this one would have to grow on me before i vote!

  158. dujeon

    This is a very strange piece, the foreground looks as if its on a stage in front of a painted cloth background, dont know if its the look you were after, I find it strangely fascinating, innovative and thought provoking, Perfect art – nice one

  159. Lisa

    It has the look of a classic animation cell and I absolutely love the effect. Keep trying new stuff. This is great! ๐Ÿ™‚

  160. ladybug224

    This has got to be your best work ever!!! I have never been a fan of foliage due to computer rendering just not looking like the real deal, but this one come as close to the live plants as I have ever seen. The vividness of the colors, details down to the floor tiles & even the shadows are amazing. A truly great job!! This one is definately up in the top 10. Excellent!!!

  161. Curtis

    Beautiful work Ryan! the plant life is much nicer in this image than your previous ones.

    I don’t know how you keep creating amazing pieces of art like this but thank you so much.

    This is very nice!

  162. Rob H.

    The foreground is awesome, but the background is off somehow. I think what seems weird to me is the perspective of the pedestals or hanging gardens or whatever the objects are. It makes the background “Dr. Seussical” to me. I do like the change of focus; it brings depth to the scene. Overall, it’s a great wallpaper. I feel like I’m in the Leaf Temple.

  163. gerry

    very nice, reminds me of the great japanese gardens.

  164. Tracy

    Very nice. I really like this one

  165. Phillip D

    great flowers, but what is up with the background? you have so much sunlight lighting in foreground, but background just dark and foggy looking.

  166. SA

    Another one for thinking the background is weird. Angles are all off, bothers me.

  167. Liggs

    Do you read Terry Brooks, Ryan? The first thing that popped into my head was the Ellcrys tree from his Shannara series. I’m a big fan of the fantasy genre and I get the feeling you are too. I love this image! Makes me think of Amberle and The Elfstones of Shannara. What a great book! Keep up the great work, Ryan!

  168. Anniegirl

    Gorgeous! The reddish tree seems to be the focal point, it draws attention to it and then you see the really dark green trees and foilage behind it. That is more impressive than the differant colored flowers…..I love it!,

  169. Theo

    I would have to say i agree with most other that the background is a little bit….off. The greenery, flowers, and other foliage are absolutely stunning. It presents a level plane to interpret where the horizon is.

    The background looks far to disconnected for my taste. I like the towers with overgrown greenery, but the angles dont seem to make sense.

    On the left side, it would give the impression that you’re looking up at them, despite their warpedness, which would make perfect sense. But as you go further back, the towers give the imression that through the haze, you’re looking down upon them from a bird’s eye view, which doesn’t seem to make sense from the standpoint of the garden in the foreground.

    Unless there’s an absence of gravity that wasn’t indicated, I would say its a pretty piece, but not one of my favorites.

    If you’re possibly taking user input, I would absolutely love to see another combo piece. Some of your best works have combined the elements of water, greenery, and a planetscape on the horizon. If you are able to be influenced, I would push for a piece of this style with all my might.

    Still, you do stunning work, and i appreciate it all. Keep it up.


  170. Nick

    Wow, this one is superb, possibly one of my favorites. The depth of field effect really gives it a punch.

  171. Travis

    I love the depth of field caused by the focus on the central tree–it is very realistic and adds a lot of character!

    This piece is amazing–I especially like the buildings on the right side, they seem to have a cartoonish / surreal trait to them.

    Keep up the great work!

  172. Mike W

    I’m not usually that big of fan of the woodsy flowery renderings but this one is amazing.

    I like how the background is off a little bit, it adds a sense of fantasy to the image. It also makes icons on the desktop stand out better with the background being a little darker and out of focus. I don’t see why people are having a problem with it. It doesn’t have to look real to look cool.

    This image being posted right after I renewed for a lifetime membership just reinforces the fact that I made the right decision.

    Keep up the great work!

  173. littlemom

    Beautiful as always.

  174. Smilin Ben

    I, for one, totally dig the background. None of Ryan’s works appear to exist completely in our world. Ryan’s signature is the ability to meld the familiarity of our environment with the imagination of fantasy. I think this work does that, and does it very well.

