Desert Dawn


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146 reviews for Desert Dawn

  1. David m [lifer]

    I am drawn to desertdawn2 as it is more dynamic to me, a promise of dynamic weather coming soon. You can almost feel and smell the oncoming storm or has it passed by threatening a weather event but, alas, did not deliver on it…just love this version. I hope a 3840 x 2160 version will exist one day.

  2. Ted

    I love both versions of this piece. I enjoy hiking in the desert southwest and these capture the essential grandeur of the place very well.

  3. Harlan

    Hi, Do you have any screen savers with 1400 x 1050 resolution?

  4. B

    This one looks so real!!!!!! Surely it’s a photograph. Mr. Bliss, you are amazing.

  5. D

    The 3200 x 1200 and 4800 x 1200 split versions of desertdawn2 are missing.

  6. DaveSp

    Both are cool.

    But for some reason #2 evokes more of a “explorer” feel.

  7. Mike

    WOW!! This one’s amazing – it looks just like a photograph! I really like the sky here and how incredibly realistic it looks πŸ˜€

  8. Sloegin

    I love the brittle cold morning air in this one, I know that we can’t see it in the work but we know that it’s there… Very nice.

  9. RoYaLe

    Hey Ryan,

    I’m glad you chose to go with the lighter version. (I’m using it at work, the darker version at home). What I actually found to be my favorite was having the right ridge in the center of my screen.

    I downloaded the split doublescreen and am just using the right hand side. Thanks much! Those multi-screen renders even help us who don’t use two monitors out sometimes.

    Excellent one!

  10. Gregg

    I tried to use the brighter version today but the links bring up the darker version.

  11. Dennis

    And look.. that wolf is back at his favorite spot again!

    I can almost hear the snow crunching under my feet…

  12. Ron C

    Looking forward to new WP whats next?

  13. kuhiomp

    You may have been asked this already but I wonder if you could make some igoogle themes.

    Thank you. Hope you are getting better.

    Best Wishes.


  14. Jason

    This is one of the best images I’ve seen here in a while. Both versions are fantastic, but the blue sky takes my breath away.

  15. Frank

    Hi! Ryan, as much as i like the brighter version of Desert Dawn, i really am captivated by the darker version which gives me a sense of atmosphere and the the contrast and lighting is a delight. please open up the pickle jar and release it to the main gallery.

    glad to see you are on the mend.





  16. waustin

    subject says it all

  17. AbbaSou

    I really do like this piece. I was looking at the snow wondering why it didn’t look quite right when it hit me.

    When snow gets direct sunlight, it shimmers and sparkles like water. The snow in this render just seems a little matte. I don’t know if it’s possible to create the effect I’m talking about, or if anyone else agrees; but it’s just something that came to mind.

  18. Dan D

    …and seemly more realistic. Very good, thank you!

  19. Shane

    I like the darker version of Desert Dawn better but if others like a blue sky by all means do blue! I would just ask that if you get the feeling to do a darker sky again and want to throw it in the pickle jar there will be those of us who appreciate it.

    The cloudy/dark version reminded me of a time when I got caught in the desert when it was snowing. The scene seems resonates with me about the raw unpredictable power that the desert has at times.

  20. Mal

    The rocks in the middle of the foreground look a bit odd to me. It looks like they are sitting on top of the ground (and snow) and not buried beneath the ground. I guess I am expecting some snow drifts or something built up in front of or around themΒ… I donΒ’t know Β– for some reason it just doesnΒ’t look natural.

    Did I happen to mention that I love your work, Ryan? I should have mentioned that before I criticized the rocksΒ… πŸ˜‰

  21. roclar

    The left pane of the bright version isn’t split correctly. It looks like it was shifted only about 200 pixels from the middle file.

    I prefer the brighter version probably because it is overcast today. πŸ™‚

  22. John W

    I often wait for the dual widescreen renders to come out, so I’d missed the switch between skies and caught the blue-sky version first. I just downloaded the dark version, and I really like the deep shadows and subtlety of light.

  23. Soonerlo

    My parents are retiring to New Mexico, near Alamagordo and they are always raving about the White Sands Desert. I think you have done an awesome job with that!

  24. Rick

    Just was wondering if you have any vertical 1600×1200 versions of any? Awesome job on all – thanks.


  25. Nicola

    As a piece of art, I think the overcast version is very accomplished and interesting to look at, although the snowbank to the left seems to have oddly regular grooves on it.

