Elegy (Winter/Night)


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A night-time winter version of my “Elegy” wallpaper. I rendered this one shortly after posting the original Autumn version, but thought it would be better to post it later in the season (a little closer to Halloween).

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59 reviews for Elegy (Winter/Night)

  1. lminthorn

    Just as I thought you had not shown snow falling except on GG winter, you introduce us to this. Oh, and thank you for adding three wolves. I understand that odd numbers are more asthetically pleasing, but I would rather see two of these magnificant creatures than one (probably means it has no pack-not good) as on Desert Snow and Desert Dawn.

  2. Ceiswyn

    This perfectly captures the feeling of a January day, after twilight but before full night has fallen. And I love the subtle wolves.

  3. Marathon

    “Walking by Woods on a Snowy Evening” comes to mind with this one.

  4. Marlowe

    This is a great one. i love the flying snow!

  5. Tildon

    Hoping for a Spring and Summer…?

  6. Trent

    Please fix =)

  7. Fumigator

    Ryan– we need one more sweet abstract before the year’s done, don’t ya think? Something along the lines of Clockwork or String Theory, both of which continue to find their way to my desktop.

  8. 0beron

    Just noticed, in the multiscreen renders, the 2nd large tree in from the right hand side (not the huge on close to the camera on the far right, but the next one with snow plastered on the outside) seems to have a break in it about half way up? You can see the background through it.

  9. Dave

    I think I prefer the more subdued blue in the mutliscreen render. I suppose I will crop it and use it instead.

  10. le_jawa

    Fantastic winter scene; Elegy has been one of my favorite “nature scenes”. Thanks for the multiscreen renders!

  11. brad

    3200 x 1200 (dual 4:3) without the split files seems to be missing entirely, or is that resolution no-longer provided?

  12. brad

    Nevermind, i feel silly. 😉

  13. Peter

    once again 5120×1600 wrong link

  14. Troy A

    The pack of wolves in the back was a nice touch in this version. 🙂

  15. David

    Hi Ryan-

    I noticed the 5120×1600 image is really 5120×1440. You have the same problem on the following images:

    -Grand Design (both zoom levels/versions)

    -Red Harbinger

    -String Theory (yellow, red/blue, and blue versions)

  16. Antonio

    This is a nice addition to the collection! It makes me want to sit next to the fire under a blanket witha nice cup of hot cocoa and read a good book. I really like having the day/night/summer/winter versions of images so that way I can set the lock screen on my iPhone/iPod/iPad as the night/winter setting and the home screen as the day/summer setting! Always impressed!! Keep ’em coming Ryan!!!!

  17. Foz

    You’re probably going to be annoyed at this, but triple screen (only), far right, the big tree trunk looks like it has a belt of… static noisy snow…

  18. Ryan

    I used to go back and forth about which side of the dual-screen should contain the “focus”. Some people demanded the right and others the left. As a compromise I decided to center them all (which makes for a more attractive thumbnail IMHO) and then those that want the image aligned differently can download the triple-screen file. The triple should have plenty of slack to allow centering on either side of a dual-head system.Does this help?

  19. Dean

    You almost always put the area of interest in the middle of the dual screen image, and it hit right at the place where my two screens are separate. Couldn’t you move them over for the dual-screen view? It doesn’t matter which way, just not in the middle.

  20. James

    I think some lights in the trees plus a few other things would make this a nice Christmas wallpaper. A day version of this would be nice too.

  21. Dean

    This reminds me of Robert Frost’s “Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening.”

  22. Becca

    I like this variant very much, and have this odd notion that you’ll be revisiting this, Ryan, come spring and summer.

    Anyway, as soon as a double-screen version is up, I am absolutely adding it to my Chronowall rotation.

  23. Wazalord

    So awesome, I’m sure many people may think this is a real photo. Love the motion blur.. can’t wait to put it up in the middle of winter…

  24. Mike

    Can’t wait for the dual screen on this. The autumn version just faded onto my desktop and reminded me that you had made a winter version. I love putting the versions back to back in the slideshow order and watching the scenes fade from autumn to winter. Great work.

