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5 reviews for Anemones

  1. Tristan

    This one has remained a favorite since it came out, that’s ten years. Good job. The newer ones are great but this one was ahead of its time.

  2. finger

    I wish you would consider doing a dualscreen of this one. i love it.

  3. sithsister

    I just love the look of this one, it is so relaxing.

  4. Akhila

    Hi Ryan,

    I thought I was a scenery person…but this one is beautiful. I discovered it this weekend while browsing through your collection and was impressed to find such an interesting piece of work. The quality of the rendering is excellent. I just wish you had voting buttons on this one and also put this up again in 2007/08 so that many others can enjoy its beauty. You have done this with Haiku and song of the sky..I like anemones as it is..but you are very good at this stuff that you may even improve upon this piece of perfection.

    Very impressed!!



  5. Justin B.

    I am an abstracts man, that’s for sure, and this is easily one of my three favorite abstracts that you have ever done. Why are all my all-time favorites always ranked so undeservingly low by others on here? I refuse to believe that I’m the one with the bad taste:)

    This one is of such high quality, I find it hard to believe that it was done way back in 2001, especially when noting all the other wallpapers that the others voters have ranked higher than this from both 2001 and later.

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