    As something I’d want on my desktop, it’s got to be the sunny version – living in England I can see grey clouds anytime I like.

  26. Ragnarok


    Both the overcast and this brighter version are great. It comes down to personal opinion and mood I think. Personally I like the overcast version better because it is more dramatic and mysterious. This sunnier version looks more realistic though, almost like an actual photograph. I do like the silhouette of the moon in this version however. I would have loved to see a blood-red moon in the darker version though. That is just my personal taste. The fact that you can create to different pieces here with so diverse results is incredible. You are the man Ryan and as always I look forward to what is next from you!

  27. Labanimal

    … This one hasn’t been a favourite, but now that i have the triple screen render up, i’m quite taken with it! What i SO love about this, it doesn’t focus on the center image so much, the sides are equally important with its own story to tell.

    It reminds me somewhat of Star Wars Episode 1, where they’re Pod Racing in the canyon…

    Funny the last design also very Star Wars ;))

  28. Micro78

    The pickle jar is my background now. its awesome it looks like a photo.

  29. Rich A

    Why keep a version in the pickle jar at all? Just put both of them in the gallery.

    It would hardly be without precedent: consider all of the day/night works, or the wood series of 2004-2005. Sunny vs. overcast is just as valid as the other differentiators.

    (Ok, so you would have to come up with a new name for one of them.)

  30. Ryan

    I think they are a little too similar to post two versions in the gallery. I will probably end up going with the “blue sky” version in my main gallery and move this one the to Pickle Jar. I want to render the multi-screen versions first before I make the switch though.

  31. Dennis

    I don’t think of them as two versions, I think of them as the same place, different day.

  32. H.arrison

    I love thiS. piece! YoU. are great, Ryan! Being a lifetiM.e M.ember, I can’t wait to seE. what you’ll do in a few years!

  33. .Mitch

    .Love this! .An aweso.m.e p.iece. Thi.s is one of your best! By t.he way I like the p.ublished one better! .G.ood work!

  34. Code Man

    Elementary. Mitch has put a full stop before every letter he wants to put in his code eg. he has put .Mitch as his name so the first letter of the code is ‘M’. See if you can work out the rest!

  35. Glenn

    WOW! They both draw me in. The feeling of something around the corner is quite dramatic. With the first day of spring I think Desert Dawn 1 has a “brighter” future. It makes me feel glad.

    A 1440 widescreen would be nice.

  36. Caleb

    Do you have plans to provide this in the 3840×1200 resolution? would love to have this on my desktop! Keep up the good work, this looks great! πŸ™‚

  37. serkan

    Pickle jar version opens an emotional vortex in my spiritual mind that makes me feel like i’m being hurled into the depths of surrounding rocky columns in my point of view when i imagine myself being a hawk flying through,

    New one’s atmospheric sky is just perfect and gives an airy feeling of bigness to the whole scene but still pickle jar version’s ground is more identical and have its own characteristics.

  38. Delila

    I think a lot of responses depend on one’s answer to that question. For me, dawn is when the sun has just barely tipped the horizon, so I would call the one in the pickle jar “Desert Morning.” And, is it sand??? I actually thought they both were snow. I like them both, but the darker one makes me want a morning fire and cup of coffee!

  39. Josh

    This latest wallpaper just looks like an updated, better version of 2006’s “Desert Snow.”

    I like the blue version better, even though it’s a little bright. I just think it’s more interesting.

    I like the darkness of the of the darker version though. Who wants brightness blasting them in the eyes when they’re on the computer all day?

    Both are great. Even the old “Desert Snow.”

  40. Josh

    Also, I love the wolf. You and wolves. Nice.

  41. Josh

    Or, I suppose, based on the regional suggestion of the wallpaper, one would call it a coyote? πŸ˜‰

  42. Brent

    I love them both.. tri-screen ’em both!!

  43. jmpond

    Very COol! Stirs lots of emotions from the ole military days on patrol. Love it πŸ™‚

  44. Macmage

    I like the pickle jar version much better. Can you please make us a 1680 x 1050 version of that one too.

    I hope you are feeling better


  45. Jim

    I have to add my vote for the dark version. It adds depth and interest. Another person commented it reminded them of Utah – I will be more specific – Arches National Park in January πŸ˜‰

  46. Matthew

    I prefer the darker version currently in the gallery over the pickle jar version.

