Highland Yule

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I thought it would be fun to add some Christmas lights to my “Highland” scene. Finding the appropriate mix of lighting between the background and foreground turned out to be an interesting challenge.
Happy Holidays from Jessie, Ian, Jason, and me!

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58 reviews for Highland Yule

  1. Jen Helgren
    [Lifetime Supporter, Lifetime]

    I love this render! No Facebook cover? I’d love to use one.

  2. Chris [lifer]

    any chance of getting a Retina iPad version of this one? it’s my favorite of your winterscapes!

  3. CHSpera [donormemberlifer]

    Yes, I agree with David. I’d like a multiscreen render of this, please. 🙂

  4. David [lifer]

    Ryan please run a multiscreen render of this, it is a great shot and I’d love to have it in my rotation.

  5. Jenanne [liferplus]

    Could we have a Facebook cover of this one? Pretty please?

  6. Lorwynd [nonmonthly]

    The Highland images are some of my favorites and yule tops my list of them. This would be great dual screen.

  7. Oeberon [lifer]

    I second Ryan’s input below. I need dual-screen versions of the Highland series.

  8. Ryan [basicmember]

    I really love the highland spring setup I currently use, but I want to be able to change seasons appropriately. I was wondering if and when you plan to do a multi screen render of Highland yule, summer, winter and fall?

  9. Chris S

    I wonder how much it would take to set up a distributed computing project (maybe using the BOINC framework) for the resolutions that you don’t have the resources to render? It might be an interesting paradigm shift for you to create a scene looks good at 7680 x 1600, post a 720 x 450 preview and let the community generate the rest of the images. this would give you more time and resources for your creativity and also allow us the resolutions we want. In the end, though, you’re distributing (admittedly beautiful) computer wallpaper, not anti-cancer drugs. If I don’t get my size I won’t suffer too much.

  10. Chris

    Would love to see the dual-screen render of this piece at some point, as well as an Autumn version. It’s one of my favorite Christmas pieces 🙂

  11. Ryan

    Hi Ryan,

    Will you consider an Autumn sunset version of Highland? I think that theme applied to the Spring multi-screen version would be amazing.


  12. James King

    The title is “Highland Yule”, should it not have been a evergreen tree with “stuff” on it (bird nests, and the such) and not a flash light on a dying branch? The concept is there but…..I don’t think it is fair to take one picture and make ten from it by just changing the lighting and removing the color. I think you do some awesome work! So please do not get me wrong but to make 2 or 3 from the same mold is… to me… not a good practice. Your work speaks for itself…. create “New” not reuse the old…

  13. Nick


    Whatever happened to Forest Citadel it was originally released in March 2010 if I remember so you have had 9 or so months to do a Dual Screen render?

    You kept telling us it was coming but it never did….

  14. Ryan

    I apologize if you feel I have neglected the multi-monitor users out there. It is true that I haven’t always been able to produce multiscreen versions of every piece and I imagine this can be very frustrating. In the case of Highland Yule I put the rendering resources towards producing a new project because there wasn’t time to create a multiscreen render in time for Christmas. I guess I assumed that after Christmas no one would be interested in a Christmas wallpaper.Anyway, apologies again for any perceived slight. Thanks for supporting my work thus far and I am sorry to see you go.

  15. Nick

    I am giving up won Digital Blasphemy. I have been a loyal member for 6 years and I have brought scores of members to this site. However, I am tired of the dual screen game. Whenever I see a piece of work I think is stunning you never render the dual screen.

    With Forest Citadel you went on and on about how the dual screen was rendering slowly. This was in June…. I am sure it was rendering slowly but 7 months?

    There was one in 2009 in which you promised me and others a dual screen version. The dual screen has yet to surface.

    More recently, Highland Winter is still not dual screen and I feel it never will be. Not sure about Highland Yule but it has been near a month and still nothing.

    So I am done with my subscription, when it ends I will not renew.

  16. Jeff R.E.

    Nice version. Clever thinkin’!

  17. Henry V.

    I like the subtle effect of lighting on the tree itself, along with the fruit/ornaments on the tree.

    Perhaps we could get a pickle jar version with snow falling all around it as well. Just a thought

  18. past0rB

    Hi Ryan, great work as usual. I love how the tree appears to be illuminated from heaven; the source for our holiday joy.

    Thanks for such amazing artwork that enriches so many lives. Have a blessed New Year.

  19. Ben

    Im waiting for the 3 monitor version hahaha!! Merry Christmas!!

  20. Mel

    I like it, but . . . are the orange bits on the tree lights or ornaments? I really like the white version, but is one with multicolored lights possible?

    I really love your work though- keep it up! And have a wonderful christmas!

  21. C-loke

    Dude, this is nice. I love the different lives this picture takes on with every new render. I think this is my favorite render of this image. Again, very cool and keep’em coming. Merry Christmas to you and yours Ryan.

  22. Sebastian

    A little scenic village up the lake/sea would really give off a christmas atmosphere!

