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Working with Gaea here to create a realistic Autumn mountain scene. In the end though I decided to leave off the mountaintop. Believe me, there’s quite a bit more beyond the frame here (watch for the multiscreen soon!). My first version of this had a uniform distribution of trees going up the hillside, but I thought it would be more interesting to have the autumn colors transition to evergreens with altitude.

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24 reviews for Autumn Cove

  1. Kevin Matthies

  2. Tarot Cat [basicmember]

    Excellent work.

  3. Matthew [basicmember]


    Excellent depth of field in this piece!


  4. Kevin [plusmember]

    In the Autumn of 2000 my girlfriend (who later became my wife), introduced me to your site and all its wonderful works. Over the years we have enjoyed them a few times some sites you did reminded us of certain areas we knew and loved. This one reminds me of early fall of 2009 near an area we stayed at for a wedding. Brings back wonderful memories. Not quite so mountainous but beautifully rendered and breathtaking. As always excellent work Ryan.

  5. Joe [basicmember]

    This one is great for a single monitor, but when it’s stretched across 3, the far right monitor ends up being completely shaded, like the brightness was turned way down.

  6. liz [basicmember]

    i love the colors and wish i could change my background over… but that foreground that is blurred out is just extremely distracting to me. i’ve noticed it on a few wallpapers this year and kind of wish you were able to do a version that is all crisp and one with artistic blurring as you need :). but i do not know how annoying that may be for you and there are so many other wallpapers that i love that it doesn’t matter too much in the long run :).

  7. Russ [patronmember]

    Makes me wish I had bigger screens or triple monitors so I can see more of it 🙂

  8. Scott [liferplus]

    Only thing I don’t like is that in the single-screen version the trees in the foreground (bottom left corner) look wrong. It’s probably the perspective, but they look like they should either be more in focus or much larger. The perspective on the multiscreen versions is much better IMO. Otherwise another great one, it has a nice fall look.

  9. Pete [lifer]

    This is an absolutely beautiful picture. I absolutely love the color transition up to the evergreens. This may be one of my favorite pictures you’ve done yet, and that’s saying something!

  10. sigmaman [lifer]

    Now that is pretty!!!

  11. Eyal [lifer]

    This one is wonderful. For me – the single screen version is better, because the blur of the “close” trees is much more noticeable than in the multi-screen version…

    It is very nice on the multi-screen, but a little less..

  12. Ozaawaagosh [plusmember]

    This is breath-taking Awesome detail and colour, this one is my new fav, in landscapes Great render, Ryan.

  13. Edwin Vane [basicmember]

    The depth of field effect in the foreground is cool but it makes the image look like the scene is very small; like a diorama. If you were taking a picture of a landscape then at such large focal distances everything would be in focus. Either that or those trees in the foreground are *really* close and should appear a lot bigger.

  14. Afya [lifer]

    This is stunning. The contrast of the colours in the light and shade is just magical.

    The forest structure doesn’t have to be realistic. 🙂 It doesn’t have to be on planet Earth.

  15. John [lifer]

    So I first have to say it is a nice render, but as a person who has been at high elevation many times, a scene like this would be basically all evergreen to the treeline and there would also be a LOT less trees per square foot than the render has.

  16. Rodewaryer [lifer]

    The foreground and reflections in particular just make me stare, excellent!

  17. Jerry [lifer]

    Wow, you have outdone yourself on this one. It looks incredible! I usually go more for the ones with some kind of other worldly-ness to them (like 3 moons etc.) but this is perfect as it. Thanks.

  18. James Smart [lifer]

    What a beautiful image. The slight haze, the reflection and the amazing colours! Wow! A truly great piece of work.

  19. Gamma Lead [lifer]

    I’m a big fan of Autumn, so I may be a touch biased but I opened the email and the first thing I thought–“Holy… Wow!!!” It’s an amphitheater of colors with the reflecting pool in the middle. Some awesome out-of focus trees in the foreground and a nice shaded section all lend to make a beautiful piece. I especially love the fissures which provide a ‘texture’ to the piece. Quite excellent.

  20. Marilyn [basicmember]

    This almost feels like Autumn in New England! I love it!

  21. Seadragonlady [liferplus]

    Great work on those colours Ryan, that transition really makes them pop. I like the closer view it makes look more realistic in my opinion. Already on the desktop.

  22. Littlemom [liferplus]

    Since Autumn is my favorite season I love your Autumn renders and this one is no exception. It almost has a slight bowl look to it but still pretty. I would love to see a pick jar version of this one showing the top of the mountain.

  23. Eric L. [lifer]

    Wow, that color fade and canyon topography is excellent, and that reflection on the lake? Beautiful! This is surely 2019’s best image. 🙂

  24. Mark [liferplus]

    this one is perfect, Ryan

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