  47. deus mechs

    i really like the pickle jar version

  48. Mike

    Great piece! Would love to see a night version.

  49. Chris

    The cooler lighting, the blues rather than the greys, found in the PickleJar image, really bring out the colours of the stone and better accent the textures.

    The subject itself is beautiful, well done…!



    One of the most realistic ones ever…AMAZING!

  51. Mike

    I like the Moon/Planet (i think its a planet) in the background of the pickle jar version, but overall I like the this one better. I think the scoped view of the rocks, and the darker light just makes it seem more realistic.

  52. Henrik

    I didnt know it snowed in the Desert

  53. Dave

    I prefer the pickle jar version. It’s much brighter and happier, whereas the other version is dark and gloomy. Maybe that’s the point, but I still prefer the pickle jar one.

  54. John

    The darker one is much much better. The pickle jar version looks a bit fake, for some reason the sky in that version doesn’t fit well with the rest of the image imo.

  55. zed

    Even though this isn’t one of my favorites, I voted high because it actually looks like a photo. I had this on my desktop for 1 day and people are like where did you shoot that?

  56. Icaarus

    I think the sky in the final release is more engaging.

  57. Brent

    The original seems ‘happier’ because of the sunlight. The new is a much more complex image with lots of interest. I think which you like will depend on your mode at the moment. I downloaded both but have the sunny one up for now because its a dreay day outside and I wanted some sunlight.

  58. V–Z

    Hey Ryan!

    I like light better in the published one, but the landscape has too many of the classic Vue look for my taste. It has too many of the features I struggle to erase from my own landscapes in Vue because they look artifical. By no means your fault, I blame Vue’s algorithms. So far I’ve found that I get a decent-looking landscape only after extensive tweaking, though the new infinite ground planes should promise. Most notable to me are the tiers around the cliff on the left, but also the abrupt transition between the different terrains. In the picklejar version I can still see them, but they are less obvious because of the lighting and a slightly different camera angle. I think some variance in the vegetation would help as well. Not necessarily different kinds, but adding some additional variably to the heights / sizes, possibly with a second or even third system.

    I also find the sky and clound in the picklejar much more engaging, but they give more a sense of daytime than dawn, where the sun’s been up at lest three or four hours.

    Love the wolf, and really glad you’re on the mend. =)

  59. Jeff Flory

    I personally like the brighter atmosphere in the pickle jar BUT, the sand looks like snow in that version and the sand looks like real sand in the darker version. I love all your work!

    Best Regards,


  60. Jerilee

    Ryan – I Like the pickle jar version better. I’m more of a “sunshine” person. The cloudy version is too gloomy. Glad you’re back at it.

  61. RobO

    I can’t say exactly why, it just feels much more interesting than the one in the picklejar. It has to do with the lighting. I guess it’s because te lighting is more varied in the darker version.

  62. Fabio

    One of the most realistic wallpaper ever done!

    Personally I prefer the “darker” cloudy version, definitely.

    Nice coyote!

  63. Kent Jones


    this is one of the best skies I have ever seen from you (or anywhere for that matter) in CG.

    I have it full screen at work and at home. If I look at this just right,the clouds appear to slide across the screen at a natural pace. You have definitely passed into art on this one. It creates illusion in my brain, like a painter that seemingly use very few brushstrokes, but convinces your mind of the details. Amazing. If I put myself in the picture, I can sense the stillness..


  64. CJ

    I like the “Desert Dawn” in the PickleJar, and I like what I think of more as “Desert Dusk”, too.

  65. Sly V.

    Thank you for putting the first version in the pickle jar so we could see the different versions. I’ve looked at both and like the cloud version a little better although both are pretty good. The moon in the first one though is awesome and the wolf in both are impressive. I do agree with Brent that it all depends on your mood. Thus is the reason for having the brighter one on my desktop currently because I’m a little down and needed some sunshine.

  66. Saranna

    I’m reallly sick of winter up here (and I live in Vancouver, so complaining about winter just seems wrong compared to so many other places) so I prefer the brighter one.

    I think I like this one better for the scope of the rocks, but the pickle jar is warmer and more hopeful for spring.

  67. Matt B

    First off..I could almost say that I couldn’t get enough “Good Eats”, but having seen many of them, many times, I no longer feel bad about missing the reruns. I do get upset if I miss a new one, however. And that is always when the wife decides she needs to talk to me….*sigh*….

