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18 reviews for Vulcan

  1. Sylvia ONeal [plusmember]

    Wow what an eyecatcher!!! Made me literally gasp! Lol that is really unique with some coolness. But as I am looking at it more I think the lava that’s shooting up should be more like it’s erupting. To me it looks more like spears than it’s erupting? Making it look all different shapes spouting out? with more bubble like droplets around the erupted liquid when it shoots out? Now I feel dumb. this is only my thought which now makes me doubt myself cuz it’s just my opinion and my opinion is nothing. But I love it! You are truly gifted.

  2. Doug [liferplus]

    One of my favorites

  3. DarthSync [liferplus]

    I haven’t downloaded it, but thought I’d review anyway.

    A bit flat and almost mono-chromatic. Re-rendering and touching up the foreground scenery (texture and detail) would give this image a well-deserved makeover. Maybe add a planet to the skyline as well…?

  4. masterX244 [plusmember]

    That pic is from 1997. Tech was not as advanced as it is now

  5. Steelwheels [basicmember]

    This render appears to lack detail and clarity. Though there is a lot of sharpness infused in the render, it is difficult to make out specific details about the presentation. I like the concept but am not thrilled with the final .

  6. Mario [nonmonthly]

    Very active! Looks like something from Star Wars!

  7. Mario [basicmember]

    Not the kind of place I’d want to set up house. Maybe it reflects our own Earth in its early days of formation.

  8. Holly [basicmember]


  9. chicolad [lifer]

    Very intense – warm- purifying.

  10. Rodewaryer [nonmonthly]

    If this was the beginning, no wonder you do such great work.

  11. Lester D

    Is this your very first Wallpaper Ryan? As in very first on

    I remember being inspired by your artwork in 1999 when Channel V (Music TV channel) previewed your work in India and then illegally downloading Bryce3D and Poser to try and re-create your work. Failed miserably. Fun days!!!

  12. SergioM

    Great atmosphere, I love the color of the sky. One of my favourites amongst your older work.

  13. SergioM

    A remake will be good. x2

  14. ED

    Thanks for comment i did’t think it was a great idea it’s my first comment and i can’t believe you answered!

  15. Ryan

    Great idea. Thanks!I posted a few pics online in various places before creating this site in 1997. The 1997 gallery really encompasses all of my artwork from my first render (in 1995) to 12/31/97.

  16. ED

    A remake of this will be awesome, but strage you been makeing DB pictures EST 1995 but this is the very first DB pic and it says 1997 hmmmm

  17. Travis

    I signed up for a membership today, and already looked through ALL OF THEM. That’s how good they are! Looking through these was better than watching TV. Great job Ryan!

  18. First

    Im first! yay.

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