The Floating Garden (2019)


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An update to the 2012 Floating Garden. Where those pillars were more man-made looking, I’ve gone for a more natural look here. The pillars were actually created using Plant Factory and they use Vue’s “Solid Growth” tech so each is randomized.

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The Floating Garden (2019) Dual

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26 reviews for The Floating Garden (2019)

  1. Chris [plusmember]

    I really like the pickle jar version more so than the original. I love that you still managed to get the turtle in there even though the camera angle is much lower. Great job and I would love to see multi-screens for this one.

  2. jaz [nonmonthly]

    Very nice, Kinda don’t know what to say about it, other than i like it.

  3. Ryan

    I often have to change the camera angle/settings for the multiscreen versions.

  4. Gibbylinks [basicmember]

    This looks brilliant, but the view perspective seems to have shifted on the multi-screen version.

  5. Ryan

    Sorry about the rendering artifacts on the multiscreen version. That render was interrupted due to a crash and I thought it was restarted successfully. I failed to do a full-resolution check before I uploaded it.Hope the new version works better for you guys. Do a full browser refresh when you load the image to make sure you are getting the updated one!

  6. Richard H. [liferplus]

    @Ryan: I’m very sorry to have to say this, as I’ve been really looking forward to the multi-screen renders of this, but… something appears to have gone wrong. It’s not immediately obvious, but look at the water in both versions and you’ll see that there’s a bottom strip that obviously doesn’t match up, also with some rectangular blocks here and there whose edges are really obvious when you look. You won’t be happy once you’ve noticed this, I’m afraid. I do hope the problem can be corrected, as the scenes are otherwise lovely.

  7. eyal [lifer]

    Hey Ryan,

    Wonderful image, again. The effort you put in the multi-screen versions is very appreciated!

    (Just a few more, slightly older ones, are left in my missing multi-screen list: Dapplewood (winter), Stasis, Biome and Pali.I’d really really love to see those rendered in multi-screen as well…)

    Again – thanks for all the hard work and great art


  8. Daver_nw [liferplus]

    Thanks very much for the multiscreen versions. I have one nit-pick though. On the left of the dual screen image near the bottom there are some large blocks of pixels that are a different color from their neighbors, looks like maybe a rendering glitch? Since it’s all part of the water, it’s not a huge deal, I’m just wondering what happened?

  9. Paul [donormember]

    I love this version! More trees, and less of a weird downward view angle. Awesome.

  10. JR [lifer]

    Loving this render. I cannot wait until the multiscreen is available.

    A night version (maybe with bioluminescent fish [very few]) would be a good pickle jar.

  11. JR [lifer]

    Loving this render. I cannot wait until the multiscreen is available.

    A night version (maybe with bioluminescent fish [very few]) would be a good pickle jar.

  12. Littlemom [liferplus]

    I really like this render better and I think that’s because you lowered the camera angle. Great job Ryan!!!

  13. Ryan

    Thank you! Yes I am finishing up the multiscreen version right now. It will hopefully be ready tomorrow morning.

  14. Puritania [lifer]

    I love it… the colour, the placement, the staging, it’s all so beautiful. Will there be multi-monitor versions?? Glorious stuff!! Well done!!

  15. Ozaawaagosh [plusmember]

    So relaxing, beautiful colours, I want to go there.

  16. Drydoc [lifer]

    The whole image is relaxing with soothing colours. The turtle though is jarring. Contrasty and out of scale with flippers that just aren’t natural. Smaller and partly off to the side/obscurd, it would make a nice extra.

  17. eyal [lifer]

    Ryan, another great piece!

    Also – thanks, Ryan, for all the latest mutli screens (innerrecess, chisen, revival, breathofspring, cyberblossom, and greenmire)!!!!!

    I truly appreciate all your hard work!

  18. Kelton [basicmember]

    I really like this, I could see this in a hidden oasis in the desert. Awesome update!

  19. Ixias [liferplus]

    I like this even better than the original! Good job.

  20. Littlemom [liferplus]

    For an update this is good, I love the trees instead of the pillars, however, I really wanted to like this one more than I actually do. It seems a tad bit busy for my liking. But overall a pretty good render.

  21. Jenanne [liferplus]

    I loved the 2012 version, Ryan; it was always one of my favorites. I like this one almost as much, although I did like the way the dolphins gave the water the appearance of greater depth in the original.

    How about a night version? Pretty please?

  22. Laura [liferplus]

    New favorite. I also wanted to say that I’ve been a (happy) subscriber for like a bazillion years and I still love talking about your work to all the coworkers and colleagues who comment on my desktop (still happens all the time). Thanks for the great work and also thanks for all the recent multiscreens!

  23. Laura [liferplus]

    It’s like you knew what I wanted that I couldn’t put into words. This takes me back to 2002, Endless Blue was my happy place.

  24. Aslan [liferplus]


    I wonder what else is lurking in those depths ?

  25. Mark A. [liferplus]

    this is a nice update to the original

  26. Jason M Pond [liferplus]

    Another masterful piece! Calming, serene. I love it!! I especially like the turtle swimming in the pool, makes me wish I were there, hehe.

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