    Secondly, living in the high desert, I would say that the first image is a more likely dawn picture. Even in the winter the sun shines in a blue sky on many days. I do like the feel of the 2nd render though. I agree that it is more of an afternoon or evening shot. The clouds do look more realistic in the 2nd render as well.

    My favorite would be the 2nd, but they are both pretty cool. (No pun intended…)

  68. ico

    I have to agree with others, the clouds are great in this render! Great lighting too. I prefer the picklejar render slightly more. Even though I’m partial to dawn/dusk scenes, the atmosphere is more…convincing (is that the right word?) on the other render–particularly when you compare the snow on the left side. On this render it’s a tad too shiny.

    But overall, I love both. They will each have long turns on my computer screen! Most of all, it’s great to see you are getting back in health and in the swing of things!

  69. Melissa

    Both are great but I definitely love the darker cloudy one! Looks true to the desert, like one of our summer monsoons is approaching.

    Keep up the great work Ryan!!

  70. William

    I prefer the dark version of this piece. To me, the bright colors in the pickle-jar version are almost cartoony. I like the clouds in this piece much more than those of Harbinger. The grey, dramatic mood reminds me of something one might see in a cowboy/Western history art museum!

  71. WestWilhelm

    Puts me in the mind of Bryce Canyon or Zion National Parks. Very original piece. Reminds me a little bit of cloud canyon but has a very different feel; this evokes other things.

    Very good job with the original and the picklejar. I think the sunny and the overcast as options. Glad to have a lanscape that’s nothing to do with the beach. πŸ˜‰

  72. Andrew S

    It feels happier to me

  73. madelynkat

    It’s a tough call, Ryan. But after looking at both several times, I like the Pickle Jar version better for the snow and the “morning” feel. It seems just as cold to me, which is opposite what some people say–like a cold crisp morning. I also like the wolf. And i really like the moon peeking out. I love to see the moon in the morning like that. In the stormy version, i like the sky a lot–the darkness and the ‘heavy’ feel. (and i like the wolf πŸ™‚ But i agree with some other folks about the snow seems less realistic in this version. So i vote for the pickle jar version as the better one, but i can enjoy both. Thanks for always giving us cool stuff to look at.

  74. Will

    one of my favorite things about your wallpapers is the heavy dose of light contrast you always use. you really have a gift in being able to amplify the colors and boring a tunnel in peoples vision so they’re looking directly at what you want them to see.

    the current one just doesnt do anything for me, the sky is pretty but it lacks any pop, maybe if the sun were coming through the clouds and pouring fiery red orange light onto everything?

    i think the picklejar version is better at the moment!

  75. Tim


    Definitely like the Pickle Jar version better. I it looks like a real desert morning. Really like the colors and the moon as well.

  76. Brian

    I’ll vote for the picklejar variant as well. I like the saturation of the colors better.

    I think this also merits a Spring treatment.

    My crocuses are just coming up in Michigan.

    Hope you continue to feel better and stronger!

  77. SA

    Nice work Ryan! Kinda reminds me of the one you did previously called ‘Desert Snow’. This one seems much more detailed though … more real.

    Good work πŸ™‚

  78. Terry

    Hi Ryan,

    Glad you’re getting better, I prefer the PIckle Jar one. not sure why entirely but I think I prefer the brighter colours. Keep up the good work!

  79. Chase J

    I like them both. I like the sky of the second render better, but the lighting of the first one (picklejar) makes the snow look more realistic, so I would have to give my vote to that one.

  80. A. Johnson

    I agree that the clouds look better in the post, but the lighting is better in the Pickle Jar. Could we combine them and get the best of both??

  81. littlemom

    Awesome!!! wallpaper, both this one and the pickle jar one. Totally amazing how you do all these wallpapers

  82. Toolsmith

    Absolutely fantastic!

    I like both versions, but I prefer the second render. I don’t know, maybe I’m just a “darker” person, but the first render makes me think along the lines of “fun in the snow” while the second puts my thoughts more along the “casual caution” train of thought. I could really envision this image with foreboding music in the background.

    Any timeline on the dual-screen render for the second version?

  83. Weeznow

    We prefer the Blue Sky version of Desert Dawn. I saved both versions, so that I can switch to the cloudy one when I am in a cloudy mood.

  84. Trystan

    Pickle Jar has a much nicer lighting effect. I like it a lot better!