  25. Val

    Finally someone knows what it looks like when it snows! Love this! Although not looking forward to getting snow here in ND.

  26. Jason Pond

    One of your best scenic images. I love the tranquility it enables in my mind when I gaze at it. Hyper-excellent work!

  27. MJPollard

    This one’s going to be both my Windows 7 logon screen and my Android phone’s wallpaper during the winter months. (I have all your wallpapers rotating on my Win7 desktops, so no need to dedicate it there.)

  28. Dean

    And while I’m thinking about it, on dual screen pics, don’t put the center of interest ditectly in the cesnter of the picture. It inveriably hits in the middle of the area between my screens.

  29. Dean

    As always, we dual screen users need one that will fit both screens. I have this advesion to using the same one on each side. Seems tacky.

  30. Dean

    As always, we dual screen users need one that will fit both screens. I have this advesion to using the same one on each side. Seems tacky.

  31. Jarrod

    The snow fall and layering really brings the chill of winter in the deep woods to you

  32. fandeboris

    Ryan, I have NEVER rated an image lower than an 8 ever since I have been here, and for some reason this one doesn’t cut it. I am not saying it is bad, I am just saying this just doesn’t hit on all cylindrs.

  33. Jenanne

    Thanks, Ryan, for the 1600×1200 resolution! I took advantage of your special, too, and am now up to May 2014. But I don’t want to do lifetime, since you earn your money every year. This render is an example of your hard work; I felt guilty getting the discount. I’ll just have to give you a Christmas bonus, huh? 🙂

  34. Travis

    Digging the darker, somber moods and color palettes of late. Bravo.

  35. Brandi U.

    Love it. Great lighting.

  36. Jack

    Just wondered if there is any chance of getting this in a duel screen version? Its great!

  37. Rush

    I think it would look awesome if it were a little darker out and there was an owl sitting on one of the tree branches.

  38. Lidia

    Nice! The scene is quite fitting for the weather we’ve had in New York these past couple of days. I like the wolves.

  39. dmackoy

    Very cool. Way to go

  40. Mark

    One of my all time favorites!

  41. Hoverwolf1

    I love the wolves in this version, but I might move them closer.

  42. Deb

    alot of the winter scenes have a melancholy feel to them. I’d like to see something that grabs that sunny, crisp, first frost feel that that is peaceful and joyful at the same time.

  43. Noliving

    Is there any chance we can start getting lossless 1920×1080 versions?

  44. Littlemom

    Love it!!!!

  45. Littlemom

    Love it!!!!

  46. Trav

    As soon as the dual screen comes out, on my computer it goes. love it!

  47. Joel

    The picture looks great. I love the snow falling and the wolves.

  48. Carlos

    LOVE the addition of the Wolves. Thanks for all of your great work!! 🙂

  49. Michelle

    I didn’t notice the wolves in the thumbnail. What a lovely touch. 🙂

  50. Mike

    Love the seasonal changes to the forest images. Excellent!

  51. Timhogs

    The picture did get me thinking back to restful winter evenings up north…until I noticed the wolves…

  52. JerriRose

    We just got our first snow in Anchorage overnight- thank you!

  53. Ryan

    Sorry about that. The 1600 x 1200 should be showing up now!

  54. Ryan

    I imagine they look pretty small at the lower resolutions…

  55. Jenanne

    The 1600×1200 size seems to be missing. And wow! You were fast on adding those wolves, Ryan! Love them!

  56. Jenanne

    It does have wolves….

  57. Randy

    Can’t really tell, there might be something in the path in the night version. Too dark and small to tell. Two, maybe three?

  58. Ryan

    Yes! This scene could use some wolves…

  59. Randy

    You have several forest pathway scenes, for all seasons. Maybe a scene with more forest animals, deer or wolves.

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