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Created: 07/15/98: One of my more complex images. The cystal structure (the gazebo) was modeled in Ray Dream 5, as was the dias, and walkway. The dolphins and the boy at the center (yes, that’s what it is), were posed and imported from Poser 3.

This image featured my best planet rings to date.

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6 reviews for Gazebo

  1. Brett [nonmonthly]

    The higher resolution version looks a little bit brighter; both look nice!

  2. Caroline

    I love this – reminds me of a time when I looked and the path as wanted to just run – And keep running!!

  3. John

    Yes, your early artwork has the same atmosphere as the Myst games did. I love this one.

  4. Andy

    Love these older works of yours. Reminds me of playin one of the old Myst games.

  5. Marc Kuhl

    After 10 years, this one is still my favorite. I would like to see updates for it and a poster or mousepad version.

  6. Tracy

    This one is awesome! One of my favorites.

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