Hooded Peak (Twilight)

Posted on February 17, 2022

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Hooded Peak (Twilight)

After posting “Hooded Peak” earlier this week I played around with a number of different lighting/atmosphere scenarios. The sense I got from the feedback was the day version was cool but maybe a bit too bright for a wallpaper. Hopefully this one is a bit easier on the eyes.

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4 thoughts on "Hooded Peak (Twilight)"

  1. webworx [Lifetime Plus] says:

    This one is my favorite from the entire Hooded Peak series. Each have their various pros, but it’s just my personal favorite (and I’m normally a night fan). Thanks for posting this, Ryan!

  2. Jeff Wertman [Basic] says:

    Lovely use of colors, well done.

  3. KeithMyArthe [Basic] says:

    I live in Australia, we see Lenticular Clouds like this frequently. They are strange, just one mountain in a cloudless sky wearing a hat.

  4. Werner Graf [Lifetime] says:

    I like the scenery, but the cloud looks a bit unreal.

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