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This is the “background” planet that I created for my “Aquraii” render. I’ve added it to the gallery by popular request.

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13 reviews for Aquarii Prime

  1. Hal [lifer]

    Excellent planetary vision of the mind’s eye. I had just logged in to the site and it was the second wallpaper I looked at, I stopped right there and downloaded it immediately. Do not pass go, do not collect 200$. No need to look any further, I had my new desktop. Magnificent.

    OK, now I can look around some more. 🙂

  2. Josh [liferplus]

    I love the color and simplicity in this render.

  3. Mangoman [liferplus]

    Ole Roy’s chart surely is panning out in this planet, isn’t it? All ya godda do is start in the middle, and work upward-there are the colors of the rainbow for you to enjoy, put to good use by the once again practically brilliant brush of Ryan Bliss. Damb, you rock, man, and you’ve done it once more. This one is so cool!

  4. Jenanne [liferplus]

    This magnificent render just took the place of Roche Limit (both the 2004 and 2013 version) as my all-time favorite stand-alone planetscape. That’s saying a lot; your planetscapes are the main reason I became a member. Lovely work, Ryan, thanks!

  5. Hoverwolf1 [lifer]

    Reminds me of Roche Limit

  6. D. C. Sessions [lifer]

    As a result I doubt that my judgment on this is sound. But it’s still pretty!

  7. Ozaawaagosh [basicmember]

    Beautiful colours, simply beautiful render

  8. Nicole A. [lifer]

    Beautiful colors on my Samsung Galaxy S7 with exceptional wallpaper motion effects!

  9. Mario [basicmember]

    An exceptional multi-hued world. Gotta love those rings!

  10. steven [lifer]

    The space pictures are why I signed up how ever long ago.

  11. Ben [liferplus]

    Love this.. great addition for Pride Month. Any chance of a 2560×1080 21:9? Thanks!

  12. Cat Scratch [nonmonthly]

    The Juno spacecraft couldn’t have done it better.

    And a 3840×1080 dualscreen render would be nice too.

  13. Davin [basicmember]

    I could see this as a shirt design for many of the people attending Electric Daisy Carnival next weekend.

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