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Believe it or not this is actually the same model from The Oddball but evolved quite a bit. I thought it would be interesting to see if I could build walkways or other architecture using Plant Factory. This first iteration is a bit on the fanciful side (I couldn’t decide if this was a night scene or an abstract) but I could see some interesting future applications.

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17 reviews for Boardwalk

  1. Ozaawaagosh [plusmember]

    I love the fun of both versions, looks so cool and fun to be among these brilliant Orbs, great Render my Friend.

  2. sigmaman [lifer]

    Reminds me of a carnival at night. Love it!

  3. LanceX [basicmember]

    As a photographer in my alter ego, I can appreciate the differences between the day and night versions. They appeal to our personal preferences. For me the day version gives a sense of security and comfort as well as a connection to a new vision. The night scene brings out an appreciation of an otherwise dark walkway and it’s brightly lit enticement to go just a little bit further and discover a new perspective. Perhaps a little transparency in the water?

    An awesome image Ryan!

  4. Corwin Amber [donormember]

    I always like night images and this is no exception. I do wonder (if it is possible) what the effect on the picture would be if all the orbs were blue/dark blue/purple or a similar color scheme.

  5. Gene [lifer]

    I like it (no surprise for me at DB), but not sure how to articulate that, so: 10 for the awesome colors, 9 for the design, and 8 for sensory overload. 9 overall.

  6. Eric [lifer]

    The color palette is lovely. Those yellows and oranges and reds combine to make an excellent piece.

  7. Todd [basicmember]

    Such a great concept. Visually stunning and enchanting.

  8. RubberBrain [liferplus]

    Honestly, the 3D version you posted on FaceBook made this render even more incredible. I really love the look of a path winding through the lights. It reminds of a world that belongs in the Myst game series.

    Can’t wait for the multimonitor!

  9. Littlemom [liferplus]

    Not sure how to describe this one. It’s definitely different and unique. I love the colors you used in this one, and the lighting in it and along the path are really good.

  10. Joe B [liferplus]

    Just… wow. Great reflections, the lighting on the path is phenomenal. You’ve outdone yourself here, Ryan.

  11. BobC [lifer]

    Very clever, creative, evocative piece!

    Google “River of Lights Albuquerque “ for some images that are kinda “realistic analogs” of this one.

  12. Susan [lifer]

    Honestly, I’m less drawn to your work when it’s too realistic. I love alien landscapes, and I’d love to see you take another pass at some of your more surreal work using human shapes.

    I like this a lot. I wonder if there’s a way to do a daylight scene with it.

  13. Gumboot [lifer]

    Reminds me of the island of Curacao – at night. Nice.

  14. Aslan [liferplus]

    Reminds me of the annual lumiere ‘GLOW’ held at our RHS gardens over Christmas & New Year.

  15. Dan [basicmember]

    I absolutely love this one! It has a dreamlike, fantasy feel to me.

  16. DJ [basicmember]

    While a tad busy for a wall (unless you’re an anti-clutter, icon-averse desktop-minimalist/puritan like me, heh), but WOW what a scene! I really like it! Glowy lights for the win!

  17. Cara [basicmember]

    Hope you do a daytime version too! Maybe with some koi? <3

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