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24 reviews for Haiku

  1. Phineas [basicmember]

    One of my favourites. Simple and quiet but with depth.

  2. Greg [basicmember]

    I been using your desktop wallpapers since at least this wallpaper was released. I know I had earlier ones but this is the one I remember clearly using.

    I can’t confirm as i have had a desktop folder of wallpapers on multiple different computers and since going to 4k, discarded the older ones as they look like postage stamps now

    I would use this now if it were bigger 🙂

  3. Darin

    In 2017, Canada will celebrate its sesquicentennial. This image seems like it could be very Canadian, maybe with a bit of a colour shift to make it a bit more cheery instead of the grey, Zen sort of colouration.

    This image was my wallpaper for a long time!

  4. Jay

    Always loved this background… would love to see it updated and available for multiple monitors!

  5. Ryan

    Thanks for the kind words! I updated Haiku way back in 2007 and I think that version is standing up pretty well (it is a simple image after all). I have thought about doing a new version using Vue’s new water rendering though…

  6. RO

    Hi Ryan,

    Since you’re updating all sorts of stuff, why not update Haiku, my all time favorite. Or at least provide more resolutions. It has a simplicity and artistic quality that I have not seen surpassed in your other works.

  7. Indagare

    Am rebuilding my wallpapers file on a new computer…this has always been one of my favorites. Even made my old CRT look good! Love the sense of peaceful movement.

  8. Indagare

    Am rebuilding my wallpapers file on a new computer…this has always been one of my favorites. Even made my old CRT look good! Love the sense of peaceful movement.

  9. Jon G

    been a fan for years, only became a member within the last week. i don’t see how Mr hall can claim that you stole anything, a leaf floating on a pond is a common image, it occurs in nature frequently..it’s not as if either you or him “stole” the idea…

    keep up the good work..the members gallery is well worth the donation, i put it off for too long and am happy to help your creative endeavors

  10. Chris B

    Just browsing some of my all time favorites. Even using the 1600 resolution on my 1080p monitor still looks good 🙂 Besides, Ryan already did a new version of Haiku. Granted I like them both but… lol

  11. Doug

    This has been my favorite wallpaper for ages, and I would really love to see it be made for 1920×1200. Thanks.

  12. Roykirk

    One of my favorite images of all time, but I haven’t been able to use it for 6 years now as my laptops of this era run at 1920×1200.

    I understand it may be impossible to redo this one widescreen, but if you ability,time, and inclination, here’s another vote.

  13. Nebby

    Please oh please can we have this in widescreen, or a totally new remake that is available in widescreen? It’s my favorite, and I don’t like not being able to use it.

  14. MCD

    one of my faves. Very serene. 1920×1200…I’m begging 🙂

  15. jmbhbb

    I can only imagine how calming this would be in dual-screen (2560×1024 or so). Leaf on right monitor with calm water over rocks on the left….

    Wonderful and peaceful image. Thanks.

  16. Hemo

    A beautiful leaf

    floating in the water clear

    the colors calm me

  17. phealy

    This is one of the images I use when I just want a relaxing desktop. Unfortunately, there’s no dual monitors (my work pc) or widescreen (my personal laptop). Good work! Nice to see someone from my area doing such nice work.

  18. WACoddington

    If ever there was an iconic DB image this is it.

    Worthy of a rewqork or at least a re-render with some more of the standard screen sizes.

  19. cecileva

    as well! Hard to choose between Haiku and Simple Pleasures (if only I had two screens :0))

  20. Terry

    Always thought this would look brilliant as a business card or company identity, ever thought about it lol?

  21. Aja

    I find this image almost too beautiful for words – it’s perfect. 🙂

  22. Laura

    This one was also my first download. I don’t remember how I came across this on the internet, but I am sure glad that I did!

    This “photo” is so evocative of my favorite time of year, and it is very calming, in spite of the ripple that shows the energy of just falling into the water…

    Thanks, Ryan! After six years I finally became a member!

  23. Akhila

    A very touching and peaceful image. I love it!!

  24. Andy T.

    This was the first image I downloaded. It’s a photo I have always wanted to capture, to be the author of. Needless to say I am a photographer and seeing this is like the completion of an assignment; ‘capture a decisive moment’. You, Ryan Bliss, have done it. This is one of those moments. I know it isn’t a photo, but so many people at my work (a newspaper) are fooled by your work. Because I am a photog, they think that your wallpaper on my desktop are photos. Everytime they see a new one, they ask me where I got the picture. And then I explain all over again; blahblah blah, Ryan Bliss is this fantastic artist and I like his stuff so much I am a member of his site, blah blah blah. You are a form of inspiration. My goal is to capture those moments when people are absolutely themselves without pretense. It is getting more difficult to do that; even young kids are camera savy. It is because of the digital age. I’m not complaining; it’s another challenge to tackle and emerge as a victor. Some days you win, some days you lose and some days you get rained out, but you always gotta suit up.

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