Hooded Peak

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4 reviews for Hooded Peak

  1. David Sarrazin

    Now that I actually looked up what Lenticular clouds are, I take back my 4 star rating. you nailed it, Ryan.

  2. David Sarrazin

    The mountain and landscape are fantastic! The clouds I find a bit…Monet. Still love the image.

  3. Mike Calloway

    I really like the ‘twilight’ version better than the Spring. I am also enamored by these clouds. I have seen on TV some really cool ones ones that are rare around the Matterhorn. Keep the versions coming.

  4. Eric Liscinsky

    It happened again. One of my coworkers saw a Db image [Hooded Peak] and asked “Where was this picture taken?”.
    Kudos to Ryan!
    As my self employed father used to say … “I don’t pay for advertisements. Word of mouth is the best advertisement there is.”
    Yes I told them all about Db.

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