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Still working with Gaea here, learning a new erosion mode (deposits). The gas giant was created using Lightwave and the moons are all Vue planetary terrains. I had thought initially to recreate “Majesty” but the foreground doesn’t really match the original all that well.

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24 reviews for Hyperion

  1. Paul [donormember]

    I am a proud new owner of dual 4K displays. Your artwork just became even more precious than ever. Long time member. Thank you!

  2. George [nonmonthly]

    By far my favorite of your recent work. I admit to being a huge fan of how blues and purples blend. I have this up on a dual monitor setup and it balances perfectly.

  3. Zorz [basicmember]

    Incredible planetscape here!

  4. Glynne [basicmember]

    So fabulous you are back doing space scenes – I have missed these. Really like the like and texture in this.

  5. NoS [lifer]

    Very, very nice wallpaper, thank for your work !!

  6. PHAX [nonmonthly]

    Hey Ryan, have you ever considered creating a render based on Real life planets landscapes such as Mars or the Moon?

  7. Seth R [liferplus]

    Like many of the others, your planetscapes were one of the most important reasons I became a member years ago. This is one of the best, and I put it up as my wallpaper immediately.

  8. Phil C. [basicmember]

    How I do love your space scenes. Delightful image with some cool hues.

  9. Marko [basicmember]

    Love it

  10. Doc [liferplus]

    Love the vibrant colours !, the scene in general, the lighting and the spacing of the planets. Not sure why, but I’m unsure about the cloud / mist across the top.

    Anyway, always a fan of your planetscapes.

  11. Knightvision [nonmonthly]

    Hyperion!!! Love it, i wanna be there…

  12. James C [lifer]

    Another quality job! Love the colors in this one!

  13. Ozaawaagosh [plusmember]

    Too Cool I love your Planet-Scapes, not only beautiful, but so realistic. Awesome job Ryan

  14. Rodewaryer [lifer]

    So we move back into space…it’s the best work you do and I for one am jazzed to see it. An easy 10….

  15. redfoxiii [basicmember]

    Planetscapes have always been your finest works – the most believable and alive – and this one is yet another splendid example of why.

  16. Keith-E [nonmonthly]

    Always loved your space themes, and this one is one of my faves for quite a while. The color palette is just superb.

    Thanks, Ryan ♥

  17. Littlemom [liferplus]

    I find this one very interesting good job!!! Love the colors!!!

  18. Bobc [lifer]

    I completely agree that this is a magnificent piece. I also love the color choices and the dark, misty landscape. Indeed a reason to have a DB membership!

    (I’m not too sure if the two largest moons slightly detract from the composition, or not….)

  19. DarthSync [liferplus]

    Once again you amaze me with your planetscapes. This one is simply fantastic and majestic.

  20. Bez [liferplus]

    This is fantastic. Love all of the colors you used here.

  21. Hawk [lifer]

    I love it!!!

  22. DJ [basicmember]

    I absolutely LOVE this sort; the beautiful contrast of hot gold and deep purple-blue just really does it for me. Much like Waveform, Grand Design, and Moon Dance. Very gorgeous, yet without being to distracting to read filenames on the desktop.

  23. Arc [liferplus]

    I love the colors and especially the gas giant. With your reference to Mystery in this work called Hyperion, I can’t help but think of Dan Simmons’ Hyperion. Coincidence?!

  24. Yanna [basicmember]

    Wallpapers like these are the exact reason why I bought a subscription from Ryan. His planetscapes are simply the best!

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