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7 reviews for Archipelago

  1. bob251

    … especially in the dual-monitor version

  2. Chris B

    Eventhough it looks way to small to actually stay… Seems like it would be an amazing place to dive!

    Are those sharks? I think they’re the 3 dolphins that seem to keep sneaking their way into the pieces, along with the 3 wolves in children of the night & Song of the sky and the combo with yuletide

  3. April

    This is in my top five favorites. I think the little details are what does it for me– the ocean floor, the sharks.

    My co-workers ask me if this is a photograph all the time.

  4. Hazer

    Definitely one of my favorites! I also like it during the winter months as it seems to have an uplifting effect on me.

  5. Bob

    This image was an instant favorite. I usually keep your latest non-abstract image as my desktop image and I sadden to take this one off because it was so classic and serence.

    It was a bonus when you added the detail later.

  6. Eric

    One of my favorite pieces of art ever! The concentrated areas of vibrant green among the blue sea provides a focus for the cause of relaxation. Every time this wallpaper comes up on my rotation, I have to minimoze all my windows and simply enjoy this masterpiece for several minutes.

  7. Jamie N.

    Yes, it is a very bright, “happy” image. I put this one up during the long cold winter months!

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