After the Rain

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I discovered I liked my first multiscreen version of “After the Rain” more than the single-screen so I tried to bring those qualities to this new version.

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9 reviews for After the Rain

  1. Cathi Britz

    I like this desert type landscape layout. Your clouds are giants!!

  2. James Tullett

    Do like the big sky, and the rippled floodwaters in the near and mid ground of the picture.

  3. Tatiana Taylor

    That receding storm cloud is magnificent! I love it.

  4. Nic Saint

    Got a much more big sky, big land feel. i like it a lot

  5. Clare Padfield

    The clouds definitely dominate the scene now. I prefer the lighting though, the colours were weird in the original. The only drawback is that the vegetation and lovely wet sand are hidden in shadow. But a beautiful scene.

  6. Kyle

    The added clouds look like an atom bomb went off or something. Much preferred the clean sky on version 1.

    • Ryan

      I appreciate your feedback! I’ve seen quite a few storms that look like bombs going off and that was not unintentional here 🙂

  7. John Carpenter

    WOW!! Much as I have loved your work for many years, this is probably my favorite of all time!!!

  8. Cathy Warren

    OMGOsh I’m loving the clouds in this one. Simply amazing!

  9. Jason Pond

    This version with the clouds is much better. What might be nice is to put the sun behind the clouds for a cool silhouette effect. This one is awesome though!!

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