    For me, and sorry if this offends Ryan, but the background looks like something you might encounter in the Mushroom Kingdom! And that scores HUGE points with me! ๐Ÿ˜€

  175. Jenanne

    Splendid work, as always, Ryan! I love the mood of this one; the strange misty background gives the image a wonderful offworld feeling. I see that others have some reservations about it, though — I do hope you’ll keep this version available even if you decide to tweak the image. Thanks again for a great piece of artwork!

  176. passingthr

    Beautifully done ryan! Now if I could get my backyard to look like that.

  177. Lidia

    I really like the foreground on this one, but the background is a bit weird…

  178. Doug

    … the background needs some major reworking. The foreground and central tree are beautiful, but the background really detracts from the final result.

    1. The background is too blurry, giving too strong a sense of depth-of-field: on first impression, the central tree feels like it’s about 6 inches tall. Perhaps a light mist instead of blurring? Also perhaps some color contrast between the background and the two green foreground trees.

    2. Somehow, the background really looks like it’s on a single 2D plane, especially on the right-hand side. Perhaps because the blurriness looks about the same at all points, or because of the odd-looking shapes, or both. Perhaps a different arrangement of the objects, to give more view of farther-away towers/trees, would resolve this.

    3. The odd shapes look like unintended distortions, not real objects in the background. It looks as though a number of 2D images were warped with photoshop and then plastered up there. If a dream-like/alternate-reality/Escher kind of effect is desired, it needs to be more of a central theme, rather than, I’m sorry to day, what looks like an apparent afterthought.

  179. Chuck

    In Upstate NY, our farms’ peach trees are in full bloom, and pink blossoms look just as vibrant. Will there be a print on Zazzle? This would make a great calendar picture for the month of May. As for the background, I think it provides an interesting scene that fits the definition of Digital Blasphemy exceptionally. I would not be a member if your artwork did not stimulate the senses. Keep up the great work and I hope you are feeling well!

  180. DT

    Absolutely stunning. Keep up the wonderful work that you do.

  181. Trystan

    Ryan! interesting choice with the blur, it did look strange at first, but i came to like it, the tri screen of this would look amazing!

    Do you think you could pull out a picklejar version with color variations to the tree like a light blue or sakura pink? or surroundings to match spring? That would look amazing and stunning!

    Good job and please consider it, keep up the good work ^_^

  182. Deb

    Beautiful, as always!! But, I find it just a tiny bit too dark, like it is the garden at dusk, or twilight? Otherwise, well done!!

  183. Nathan

    It reminds me of a landscape from one of the Final Fantasy games.

    Seems the background is a bit dark and the main tree could be a little more vivid, but those are minor. Good job!

  184. Nathan

    I really like what you did with the focus on this one.

  185. Sean W

    I am not always a fan of foliage, gardens, etc., but at this point in time for me, this image really speaks to me. It is lovely, and I love the slight glowy blur in the piece. It has just a subtle hint of your trademark otherwordly-ness, which makes it that much more magical. This is a great addition, Ryan! ๐Ÿ™‚

  186. dejerdejer

    I really like how you focused this picture. I think the background being kind of blurry is a great touch. Not everything is always suppose to be in perfect focus, like everyone thinks they should be. I think this aspect makes it more real-life. This is beautiful, well-done, this is your best work of art in a while…..kudos…….!

  187. Benjamin

    I’m lovin’ it! Though I did enhance the saturation, brightness, and contrast a bit. What can I say? Nothing at all against Ryan’s work. I just like bright colors! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  188. Josh

    I have to admit, I thought the same thing when I first say this one…made me immediately think of the Final Fantasy games. With that being said this picture is absolutely gorgeous and get set as my new background as quick as my fingers could move.

    Does this picture have any specific roots of inspiration or did it just spring from the depths of your imagination?

  189. ChrisSpera

    Great job, dude! This one looks so real!

  190. Micro78

    But the background has a almost cartoonish look to it?

  191. Paul

    Absolutely beautiful render! The detail in these keeps getting better and better. This is probably my favorite work since “Circumpolar”

  192. ChopBam

    This is a unique render. The background looks like a stylized painting.

