Happy 4th (2004) — 4th of July 2004


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13 reviews for Happy 4th (2004) — 4th of July 2004

  1. Mario [basicmember]

    Great looking colors. Just in time to celebrate Canada’s 150th year of independence.

  2. Robert Mitchell [lifer]

    A high resolution like 3480 x 2160 would be grand

  3. Randy

    I enjoy this scene very much, the color and reflections from the water make this very much an enjoyable summer favorite. It would be exciting to see what this setting would look like with new technology.

  4. Momcat

    I’ve had this up on several monitors every year since 2004 and every year I love it more.

    Thanks, Ryan and thanks for the Facebook Timeline Cover 🙂

  5. Chris B


  6. kellzilla

  7. Hunter

    …I always seem to forget that poem. *insert smiley face here*

    Some of your older wallpapers are the most beautiful, yet also the most forgotten. They are just shoved to one side to make way for the newer ones. Perhaps Ryan something may be in order to bring back the older work? Maybe a ‘random image of the day’ or something?

  8. Ryan

    Remember remember the fifth of NovemberGunpowder, treason and plot.I see no reason why gunpowder, treasonShould ever be forgot…

  9. Hunter

    The ‘recent comments’ panel on the home page has only made this possible, but I would like to recommend this wallpaper to anyone who celebrates Guy Fawkes night over here in England. It’s a brilliant wallpaper, and very fitting for the time of year.

    Whatever holiday’s you celebrate, whether it’s Halloween or Guy Fawkes, have fun and stay safe… fireworks are as dangerous as they are pretty.

  10. bllonde1

    I live on a lake in Florida..this is how my view looks every 4th, New years, and any other time of year that folks decide to shoot off fireworks. ( Boxing Day, Xmas, 12th night, hey it’s Friday, you get it, it’s their idea of a fireworks showtime!)

    Well, I like this show of yours.. and it’s perfect I might add , and quiet for those times when theirs goes on and on and on, and I have to get some sleep.


  11. muse.ings

    The colors just -pop- on this one. (No pun intended.) You’ve got a good balance and as we all know, strong color just works so well against black. Nice party wallpaper for any occassion…

  12. Chance

    Very fun!

  13. Rich


    I hope to see another 4th image in 2007, that would be cool.

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