Hooded Peak (Dusk)

Posted on February 14, 2022

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Hooded Peak (Dusk)

Here’s a view of the Hooded Peak with the sun a bit lower in the sky. I’m still experimenting with this one of course and I might replace it later today with an updated render. The Pickle Jar isn’t quite ready on DB 2.0 so I will just post these in the main gallery for now.

Members please let me know what you think via the comments 🙏🏼

3 thoughts on "Hooded Peak (Dusk)"

  1. Dave Parfrey [Plus] says:

    Lossless master shows error message “The specified key does not exist”.

    I do like all of the variations! 😀

  2. Jed Duncan [Lifetime] says:

    When will a multi-screen of this be released?

  3. Anup Shetty [Lifetime] says:

    I like this version better, the details in the cloud are more apparent.

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