  193. Greg

    But the background is definitely too dark, and those column things are just odd looking.

  194. John Munro

    I get a 404 error trying to get the Zune version of this (nice wallpaper btw)

  195. Mark

    Ryan this is one of my all time favorites! When I saw this on Faceboom I renewed for a lifetime. Keep up the good work.

  196. Ryan


  197. Eyal

  198. Will

    its great but the depth of field with the way the lighting is put down makes it feel almost cartoonish.

  199. Mike

    Focus is amazing. Choice of colors is excellent. Symmetry is making me sick ๐Ÿ™

  200. Koolio

    I love this one but it does need some sunlight, can’t wait for a true spring.

  201. Koolio

    just to let you know iphone link does not work, thanks.

  202. Vince

    Ryan! Thanks for another excellent image!!

    One thing – your psp link is dead!

  203. byteful

    Is it just me, or does this look more like this was taken in the ‘Fall’?

    I really like it but for some reason it just has more more of an “After the Summer” look to it.

    I do Like it, Ryan, but unfortunatly, for the first time, I have to give it an “under a Ten” rateing to it. ๐Ÿ™

  204. Josh_D

    The foreground of this image is very nice. but, look at the yellowish stone things in the background. they look very weird, like they’re twisted, going in weird directions, or part of a flat plane that you’re viewing from the side. anyone else notice this?

  205. Chris

    Almost looks like it could be a pic from a Final Fantasy game. It’s very nice, but usually I go for your pics that look very close to real life, and this one strays too far into video game territory. Still beautiful though =)

  206. Nelson

    The picture has very nice details and looks quite realistic to me!

    But indeed, I must admit that the background has strange forms, like if you would see it in a different perspective.

    And yeah, there could be a bit more light.

  207. rubbercake

    I never comment, I rate things from time to time, but I just wanted to tell you this background is phenomenal. True work of art, good job.

  208. Sanalith

    Absolutely stunning, and perfect for the season! Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜€

  209. Chris Hick

    Thanks Ryan for the wallpaper. It’s finally warming up here in Fairbanks, AK, and we pretty much skipped spring. This wallpaper is staying up for a while on my desktop.

  210. Rob

    I usually greet your new work with “oohs” and “aahs”. The more I look The more I like. With “In Full Bloom” I find myself headed the wrong way. The inticate foreground sucks me in to the tasty central planting and then to the oddly warped walls and towers of the background. The point of view for the lower left and the tower just to the right of the flowering tree seems to be inconsistent with the rest of the wallpaper. Based on the comments, this does not seem to bother most, but this one doesn’t work for me

  211. joel

    I love it! The blurring is perfect =)

  212. Chris

    “The point of view for the lower left and the tower just to the right of the flowering tree seems to be inconsistent with the rest of the wallpaper.”

    That’s exactly what I meant about it looking like a Final Fantasy game. Because the perspective is off, it’s almost 3-D-ish, like you’re running around in a video game =)

  213. NikB

    For those of us in the southern hemisphere, this is a reminder of what we’ll have to wait a little longer for!

    I like what you’ve done with the focus and depth of field (can you tell my hobby is photography?) – it looks about right to me. That said I think the greens are too green. Far be it for me to tell you what you see in your mind’s eye, but maybe reduce the saturation a little?

  214. John

    I think I have to agree with Rob on this one. The thing I really like about your images is that you take an imagined environment and make it look like it could be real. This one doesn’t do that. The concept is nice but it looks like an image was used for the background instead of having actual 3D objects there, like in a low-budget movie. The focus isn’t gradual; it’s abrupt and unnatural, and the backdrop is oddly skewed so it looks like I’m seeing the same thing from different angles at the same time, like an MC Escher drawing or something.

    I don’t mean to sound harsh, but this is the first image that I’ve ever rated less than a 7.

  215. Daniel

    I really like the way you incorporated the background, I think it gives it an “enhanced” 3d look that is a little bit surreal. I have to disagree with the others who think it looks like a video game or cheap effects. If I saw this in a video game then that would be one great looking game.

    Personally I like where you went with this and the slight shift in style, its a refreshing change!

    Thanks, Daniel

  216. John

    The 3360×1050 is screwed up

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