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91 reviews for Haiku

  1. JR [lifer]

    So this is my first post on this site. I just want to say, I’ve been a fan of your artwork for years. This picture is a classic simple scene that I keep coming back to every time I update my devices. Simply beautiful!

    If you have time, would you be able to upload this in 2560 x 1440?

    Please do continue to make your beautiful artwork!

  2. Mike Forrest [lifer]

    This is still my favorite. I loved the original in 2000, and love this one as well – I always enjoy seeing it pop up in my desktop wallpaper rotation. While it would be great to see a larger version of this, perhaps it’s time for a 2016 update? That would be something worth getting a print of.

  3. D [lifer]

    Needs some bigger multiscreen.

    5760 16:9

    4k, etc.

  4. Caryta

    This and Fluorescence are still my very favourite images. Random button brought me here today and I realized it’s been over 10 years since I first discovered your stuff because I remember when this was new.

  5. Katherine

    After all these years, this is still one of my absolute favorite autumn pieces of yours, and it is a perennial favorite for desktop and phone backgrounds.

    One of my top 10 favorites!

  6. hellsbells

    Wow, i sa this years ago and thought it was stunning … it still is now just as peacfull ang stunning

  7. Kristin

    Oh I’m pretty sure that I’ve commented on this before, but I still love this one! Definitely in my top 10.

    Just wanted to comment again because I recently visited the 2000 version of this, and I’m amazed and awed on how much your work changes and that you never settle, and are always trying to improve yourself. Keep up the awesome work Ryan!

  8. frostwolf7

    Good work Ryan,

    You have a masterful hand,

    Simply Amazing

  9. GrampsD63

    Thanks, this is one of my favorites of all time.

  10. cm cameron

    Your image is beautiful. Having the moment this leaf has touched the water held in time is perfect.

  11. MdR

    My first post ever! (yay)

    I use this for my mobile and it looks beautiful with the black design of the phone (jeez that almost sounded like advertisement).

    Really pleased with it and keep up the good work!

    P.S. A winter version would indeed be nice 😛

  12. Scot

    but i was wondering if you could do a winter version of this. Not like a frozen lake or anything but a frost version of sorts. If you had ever watched the original Fantasia this picture reminds me of the winter scene when the fairies, or what ever they were, danced and frosted over the leaves and the lake. I was just wondering how that would look with this one.

    Just a thought…

  13. Jonathan

    Simple, but tells a story.

  14. muse.ings

    This is my #1 favorite wallpaper and I’ve squeeingly adored each version that you’ve come up with. I’d love a picklejar specifically for ‘Haiku’ with all its variations. I have to say, this one is the best. Simple elements, one focus, nothing else vying for attention.

  15. banky

    Haiku’s are cool

    but sometimes they don’t make sense


  16. calebw705

    This is a great pic, but I mostly use dreamscenes for my backgrounds anymore, and I would love to see this as a dreamscene. Is there any plan to make it into one?

  17. jfweber

    Did you have any idea at all , back when everyone was encouraging you to stay w/ this whole production, Digital Blasphemy, and electronic art.. posted on the internet, yet ? Did you think it would become your lifes work? Did you know, somewhere down deep that this was what you were meant to do?

    It’s been a long ride, and I hope it continues forever.

    Haiku (2007) always makes me smile. I have somewhat similar photo I took, in Hawaii one year back in 1988-ish .. just a leaf , in the shaddows on a pavingstone a single sunbeam illuminating the leaf.

    Your addittion of the water, and the ripple makes it even more arresting. The image is strangely beguiling.

    I hope you never regret, well, not for long anyway ;-), your trip down this road. Your images have graced my computers , and now my phone and my psp.. hehehe I know we , none of, us forsaw those developments.

    But I would be very surprised to see a computer anywhere that didn’t have at least one of your images on it.. Keep up the good work, even if you fee like kicking these electronic boxes periodically.


  18. Spazzium

    Original was my wallpaper for at least 2 years during college, thanks for reviving it.

  19. lzb

    it is the best i ve found. thanks, so what about christmas?


  20. Darin

    The detail in the leaf is incredible. My wife thought it was a photograph. Can you put me in this world?