  23. Ian

    Seeing as how the tree is not an ordinary tree, yet still decorated, it instantly struck me like it could be “The Grinch’s” after his change (or growth) of heart. Though the lights to make that complete would probably be brown, neon green, orange, and other obscure colors. I agree that a town overlooking the lake at the base of the mountain would complete the scene, if only to add a “Whoville” to my perception of another of your wonderful Christmas works of art. Possibly my favorite.

  24. Ian

    Seeing as how the tree is not an ordinary tree, yet still decorated, it instantly struck me like it could be “The Grinch’s” after his change (or growth) of heart. I agree that a town overlooking the lake at the base of the mountain would complete the scene, if only to add a “Whoville” to my perception of another of your wonderful Christmas works of art. Possibly my favorite.

  25. Nelson

    Wow, that is amazing! Maybe your best Christmas wallpaper in my opininon.

    The white illuminated tree is lovely. Tyler wants it more colored, but for me as a German, white is the tradional color. Thanks for being so European in this case 😉

  26. Tyler

    Unfortunately not reaching its full potential. I blame Ryan’s current workstation which is in dire need of upgrading. That tree should be the tradional sort with colored lights IMHO. I’m looking forward to what’s produced when the system is suped up. Merry Christmas everyone!

  27. Andy

    Another great alternate. Nice one! :O)

  28. Gandalf


  29. dejerdejer

    Hands down the best Christmas wallpaper of all-time….i love it, excellent work!

  30. Phillip D

    great work excellent lighting

  31. Glenn

    What you must put up with as an artist (we fans) 🙂

    I like this one and how it is such a twist on the Christmas tree; I don’t want to see a regular Douglas Fir up there in lights–this one is much more unique.

    As to echo two other comments below: I do think, as an alternate, that a tiny lit village on the shore of the lake would brighten (and charm) the rather dark quality of the lake.

    Ryan: to you and your family, I wish you the Happiest of Holidays and a very healthy New Year! With many thanks for all your imaginative and wonderful art.

  32. Christian

    This is an excellent piece of work Ryan, which very quickly founds its way to my desktop.

    I also agree with Gnat (below), a small lit up village next to the lake would be a fabulous addition (if it’s not too much trouble) and would restore the perspective lost with the removal of the bird. 🙂

  33. Eric

    A lit up Christmas tree would have fit perfectly up on that peak. The current wallpaper doesn’t remind me of Christmas at all, but is nice nonetheless.

  34. Littlemom

    After your Magi render I find this one rather disappointing. Not enough lights on the tree and the tree isn’t a traditional Christmas tree. Just not one I really like. But I do look forward to your next render. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Ryan to you and your family.

  35. Sebastian

    After the rather disappointing Highland Winter (honest) you strike back with rave vengeance!

  36. Max_Power

    God’s peace to you and your family.

  37. Ben

    I think this might be my favourite of the highland series. Really really good, well done.

    If only the dual screens where ready 🙁

  38. betsey

    being a 4×3 stick in the mud I can’t believe I like the wide-screen better–but for some reason….anyway–thanks so much!!!

  39. Chris B

    It reminds me of the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree! only better decorated lol

  40. Gnat

    … to see a tiny town down by the lake lit up as well.

  41. Brian

    I really like this. It really completes the whole series.

  42. Michelle

    Makes me wonder though who ‘decorated’ it, and if they might not have wings!

  43. Dave T

    Love it! Keep up the good work 🙂

  44. Lidia

    Nice; I really like this Highland version.

  45. Randy

    Not the usual Christmas tree. 6, for the effort.

  46. Kristin

    I must say, that I like this version better than the actual Highland Winter. Very well done.

  47. Topher

    I wait all year long for your Christmas wallpapers, they’re my absolute favorites. This is a special treat, I really appreciate it.

  48. Dave

    I know you were probably expecting this, but how about a night version without the tree lit up?

  49. Geep

    This is a really cute idea, and fits perfectly along with the rest of the “Highlands”. 🙂

  50. Brandi

    What a perfect addition to your Christmas scenes and to the Highland series. Totally makes sense you’d do this.

  51. Hunter

    I kind of laughed when I first saw it… maybe because it’s such a random place for a decorated tree, or maybe it’s because I should have seen this one coming.

    Either way, I like this one a lot – I just hope the dual screen will be done before Christmas!

  52. Josh

    I cordially accept yet another version of the Highland series because this one is actually really clever, cute, unique and really puts a twist on the theme. This one is really special. Good work and happy holidays!

  53. Gordon

    It doesn’t lack any beauty. Thanks for the early Christmas present. Can’t wait for more…

  54. Terry

    Really like it, it’ll be on the desktop until the new year 🙂 I hope you and your family have a Happy Christmas Ryan

  55. Dan

    Highland has always been my favorite image! And Christmas is my favorite holiday! The two came together in one amazing picture!

    This is just fantastic. Great work.

  56. Joe

    I like it overall, but it lacks the beauty of the other Highland scenes, since the background is so important to the image, in my opinion. Song of the Sky will stay on my desktop.

  57. Gerry

    I’ve been looking for a nice Celtic-flavored holiday image, and this one fits perfectly. This is an elegant image that captures both the beauty of nature and the wonder of the season. Nice work!

  58. Greg in CA

    I was hoping for one more Christmas image, thanks Ryan! I wonder how long the extension cord is for that tree…?

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