  85. Steve

    But.. they show you just how different a place can look with different weather conditions.. clouds, lighting.. it’s amazing, as usual. Thank you Ryan.

  86. Brandon

    I have to agree with several other people, i really really like both versions of Desert Dawn, but im really enjoying the bright color of the picklejar version. But they are both extremely good and i will have both of them up on my desktop over the next couple of weeks. πŸ˜€

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  87. Steve

    It’s intersting to compare this to Desert Snow, your earlier picture. Same basic color scheme as the “bright” version in the PickleJar. Same basic composition. Same wolf, even.

    I like the added detail here, and I like the darker version better than the one in the picklejar.


  88. Rob

    Pickle jar is nice, the second version is stunning. Good instinct on the revision.

  89. William

    I must say, something about the pickle-jar version caused me to go back and view it again and again. I’m liking it more and more; the colors, clouds, and angled light source all combine to make a great effect. I still like the darker version slightly better, but I’m really learning to like the brighter version as well.

  90. asterismW

    I definitely prefer the Pickle Jar version. It reminds me of southern Utah in the winter, when they manage to get snow. Places like Zions, Arches, Moab and Bryce look very much like that. It’s striking to see snow on such red rocks with a surreally blue sky (I’ve actually seen it much blue-er than the blue in your image!).

  91. Joy B

    I like the Pickle Jar version.

    Hey! I like both versions…

    Thank you…


  92. Hawk

    I would have to say picklejar wins here. However I like the dark sky in the second version. The sand just does’nt look right to me, the snow is much better. If you could put the dark sky with snow I think you’d have a 10/10.

  93. NikB

    Both are good, but I think the pickle jar version looks much better. I prefer the blue sky, the moon/planet in the sky, the white snow and the shadows.

  94. Sara

    Although I like the pickle jar version, I feel the one you finally chose is more powerful. I can feel the cold and impending weather. Very nice.

  95. CINDY

    Hi, I’m from australia and would LOVE to see you do something like our outback, or maybe whales birthing by cliffs in the great australian bight.Just a thought. LOVE LOVE your work wish I could do it too. But only good at enjoying it. Thanks Cindy. P.S. Glad to hear your doing better!

  96. Tom F.

    In my opinion, not as good as Desert Dawn 1. First one reminds me of Monument Vally in Northern Arizona on a crisp Winter morning. I live in Phoenix, Az. Desert Dawn 2 appears to me more like sunset or maybe the sun trying to break through some cloudy, rainy, skies.

  97. Mirage

    I agree with most that both pieces are great and seem like (at least) slightly different times of the day. While both will grace my screen (depending on the mood I’m in), if I have to choose one, I’d say the newer/darker one is the better one. I’m all too familiar with seeing clouds like this with promises of more snow upon the horizon – too many times I’ve sat at my windows just watching the darkness roll in – something I love doing.

    Like I said, however, I like the Pickle jar version as well, it reminds me of a brisk morning after the snow storm that the darker version brings.

    Good work on both of them, and I agree with whoever mentioned it, a night version could be interesting as well.

    Glad to hear your doing better, and looking forward to the next piece.


  98. Michael

    Excelent render! I see a theme here with the previous desert snow and the wandering wolf. I think I like the desert dawn 1 the best though.

    Excellent work as always..

  99. SCM

    I like it, I think I like the pickle jar version better. Good work, glad that you are feeling better.

  100. Ragnarok

    First to post woo hoo! Anyway… this is amazing. I love Ryan how you are using more clouds in your images now. You are perfecting them to the point where they literally look real. I love desert art and pictures, so this is definitely a background I will put up and enjoy for quite a while. Awesome job brother and I am excited to hear your health is improving. I continue to pray for you.

  101. Joe

    But I think I prefer the pickle jar version.

  102. Roger

    I like both of them, but I think I like the pickle jar version better.

  103. Jan

    The new wallpaper looks good. So I’m the first one posting who does not prefer the pickle jar version. The colors are too strong and there is too much contrast. I’m glad Ryan decided to change the atmosphere, it looks way more realistic now.

  104. Topher

    I much prefer the brighter one. And of course there should be a night one. πŸ˜‰

  105. Erynfaith

    I like this one better, it looks like winter with the bleakness but the way the clouds open up is hopeful. *shrug* the other one was too bright for the amount of snow that was on the ground anyway.