  21. Coucke

    Haikus are easy

    But they don’t have to make sense


  22. Brian B.

    My first comment, this.

    Leaf floating, on my desktop,

    Helps me forget work.

  23. Christy

    I have the original image on my pda. This is probably my favorite picture of all time. Whenever I need something to help me relax I always bring this picture up. It is beautiful and simple. It reminds me of fall (my favorite season) and how the weather is perfect, just cool enough to open the windows during the day for the outside’s crisp smell to come and banish away the stuffness. It also reminds me of a river in Colorado that has a ton of river stones. The water is so clear you can the see the bottom just like this. I am so glad you revisited this image. Thank you.

  24. jackr

    The original Haiku is my all-time favorite, so doing *anything* to it is .. well .. blasphemy! But I guess that’s your line, isn’t it? 😉

    The details you touched up are all much stronger now, that was good work. But in the process, you lost the rocks in the stream bed, which were important to me.

    I’ve decided I need them both, as a seasonal series.

  25. Dave

    These Haikus are crap

    You’re all lame. Ryan is great.

    Dude your shit is tight

  26. jluv

    I like the update.

  27. Schultsc

    Thank you very much for this. Haiku has been my favorite image too. This update is priceless–since I have a widescreen monitor. I love the focus, the subtlety, and gracefulness of this image. Excellent work, and timely for the season. I agree with previous comments that more updates would be really fun. Summerwood and Autmnwood yes. Archipelago is another of my favorites. Thanks again.

  28. Mike

    This is a beautiful update to the original Haiku, which was always one of my favorites of your wallpapers 😀

  29. kostas

    Really one of my old favourites. This is a really nice follow-up

  30. Lhiss

    Drifting summer shard,

    reddened with fond memory,

    flows along time’s stream.

  31. Keith

    The original Haiku was never something I could get into. I’m not sure why, but it just seemed a bit false to my eyes. This new revision is amazing, though. It’s hard to believe that something that’s so simple in concept could work so well, but it does. If all your updates are going to be this good I would be more than happy with you simply updating your old work for the next few months. Wonderful job.

  32. Strfox

    good, a little grany on the rocks though, Oh an while your re-rendering could you please find time for Summerwood and Autumnwood

  33. Aesir

    I love the original Haiku. I haven’t decided yet, but I think I might like this one more. Though I have to say, I like the pickle jar version better. The darker water with just the hint of stones and reflection works better for me. But either way, Well Done!

  34. Nebby

    I absolutely love this. Thank you for re-doing it so I could use it on my computer. 😀

  35. Terry

    Heres an idea Ryan, how baout placing the camera underwater looking up at the leaf. If you put the sun directly behind it, it would either create a cool shadow or be tranparent.


  36. Michelle

    Like this autumn leaf,

    I hope to show my colors

    Before I am gone.

  37. Mike

    The older version of Haiku was one of my favorites but I really like this new version too. You always come up with some great ideas for wallpapers 🙂

  38. John A

    Before I was saying the ripples looked wrong. Now it’s pretty nice how you can see the leaf hasn’t actually hit the water yet, so they look good.

    Nice one.

  39. Carol

    Only yesterday I’ve selected the old Haiku as my wallpaper at work.(only 1 monitor)

    Today at home I thought that it should be great if there were a Haiku for 2 monitors, and …voila.

    Thanks a lot,


  40. Donut

    looks good!

    Frozen water it

    falls from the sky I never

    liked winter at all

  41. travis

    The new angle is amazing. Seeing the shadow the leaf casts adds so much more dimension to this image. It is gorgeous, looks realistic and will be a long stay on my desktop.

    Amazing how something so simple can help you to reflect on things so deep.

  42. celmo

    I agree with thanks for listening to your members and taking the criticism for what it is. Just others’ opinions on your great work. We’ll never all be happy and we wouldn’t be a part of this site if we didn’t think your work wasn’t excellent. Thanks Ryan

  43. Ari

    The update looks better – the ripples in the water in particular looked artificial in the prior version of Haiku 2007. This is a classic Digital Blasphemy image, nice to have a new version with much improved graphics and resolution.

  44. Ryan

    The blushing leaf fallsLights on the cool still waterWinter approaches

  45. Stephanie

    It’s perfect. Thank you first for attempting to update a favorite in the first place, and listening to everyone’s comments to make it this great.

