Dragon Teeth


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I was looking through my old Vue files a few weeks ago on Bucephalus and found this empty canyon that I’d modeled using Zbrush back in the Aughts. Pretty sure I didn’t get around to rendering it at the time because it was going to monopolize my rendering for over a week. Well, the render time only went up when I populated the canyon with trees but I decided that I did not mind since I now have two other machines I can work on. I have quite a few of these old scenes that I never finished so that could be another job for Bucephalus.

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21 reviews for Dragon Teeth

  1. Ryan

    Unfortunately I was never able to render this one for multiscreens. The file broke on me.

  2. JD [nonmonthly]

    Is it in 5120×1440 anywhere?

  3. Cloudchaser101 aka Bryce [lifer]

    I love this background but I really wish there was a multi-screen render (5760x 1200 specifically 8^J ). Any idea when/if that will happen?

  4. Eric [liferplus]

    … image and title. Just wish I could use it at work. I’d need the 2x versions. (shameless plug)

  5. Eric [liferplus]

    … image and title. Just wish I could use it at work. I’d need the 2x versions.

  6. Nathan Zachary [lifer]

    Hi Ryan,

    Are you making modifications to this render before rendering the multiscreen versions? I know that you’re buys with lots of things, so I understand. I really hope that this one gets a multiscreen render though as it is stunning!


    Nathan Zachary

  7. Ryan

    Thank you so much! I actually rendered this one on Bucephalus and it took nearly a month, but that’s the price for realistic lighting light this. A month on Bucephalus means that it would probably still take a few days on Rochallor 🙂

  8. Brandon [lifer]

    Absolutely stunning! To me, the lighting in this render looks more realistic than any other landscape wallpaper so far. It really shows off the capability of your new workhorse of a computer! Looking forward to the triple screen render.

  9. Fvr [liferplus]

    Very beautiful light, the low angle makes a beautiful effect and render with the cloudy atmosphere of the canyon. Very realistic, full of details, beautiful rendering for rocks and trees. The title really resume my reaction when I discovered this image. I searched for the note 11, but was limited to 10 😉

  10. Phi-Long Tran [basicmemberlifer]

    Intriguing angle, like I’m flying alongside someone/something into a valley. This view reminds me of Floating Garden and Misty Ridge. Using this scene during sunset or the golden hour will be lively, like in The One Light. Thank you!

  11. Tarot [basicmember]

    This is excellent. Great color, light, angle, overall vibe. Looking for the triple screen version. 🙂

  12. Ozaawaagosh [plusmember]

    Simply Beautiful, love the light, shadows and clouds. I would love to live there, looks and reminds me of Madagascar.

  13. MWL [liferplus]

    Love this image and will be using it for my desktop as soon as the multi screen is available. Just upgraded from Lifetime to Lifetime Supporter! Keep up the great work.

  14. William [plusmember]

    I love anything with light and clouds. This is one of the best!

  15. Ryan

    That’s a fair crit and I’m glad I have evolved in your eyes 🙂 Thanks for your continued support and wonderful feedback!!

  16. Rodewaryer [lifer]

    You used to have too much symmetry in landscapes especially with plant life. The world doesn’t work that way, it’s very irregular. You seem to moved on and I see the chaos and asymmetry of reality in your renders now. Yes, I’m a lifelong artist and have “that” eye. This is an easy 10.

  17. Lorene [nonmonthly]

    When I saw this image and the name you’ve given it, I immediately thought it could well be a location on the world of Pern as envisioned by author Anne McCaffrey. There she enthralled millions of readers with the series of novels about the adventures of the Dragon Riders of Pern and their telepathic dragons with whom they bonded for life. I have read all of the novels more than once just because I can 🙂 Thanks for reminding me of this world that I came to know so well through the words of a gifted writer. Sadly she died at her home, Dragonhold-Underhill, in Ireland in 2011. The Dragon Riders of Pern and the Heralds of Valdemar by Mercedes Lackey are my all time favorite fantasy series.

  18. Littlemom [liferplus]

    Great job on this one, glad you pulled it out of past works you did.

  19. Ryan

    It is now 🙂

  20. Mark [liferplus]

    Ryan, is the lossless version of this available?

  21. AntonWolf [liferplus]

    Love this image! fits perfectly in with a D&D campaign I am currently running!

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