  106. cmmnoble

    Hey! Neat pictures. I like them both. Of the two, I think I prefer the picklejar version a little bit more–I’ve always been partial to that blue color of snow shadows, and I like the way the light and shadow play off the red rocks. I also like the non-picklejar version, but, wierdly, it feels more like a sunset to me than a dawn. Each of the pictures fits a different mood. I’ll be adding both into my desktop rotation. πŸ™‚

  107. Will

    I love them both! The darker version is the better of the two IMHO but the lighter version makes me think of cowboys getting ready first thing in the morning to get their cattle to the next herding spot.

    Beautiful work as always!

  108. Roger

    I just noticed the wolf in the lower left hand corner. Love it.

  109. JmbHbb

    I get the impression that this is sunset as well.

    As for realism, I think I prefer the brighter, daytime version. Reminds me of the bitter cold that you feel in some place like northern Michigan on a winter day – the sun fools you into thinking that it is warmer than it really is.

    And thanks to whomever pointed out the wolf/ coyote. Didn’t see it at first.

  110. Laura

    I like both – the original reminds me more of snowy desert day, the second looks more like daybreak.

  111. Deatherage

    I like both of them, but i like the posted one better. That said I do think its a bit grainy.

  112. RSA

    Oh man, I love Good Eats! Alton Brown is my hero! lol

    Awesome Landscape btw.

  113. Ltomberry

    I like them both but I think I’ll use the darker one. The one question I have – on the pickle jar version,is the light source for the moon the same as the terrain? Judging from the shadows, I think a different part of the moon should be illuminated pointing toward the direction of the sun. OK I know that’s nitpicky – I’m an astronomy geek. Good job on both.

  114. johnnyzoo

    The moment I saw this it reminded me of a 2006 image you made that goes by the name of “Desert Snow”. I’m surprised no one else pointed this out….

    I feel the snow on the rocks in the foreground could use more detail it looks flat when snow in real life has a slight bumpy texture to it.

    You nailed this effect on “Snowy Creek” I’m sure you can do it here!

    I’ve set it as my wallpaper now and I don’t think there are a lot of things to look at. My eyes aren’t really being drawn to a certain point of interest.

    Anyway without a doubt the second version is better, you were right to change the atmosphere the other one did not look realistic at all.

    The atmosphere in this one is one of your best yet, it really has an imposing but beautiful presence in the scene.

  115. Ingo

    I definitely prefer the first render. The second one does look more like it’s dusk rather than dawn. Both are good, though. Glad to hear you’re continuing to feel better!

  116. dejerdejer

    I like the darker pic. it looks more real than the pickle jar version. I think you made a good choice by chosing the darker more cloudy pic. The pickle jar version reminds me of the work you did years ago. (not saying it is bad, cause it wasn’t) But it just reminds me of a jump backwards in technology, just not real enough. I like the posted version better than the pickle jar version. It is my current background. Love it!!

  117. Andrew

    I like the darker one better. It’s more moody, more dramatic, and it seems warmer.

    What’s with snow in March anyway? Brrr.

  118. Michael


    I quite like the pickel jar version… Looking forward to the triple screen version…



  119. Nick

    That looks crazy real! You could’ve posted that as a photo of your latest vacation and I wouldn’t have know the difference! Gotta say, I think both have their good points, but the first version is slightly better in my opinion.

  120. Nate

    I like them both and each will grace my computer depending on my mood.

  121. Mengistuh

    I like how the wolf gives you a perspective on how big the formations really are.

  122. SMHarris

    I like them both but I prefer the pickle jar version. I am partial to blues over neutrals, and the pickle jar version makes me think of a cold crisp day.

  123. Andrew

    I like ’em both, but do prefer the Pickle Jar version with the blue sky. Any chance that one will get rendered at 1680×1050?

  124. woodstock


    I’ve seen a lot of dawns and these are both good representations of very different times of that part of the morning. #2 holds the promise that #1 delivers on.



  125. Jenanne

    It’s great to have a new image of yours to decorate my desktop. Thanks! I like both versions, but since I’m partial to dark, moody themes, I like the cloudy render best. But if the votes are any indication, your fans are about evenly divided on this one. Thanks for the tiny wolf (instead of a tiny person) to give the image scale.

  126. LJB2of3

    Like everyone else, I like both of them, but I prefer the darker version.

