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When I posted Snowtop a little while back I mentioned that it was an experiment learning Gaea. Quite a few folks left comments here and on social media indicating that I should post more Gaea experiments when I had them. I have a couple such projects in the works and this is the first. “Chione” (named for the Greek goddess of snow) continues my study of Gaea’s snow cover node (which I also used in Snowtop). I hope you enjoy it!

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13 reviews for Chione

  1. redfoxiii [basicmember]

    The snow looks wonderful but there’s something… off about the rock textures and the snowline blending. It looks more like there’s been a jello spill on a white surface.

  2. Kerry [basicmember]

    I had previously been a member for many years, but my membership lapsed last year. I thought “I wonder what Ryan is up to these days?” Saw this picture and immediately renewed! Awesome work as always ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Jason [basicmember]


    This one’s fabulous. You’ve done a lot of gorgeous snow scenes in the past, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen you combine it with a planet scape before. I love it!

  4. Paul [donormember]

    Simply jaw dropping. I live in country like this and I’m impressed.

  5. Ozaawaagosh [plusmember]

    Peaceful frozen landscape, simply beautiful

  6. BobC [lifer]

    I also love the simplicity and subtle colors of this apparently lifeless landscape. Keep ’em coming!

  7. Doc [liferplus]

    The explorer and space scifi fan in me enjoys your plantescapes !. The widescreen versions evoke a sense of scale and I think the proportions/distances of the planets/moons is spot on.

  8. Romarch [lifer]

    For those of the warm-climate persuasion, the snow could also be sand. The Ennedi region of the Sahara features large rock outcrops poking out of the sand like this. I love pictures of that area, and until I read that this was snow I honestly thought I was looking at a desert scene. It’s a beautiful dawn no matter which way one sees it. >({|:-)

  9. John Lavin [lifer]

    Great render – though I will be saving it for my wallpaper rotation when its a bit cooler outside!

  10. Jason Pond [liferplus]

    Another masterful render. I favor all of your works (like this) which offer a feeling of serenity. I think you figured Gaea out!

  11. SteveSw [lifer]

    Ryan, this is a brilliant image. The sky/moons, the mountains, and the snow are each individually interesting, and together they are extraordinary. Thank you!

  12. Mark [liferplus]

    Ryan, this one is wonderful. Well done!

  13. Nathan Zachary [lifer]

    I really like the simplicity and minimal nature of this render, Ryan. The colours are also really pleasing!

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