  46. Joshua

    Leaf of many hues

    Floating memento of change

    Ushers in the cold

  47. Sean

    The disturbance in the water looks too perfect ( perfectly circular to be exact ). If the ripple was not perfectly circular, I think that this would improve the realism.

    Granted that it took me about 5 minutes of looking at the image to figure it out, I knew almost immediately that something was amiss.

    I like the reflection of the canopy in the water imposed with the bottom of the creek. This double effect as a perfect feeling of reality to this image that you don’t usually see in digital reproductions.

    Good stuff!

  48. GAIL

    Crinkled leaves floating

    Jeweled islands of autumn

    Necklace for Winter

    I love both of the pictures, each for different reasons

  49. Hawk

    Now I can see the reflections, and the rock detail. I think this is much better.

  50. SHv2

    good stuff. like both versions actually. depends on the current lighting conditions of my surrounding area.

    my attempt at a haiku:

    i love your art work

    it’s very renderlicious

    keep it up ryan

  51. Sir Abbado

    This image is frustrating beyond measure! As I sit in my dark office pondering the day’s challenges I let my eyes relax and try to focus on the reflected trees. To my dismay they refuse to focus, belying the apparent reality of the image! I can feel the muscles in my eyes relax and I notice my focus trying to fix the distant image, yet my eyes are frustratingly reminded that this image is flat and cannot adapt to the three-dimensional reality they were tricked into believing. Well played Ryan. Well played!

    The water so real

    Cannot focus to the trees

    Frustration surreal

  52. Edward

    Otherwise it looks great. The reflections are a tad to blurry for my taste but otherwise perfect.

  53. John


    I think this one is much better than the previous one. Up close I see the rocks and, from a distance, I see the trees. Excellent work in my opinion. This one is going to become a wallpaper on my computer.



  54. Larry

    I like both for different reasons. Each has a different tone and feels different. Great work Ryan.

    That said, I do have to give the nod to the second version for my iPhone.

  55. Justin

    Haiku (the original) has always been one of my favorites, like many others here. When I saw you had revisited it, I was at the same time thrilled and worried. However, I should have known I had nothing to worry about, you always do great work. I like this version much better than the first revision (the one now in the pickle jar) for two reasons:

    1) The ripples in this one are much more subtle, which I think actually improved their appearance.

    2) Even on my LCD monitors, the background was just too dark the first time around for the rocks to hardly be made out at all. The little adjustments to brightness made all the difference in the world to me.

    As always, beautiful picture, & great work.

  56. Max

    Great work as always

    I will keep with the one that is now in the pickle jar though. I like the darkness of the that one in comparison to the newly revised one now.

    The ripple effects are nice on both, but all of my computers have a darker colored theme to them and plus a lot of my computer time is night time.

    either way, Keep up the great work and thanks for trying to please everyone (aka keeping other files in the pickle jar)


  57. briansp

    I do like the new-new version of Haiku (the old one was a favorite of mine as well). I notice that the leaf is smaller in the new-new version.

    The detail and overall verisimilitude of the leaf is impressive. These nature images are really quite beautiful and successful.

  58. fatboy97

    Can you make a dual and triple screen version with more leaves?

  59. Simon

    Subtle changes, but a vast improvement. You can really notice the reflection of the canopy now, too.

  60. Nicola

    I have always liked this design, and was impressed by your technical capabilities in producing such a lifelike leaf, only better than life because its so perfect-looking.

    I am even more impressed with the updated version. The slight brightening allows the pebbly bottom of the pool to be seen more clearly, and allows the leaf canopy reflections to be seen.

    Well done!

  61. Kevin

    It looks great. The reflection stands out and I can see the rocks now.

    You are a true artist. Thank you.

  62. Ryan

    Jessie noticed the the leaf looks smaller in this one too. Actually the camera is closer to the leaf, but since I changed the angle the leaf has a smaller profile now (since you are seeing it more from the side than from overhead).

  63. Mark

    I preferred the previous darker version, I think. Can you make dual monitor versions of both? =D

    If not, I’ll get over it. :p


  64. Reaighn

    I LOVE this one!

