After the Rain (Night)

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A night version of “After the Rain”. Added a bit of lightning for contrast 🙂

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9 reviews for After the Rain (Night)

  1. Brian Slattery

  2. Marius Peregrine

    I *really* dislike the lightning; too bright, too violent. You could get the same pink undersides of clouds by having the Sun below the horizon, which is what happens in real life, and I love the subtle luminosity of a natural twilight/dusk. When all the clouds are islands in a sea of stars…

    Fantastic job on the sand/gravel in all versions!

  3. Eric Liscinsky

    Dual screen shots also do NOT show the lightning. So the image is mostly a lot of dark blue landscape. Nothing very interesting going on. Maybe this cut is a pickle jar candidate.

  4. Patrick Kellaher

    I like the picture, but the framing on anything wider than 16:9 is really off. Apparently, just like the triple screen, the 21:9 doesn’t have the top half of the picture. It appears cropping was started at the bottom of the picture which makes the wallpaper, just ok… kinda meh.

  5. Veronica Miller

  6. Rick Gosden

    I really like, but agree, the triple screen version is disapointing! Can you slide the view up to include the lightning?

  7. Clare Padfield

    Too much for me. The previous iterations showed a calm scene, *after* the violence of the storm. This looks like the storm is advancing, not retreating. The beautiful unique features of the scene, the water and the desert, are lost in the darkness – and the eye doesn’t even search for them, because of the lightning.
    And the lightning appears to be going *up* from the mountain (thickest bolt / brightest light) to strike the clouds? Huh?
    I can imagine a subtler version of this scene with no visible lightning bolts, but the distant lightning illuminating some of the clouds from inside (sheet lightning) – providing some light for the scene below.

  8. Jeff Humphrey

    Pretty cool looking. Lightning looks a slight bit blurry, but it may be my particular screens or my 51 year old eyes.

  9. Shawn Wohlt

    The triple screens version don’t have the lightning?

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