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After posting “Substellar” more than one of my Members requested that I create something without a “central focus” that would usable as a background for virtual meetings. I’ve needed to really figure out cloud sculpting in VUE so this seemed like a good excuse.
This piece is an experiment along those lines. I honestly don’t do a lot of virtual meetings so please let me know what sorts of things you look for in a good meeting background!

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2 reviews for Above All

  1. Greywolf [liferplus]

    This is an excellent background; I could almost see Cloud City hovering around somewhere, with a couple of podcars flying about.

    It does look a bit like someone used an oil-paint filter on this one, but I don’t think that’s out of place. It is very Roger-Dean-esque.

    [speaking of which: I’d love to see your take on the design inside the album cover of Close to the Edge…]

  2. Ziran Sun [lifer]

    Honestly Ryan, I love most of your renderings. However, this is possibly your worst work. It looks like the Ecce homo restorer took the task to restore one of your works. Gone are the usual sharp details and interesting design, leaving just blobs of what was once great. I am sorry.

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