  65. Big Dave

    Count me in as wanting a dual-monitor version too. Also, I like the idea of adding more leaves in the dual monitor version if that helps the composition. A single leaf on dual monitors might be a lot of dark water!

  66. WACoddingt

    Much improved in my opinion.

    I very much like the much more visible reflection of the canopy. The reduction of the ripples reflects the impact caused by the weight of a leaf object much better. The contrast is maintained very well.

    Excellent Ryan. VERY well done!

  67. Carman

    Enjoyed the revised picture. Looks neat seeing the rocks under the water. My wife took a picture of a small rock dam at Dunlop Creek in Alleghaney County here in Virginia at http://public.fotki.com/bhouston/miscellaneous/2007-bash/img3987.html.

    Ryan, how about a picture similar to this?


  68. David S

    Ahh yes!! Still has the dark feel, but now I can see the reflections and rocks!! Love it, thanks for being willing to listen to all the opinions we have! 🙂

  69. Dave

    Ryan – I like this version much better than the first rev that you did a couple days ago… This one has much more of that same peaceful look that the original one did way back when…


  70. Dan

    The changes help a lot. Background detail is just visible enough to make the image work for me.

  71. Tina

    I would like to add my vote to this revision. I like being able to see a bit more of the detail on the rocks, without having to mess with the brightness on my monitors. Eagerly waiting the dual-monitor versions.

  72. Tony

    I agree with you in that keeping the dark contrast between the leaf and the background makes this picture good, but you definitely improved it 300% with this version. I like being able to see the rocks at the bottom of the stream along with the reflection of the sky.

    Good Job!

  73. Terry

    Never saw any issues with the previous render but like this one just as much – Well done!!


  74. Zach

    Enough said.

  75. Randy

    The rocks are now more brown than blue. Dunno if that really makes a difference. And there’s now a white “shadow” on the water, guessing light through the trees above.

    Still good, and replacing the first version on my desktop.

  76. Kieron

    It looks far better now the water and rocks are brighter.

  77. Jamie N.

    A great improvement over the last render. It shall now adorn my desktop!

    I also want to say that I appreciate very much how you listen to your members’ comments and take account of their suggestions. I realise it’s not so easy to hear criticism (I know I don’t like it much!), but you do it with a lot of dignity and humility. Just wanted you to know that it doesn’t go unnoticed.

    I think you do your members proud with your unrivalled artwork and commitment.

  78. Jamie N.

    your wife’s picture is excellent!

  79. robk64

    Perfect. My new favorite.

  80. Akhila

    I love this modification on one of my faves…will you be able to give us a dual screen??

    Thanks again..for a wonderful piece of work!!

  81. wnmnkh

    This is the perfect incarnation of original Haiku I believe, with vast improvement. Thank you Ryan for hearing our words.


  82. Mariela

    I like this one much better than the previous. The original was also one of my all time faves and I was thrilled to read that an updated version was done. Unfortunately I couldn’t appreciate any of the detail others were commenting on because the background was so dark. But this one….just beautiful! Thank you!

  83. Eric H.

    Ryan, good job on the touch-up!

    I like this one a lot better.

    You never cease to amaze.

  84. Pinion

    But this is amazing dude.

    The water effects are beautiful.

  85. Jason


  86. Michelle

    I really thought people were too harsh on the first version, but I’m so glad they complained and you listened because this version is definitely a great improvement. I still love the original, but this one has earned a place in my collection.

  87. April

    But this just deserves it. Fantastic. I <3 your work so much. I like this even more than the original haiku.

    Thank you!

  88. Patrick

    I don’t know how I could have forgotten the original version as it was on my desktop for quite some time.

    Perfect timing on a new version and very well done! I can’t wait for a dual monitor version so I can start enjoying it again!

    It would also be interesting to see more leaves in the dual/tri monitor version.


  89. Tom

    Something must be amiss because I see no ripple, no water, and no rocks. All I see is a leaf against a black color background. :-((

  90. Pete

    Put it simply, I love it. Very elegant.


  91. alexM

    The changes you made really help it out. The new ripples look really good and I really like the reflection of the trees overhead. It is very realistic and the more I look at it, the more it grows on me.

    As always, I love the work you do and keep them coming. I look forward to your new works all the time.

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