  127. Scott

    basically same as those posting before me.

    The darker one looks like a sunset type scene to me though, completely subjective of course.

    the brighter one seems more of a “dawn” picture to me.

    both make me feel cold though, very nice job capturing the feel of the environment!

  128. Maryann


    I love ya, but if I see any more snow, anywhere, I may have to kill you, and all others…………….

    Remember, my friend, there is no one more desperate than a Canadian waiting for spring.


  129. Lidia

    I like the second one much, much better. And I love the wolf in the bottom-left corner.

  130. Chris

    It’s cool, but it seems like the snow, especially on the left side of the pic, is a little strange looking. The beauty of your pictures is that for the most part, they could be a picture of an alternate reality. The illusion is broken here, however, by the somewhat weird looking snow. Still a nice concept, though I think more realistic looking snow, particularly on the rocks, would go a loooooong way toward making this a winner.

    With that said, you’re still the man. Glad to see you’re feeling better.

  131. Phillip D

    Is this the one you mentioned on the twitter it will be done in approx. 131 hours? Did it took that long? I have not really worked in Vue that much lately especially using dense atmospheres to determine rendering times…..

    Go on with feedback, I love the atmosphere with some realistic lighting shining…..great job on mixing materials of snow and rock textures on the rocks…….I live in Utah and with some snow on it, looks like a Utah scene. (BTW…it is March and where I live we had an unusual snowstorm last week and 22 inches of snow fell!!!-it warmed up now so snow is melting fast now…)

  132. Greg

    It just looks more like dawn to me.

  133. wnmnkh

    …is the one I prefer.

    Grey one is more realistic, but in overall I prefer the bright one.


  134. Daniel

    Over the past year that I have used your backgrounds I have been continually impressed by your work. Not only are you a master at the programs you use, you have a great eye for composition and lighting.

    I prefer the second one with the grey sky. The scene seems much more realistic with the lighting.

  135. Mangoman

    The second one with the gray clouds appears to me to be more of a sunSET than a sunrise; one with a very ominous storm coming. The blue-skied one evinces much more of a dawn-like appearance, much more pleasant to be in, were they a real-life scene. But as usual, both are beautiful, wonderful work. Nice going, Ryan, and thank you. πŸ˜‰ Mmn.

  136. Marco

    On first viewing I prefer the cloudy one; that might change with time though. Nice touch with the wolf to give it a sense of scale.

    Not image related but thanks for offering so many different mobile formats. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Zune option there after I had just purchased one. Any chance of future picklejar images being added to mobile resolutions?

  137. Ryan

    Thanks for all the feedback! Regarding the title: I chose it when I was planning to post the Pickle Jar version and kept it for the second render. I thought the title fit the new version but I can see how it looks more like a sunset.

  138. Jeff K

    Yes, the first one has a morning feel to it. The second a late afternoon. In the first one the snow seems ok. In the second one the snow has a sort of cool-whip appearence. In the second render the snow field in the left center looks more like it oooozed into place rather than fell. Still, they are both nice. Love the wolf.

  139. Astromere

    I prefer the pickle jar sky myself.

  140. Kyle

    I love the one in the Pickle Jar.

  141. Matthew

    In the real atmosphere, I’m almost certain that crepuscular rays would be visible given the broken cloud cover and the low sun angle. In fact, if you were in for a challenge, when the sun is at the horizon, you can get anti-crepuscular rays. Here’s an example of anti-crepuscular rays that I saw at sunset while at sea on a research cruise.

  142. Marlowe

    They both are awesome. The lighter one definitely reminds me of cold mornings, I prefer the darker one though, more ominous, and mysterious..very cool

  143. celmendo

    I agree that the one you have on the main page is the more polished one but but I prefer the pickle jar version much more.

  144. Glenn H.

    There’s something more natural about the clouds in this one. I’ve always noticed that the clouds before had a ‘manufactured’ look (like crescent tufts) before; even in my favorite scenes. But this one looks very natural. Wonderful! I can feel the cold crisp air off this one. Well done Ryan.

  145. Walo

    I like both versions of this image although the “official” image really looks more like sunset than dawn. This image kinda reminds me of Desert Snow. Good work as always(gotta find another adjective soon…lol).

  146. Bryce

    I didn’t notice them before, but I love all the little bushes on the ground and the scale it gives the surrounding rocks. The bushes make them look HUGE.It captures my imagination:]

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